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All I Want For Christmas by JAWorley (T)
It's Severus' turn to round up Christmas strays this year, and though he doesn't...
Wishing on a Miracle by That_One_New_Pokemon (T)
On Christmas Eve, Harry makes a mistake that nearly costs him his life, and...
Mr. Pookie by starangel2106 (K)
This is a holiday fic featuring one Mr. Potter and Mr. Pookie.
The Art of Forgiving by Scorpia (T)
If Severus could just keep Harry from dying in the night, then maybe they could...
Broke! by Alexannah (T)
Harry's Gringotts account is empty, with two years left at Hogwarts. What is...

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Welcome to the Potions and Snitches (P&S) Fanfiction archive.

This is the home for stories†exploring the general relationship between Severus Snape and Harry Potter.†We are dedicated to enjoying the well-known favourites and finding the new.You will be able to find Mentor fics, Father and Son fics, and similar type stories in the archive.†MA rated fics are not allowed on this site,†nor is SS/HP slash.†

Frog ratings: When submitting a review, you will have the option of rating the story as well, from 1-10. A ten is a fantastic, ridiculously awesome chapter that you are going to want to reread; a five should be an average story, which translates to 2.5 frogs.

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New ideas


I was wondering if anyone had any ideas they'd like to see happen?† A new fic fest? What find? Another type of challenege?†

Hope you are all doing well.† †

starangel2106 on 26 May 2018 2:42 am [5 Comments]
Winter Holiday Fic Fest

Helloooooooooo Everyone!† Let's make some noise!† (Did I wake you up?)

Halloween is now behind us, yes, it's very sad, it's now onto the Winter season.† †

This year I'm proposing...

starangel2106 on 08 Nov 2017 3:21 am [8 Comments]
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Rough Edges by hootowl (T)
A cleared-of-all charges Sirius Black disowns Harry from the Potter and Black...
Thirty one plus one by Aixxx (T)
Harry's only rejoice in these last few months is that he has his list. He would...
Breaking Forward (Edited version) by lastcrazyhorn (16+)
The professors no longer can scare Harry with talk of lost points, detentions...
A yearning so deep by lastcrazyhorn (T)
If Snape wants to insist that Harry's life is valuable, then he's going to have...
The Forsaken One by chrmisha (16+)
Two years after the Battle of Hogwarts, Auror Harry Potter is on a raid when...

Story of the Moment
Storm of a Century by Lady Lanera T
A natural disaster hits Hogwarts right as the Final Battle is about to start. How will Harry and Professor Snape deal with this one?

06/19/18 10:27 am London Time
Yayaya! Huzzah for Jan_AQ! Thanks!
06/19/18 02:42 am London Time
That is lastcrazyhorn's rec page she was trying to post. I had to edit the database to make a link. Enjoy.
06/19/18 02:38 am London Time
Here you go, Daddy Snape, Mentor, Adoptive Father, Severitus etc.
06/18/18 01:19 pm London Time
Thank you!
06/18/18 01:08 am London Time
I'm sorry Lyza. I hope you'll be okay.
06/17/18 10:12 pm London Time
*hugs Lyza*
06/17/18 03:39 pm London Time
I'm sorry for your loss ☹️
06/17/18 12:39 pm London Time
My friend took his own life on Tuesday and Iím out of town for the funeral. This site has been a good distraction.
Mellow Moon
06/14/18 01:16 pm London Time
Thank you!
06/14/18 03:13 am London Time
Bugger. Let's try it like this: burningorgan dot wordpress dot com - just look up deaged Harry or Daddy Snape.
06/14/18 03:12 am London Time
06/14/18 03:12 am London Time
Daddy Snape fics here: Father-severitus-etc
06/14/18 03:10 am London Time
My fic, "Freaks aren't allowed" is pretty fluffy. :)
Mellow Moon
06/12/18 10:59 am London Time
Iíve been surfing the Accidental Baby Acquisition tag on AO3. So much fluff!
Mellow Moon
06/12/18 09:31 am London Time
Can anyone recommend any good kidfics, de-aging stories, etc? In any fandom, not necessarily just H.P.
Mellow Moon
06/12/18 09:28 am London Time
My cousin is pregnant with the first baby born in my family in 20 years and itís got me on a baby kick.
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