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Chocolate frogs
Chocolate frogs 54%
Butterbeer 29%
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Lemon Drops 11%
Bertie Botts
Bertie Botts 1%
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Featured Stories
Building Foundations by BlueWater5 (K+)
Seven months after the Battle of Hogwarts, the wards protecting the school still...
The Luckiest Shot by JAWorley (T)
Harry threw a snowball and it hit Snape in the back of the head, which started...
A Place for Harry by MagnificentAndStrange (T)
Christmas is supposed to be a time of giving and caring, but nine-year-old Harry...
Unexpected Gifts by hootowl (K+)
Severus Snape just wanted to enjoy a brief respite over the Christmas Holidays...

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Welcome to the Potions and Snitches (P&S) Fanfiction archive.

This is the home for stories†exploring the general relationship between Severus Snape and Harry Potter.†You will be able to find Mentor fics, Father and Son fics, and similar type stories in the archive.†MA rated fics are not allowed on this site,†nor is SS/HP slash (SS/HP romantic or sexual content). Gen means nonslash.

Chocolate frog ratings: When submitting a review, you will have the option of rating the story as well, from 1-10. A ten is a fantastic, ridiculously awesome chapter that you are going to want to reread; a five should be an average story, which translates to 2.5 frogs.

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Site News

The winner of the Round THREE POLL voting is A Place for Harry†by†MagnificentAndStrange (3 points)!

Second place is The Luckiest Shot†by†JAWorley (2 points)!

Third place is Building Foundations†by†BlueWater5 (1 point)!


And that means that the overall WINNERS of the ENTIRE 2019 TRIWRITING CHAMPIONSHIP ARE:

FIRST PLACE: MagnificentAndStrange!


THIRD PLACE is a tie: Hopeless Wanderer and Lemon Curd!

Congratulations to everyone!!! And thank you to everyone who participated this year!!

We had 11 different writers participate this year, with an overall Potions and Snitches team score of... 201!

Comment below with congratulations for the writers, comments on the overall contest, or if there are any corrections to be made. :)

  • Each submitted story is worth 5 points.
  • Each story that was submitted on time will receive a further 1 point.
  • Every story nominated by a reader in a comment for that round will recieve 1 additional point.
  • The top stories of each round will be placed in a poll to vote on for first, second, and third place of that round. First place...
Jan_AQ on 27 Mar 2020 9:58 am [5 Comments]
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Most Recent
Searching for Wellness by DesertPlanet (T)
No one on Privet Drive was surprised when the priest came to deliver last rights...
Vampires, Werewolf, and An Old Coot by mandancie (T)
This is a AU story. Creature fic.
A True Family by mandancie (T)
This story is adopted and given permission from Severus Addicted. Albus has...
Memories by ChemPrincess (K)
Severus knew that Potter, the golden boy had a knack for causing trouble, but...
Phoenix Burning by Prince Sahar (T)
Harry attains a new animagus form, which has unforseen side effects to his magic...

Story of the Moment
Thus Saith the Lord by ForgottenEllipses 16+
"Things are never what they seem." On a beautiful fateful night, Harry wakes up in the middle of his worst nightmare come to life – his own initiation into the ranks of the Death Eaters. In order to survive, he must assimilate and truly become one of them. But can he survive without breaking? 2010 Challenge Fest entry. Response to Harry's Dark Mark by Malora.

07/04/20 07:41 pm London Time
Happy July 4th!
07/04/20 01:17 pm London Time
Happy 4th of July to my fellow Americans! And hopes for peace and freedom to everyone around our world! 🎆
Hopeless Wanderer
06/29/20 04:50 pm London Time
HTML codes to use other features, such as italics, or bold or chapter break, etc. I think the instructions can also be found on the site. (2/2)
Hopeless Wanderer
06/29/20 04:48 pm London Time
If you meant uploading @missyanne, yes, as far as I'm aware the format has to be plaintext, or you could copy/paste your chapter in the chapter box. You could also use HTML codes (1/2)
06/25/20 02:40 pm London Time
Do you mean uploading?
06/25/20 02:40 pm London Time
I have no idea. How are you downloading them? And from where? This site? Are you using a certain browser? Operating system? Link?
06/22/20 02:00 am London Time
Ach! It's been forever since I downloaded a new chapter. I can't seem to download my file unless it's plaintext, Am I doing something wrong?
06/20/20 03:41 am London Time
Yes, As long as Snape and Harry interaction is a main part of the story. :)
06/20/20 02:57 am London Time
I have a story on A03 that focuses on Harryís parentage as the Dark Lordís son, and Severitus is in the background. Can I post it on here? Itís incomplete, though.
06/19/20 10:00 am London Time
Validated! We can do another TriWizard Challenge next year. This year the birthday challenge is next.
06/19/20 06:39 am London Time
Hey, how long will it take for my story to be validated?
06/17/20 10:53 am London Time
@Reticulated, the Triwriting Championship is over, for now at least. I don't if or when Jan is planning to open it again.
06/17/20 04:35 am London Time
Hi! When does the Triwriting Championship open for business?
06/14/20 09:58 am London Time
It sounds familiar... I'm thinking maybe something with "Emerald" in the title?
06/06/20 09:26 am London Time
looking for story similar to Eight where it starts off Snape being mean, i remember Snape takes harry to malfoy manor and harry spills a drink on a rug. prehogwarts
Hopeless Wanderer
06/05/20 02:50 pm London Time
Salve Child/ Somewhere I belong and what's owed are my personal favorites!!!
06/05/20 03:19 am London Time
For some other good fics that were not mentioned yet. The Moment of Impact series by Suite Sambo. The Guiltless and The Poor Of God pairing. Perception Is Everything. These are worthy of re reads!!!!
06/02/20 05:26 pm London Time
Yes, self-made. No, doesn't look like Death Eater (def cool idea, tho'!)-- just ugly gray-patterned fabric. Been wearing same since beginning of April...
Hopeless Wanderer
06/02/20 06:20 am London Time
I wish mine looked like a Death Eater Mask :D What a brilliant idea Jan!
06/02/20 03:35 am London Time
Hahha, awww. Is this a self made mask? Does it look like a Death Eater mask?
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