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Seven months after the Battle of Hogwarts, the wards protecting the school still...
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Harry threw a snowball and it hit Snape in the back of the head, which started...
A Place for Harry by MagnificentAndStrange (T)
Christmas is supposed to be a time of giving and caring, but nine-year-old Harry...
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Severus Snape just wanted to enjoy a brief respite over the Christmas Holidays...

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Welcome to the Potions and Snitches (P&S) Fanfiction archive.

This is the home for stories†exploring the general relationship between Severus Snape and Harry Potter.†You will be able to find Mentor fics, Father and Son fics, and similar type stories in the archive.†MA rated fics are not allowed on this site,†nor is SS/HP slash (SS/HP romantic or sexual content). Gen means nonslash.

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Happy December!
It's been a long year but it is almost over!

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Jan_AQ on 08 Dec 2020 4:17 pm [1 Comments]
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Smoke and Mirrors by JewelBurns (T)
Sequel to The Choices We Made. With Voldemort dead and Harry's cancer settling...
Electric Avenue by DesertPlanet (T)
Following the disasterous Third Task, Harry begins to notice two things about...
Guardian by JAWorley (T)
Snape wants to be Slytherin's new head of house. Harry wants a home. Dumbledore...
Harry Of Bainbridge by JAWorley (T)
Harry doesn’t think living in the orphanage is that bad, but he’s...
By A Thread by Mugiwara (T)
Harry Potter has created the perfect Boy Who Lived persona. He's learned to...

Story of the Moment
Life's Lessons by LegolasAnimeLuver T
Prof.Snape walks in to the Room of Requirement as the DA is in there. This causes events to unfold that not even he imagined....

05/13/21 05:41 am London Time
Actually got chapter's 8 and 9 up too an it's now complete :)
05/13/21 05:09 am London Time
Harry Of Bainbridge Chapter 7 is up!
05/12/21 08:13 pm London Time
Also, I just now visited the "say something in" site; if I were to do one of the offered languages, it would definitely be Spanish. Thx! 😊
05/12/21 07:52 pm London Time
I haven't learned"dog" yet, but "kato" = "cat". Obviously, cats RULE! (Which cats knew all along! 🐱)
05/12/21 07:49 pm London Time
The 12-day lesson plan teaches the 500 most important words in Esperanto. "to sit" = "sidi"; Mi sidas! Imperative/command = "Sidu!"
05/12/21 07:46 pm London Time
I actually did type in "s/t", & autocorrect changed it to "sit"!
05/12/21 07:45 pm London Time
Hee! Well, "sit" instead of "s/t" produced interesting results: One vid wld demo how to say "sit" in "dog language"!!! 😆
05/12/21 03:50 am London Time
Shadowienne- Esperanto in 12 days!!! Bdw, the site in question, in case you want to check it out, is "Say something in" (s/t was just shorthand). Good luck with your lessons!
Severus Draconis Potter
05/11/21 11:18 am London Time
Nevermind, I had it favorited. Itís Blood for children lol
Severus Draconis Potter
05/11/21 07:39 am London Time
Hi all, Iím looking for an adorable vampire Harry who is in Slytherin adopted by Sev, who is half vampire too
05/09/21 03:17 pm London Time
As for learning Esperanto in 12 days, well... After 9 days, I was still working on internalizing Lesson 4 (out of 12), but I'll getting there. Finfine (eventually)!
05/09/21 03:14 pm London Time
My Esperanto site combines written with audio passages, with man reading aloud, speaking slowly & distinctly, which really helps!
05/09/21 03:12 pm London Time
I can't find an actual "say sit in" site, just individual YouTube vids for specific words, but I agree that audio is awesome!
05/09/21 06:51 am London Time
05/09/21 06:50 am London Time
Am doing Welsh thru the site "say s/t in" check it out! They use an audio method rather than book learning, which is seriosly.a
05/09/21 06:45 am London Time
Sorry, ignore the repeats- wonky phone. Finally another language lover! I'm envious of all you studied. I also studied Russian (once upon a blue moon ), dont remember much.
05/09/21 05:47 am London Time
Shadowienne: Dwi wedi bod yn dysgu Cymraeg. Good luck and enjoy the journey!
05/09/21 05:37 am London Time
*Ftench???!!!* *wonders where autocorrect is when I actually NEED it*
05/09/21 05:35 am London Time
I don't speak anything fluently (can scrape by, sort of, in Ftench), tho' I enjoy reading French. But I seriously love languages!
05/09/21 05:32 am London Time
But ever since I learned that Esperanto existed--had been INVENTED!--I'd always wanted to take a crack at learning it. Now, thanks to the internet, I've been having fun! 😊
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