Welcome to the Potions and Snitches Chat Room!

   Potions and Snitches is a group of fans who enjoy reading Gen (nonslash) fics dealing with Harry Potter and Severus Snape. This chatroom is for the purpose of communication and fun between P&S fans, and is always open for your use. We have a few rules that you agree to obey if you enter the chat:
  1. No flaming
  2. No trolling (inflamatory remarks to get a response)
  3. No flooding
  4. No spam
  5. No impersonating another
  6. Please try to keep a friendly atmosphere
  7. No offensive language or name calling, please keep the rating family friendly
  8. If you are asked to leave by the moderator then please do so
  9. If there is a topic scheduled, then please stick to that topic
  10. Friendly debates are allowed but no arguements; agree to disagree.
  11. Please no rudeness
  12. When chatting about stories or authors, you may only do so in a positive or constructive manner. Speak as if the author were in the room and listening, always.

If you agree to these terms then

Enter the main chat room
Password: Snape

This chat's topic: none
This chat's moderators: none

If you would like to book the chat room for a personal author's chat, then please let the Prefects in charge of the chatroom know in advance to reserve it.

Backup chat rooms:
EveryWhere Chat room; Password: none
Meebo chat room; Password: none
Chatzy chat room; Password: Snape