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Which story should win Round TWO of the†TriWriting Tournament?

The Cursed Photograph by Lemon Curd
The Cursed Photograph by Lemon Curd 40%
Aftereffect by MagnificentAndStrange
Aftereffect by MagnificentAndStrange 16%
A Feather of Hope by Anthezar
A Feather of Hope by Anthezar 16%
A Condition Of Duality by JAWorley
A Condition Of Duality by JAWorley 28%

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A Condition Of Duality by JAWorley (16+)
Once upon a time a new headmaster dragged a young man in his charge back from...
Aftereffect by MagnificentAndStrange (T)
“Yeah, I get it,” Harry said raggedly, looking away from Snape’s...
A Feather of Hope by Anthezar (K)
Halloween must’ve had a hit list. ‘Who can we screw with today?...
The Cursed Photograph by Lemon Curd (K)
One foggy Halloween day, the Dursley family visit a circus. Harry, left to his...

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Welcome to the Potions and Snitches (P&S) Fanfiction archive.

This is the home for stories†exploring the general relationship between Severus Snape and Harry Potter.†You will be able to find Mentor fics, Father and Son fics, and similar type stories in the archive.†MA rated fics are not allowed on this site,†nor is SS/HP slash (SS/HP romantic or sexual content). Gen means nonslash.

Chocolate frog ratings: When submitting a review, you will have the option of rating the story as well, from 1-10. A ten is a fantastic, ridiculously awesome chapter that you are going to want to reread; a five should be an average story, which translates to 2.5 frogs.

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Site News
Rounds 2 and 3!
Congratulations to all our contestants participating in the TriWizard Writing Challenge! Round THREE has just completed. Voting for Round Two, and Nominations for Round Three are now open.

The winner of Round ONE voting is Hopeless Wanderer (3 points)! Second place is MagnificentAndStrange (2 points), and JAWorley is third (1 point). Congratulations!

The top nominatons for Round TWO are Lemon Curd,†MagnificentAndStrange, and a tie for Anthezar and JAWorley. Congratulations, those stories have been given featured status on the site! Please vote in the poll as to who you think won Round Two within the next two weeks!

Here are the works submitted for Round THREE. In the comments below, please list up to three of your favorite stories of this listing (yes you may vote for yourself):
Jan_AQ on 07 Jan 2020 5:53 pm [15 Comments]
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Most Recent
A Lamb Before the Slaughter by MerryMandolin, Cricket (16+)
Terror and destruction seemed inevitable after Voldemort finally revealed himself...
Cripple Me by krosi (K+)
Severus Snape hates Harry Potter. Nothing will ever change that. Nothing. Not...
Under Your Skin by waitingondaisies (T)
After a disastrous fifth-year Potions class with Potter, Severus discovers that...
O Mine Enemy by Kirby Lane (T)
Harry finds an injured Snape on his doorstep and must hide him from the Dursleys...
A True Family by mandancie (T)
This story is adopted and given permission from Severus Addicted. Albus has...

Story of the Moment
Unprotected by AccioSeverus T
Harry Potter has made it through five years of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and summer break has only just begun. Unexpected and traumatic events leave Harry in more danger than ever before. An unlikely ally in Severus Snape may be his only answer as the situation deteriorates from bad to worse and Harry’s two best friends become pawns in a deadly game of cat and mouse.

Hopeless Wanderer
01/27/20 02:12 pm London Time
Welcome back Severus Draconis Potter!
Severus Draconis Potter
01/26/20 04:26 am London Time
Hi, Iím not sure which admin reinstated my account but Thank you!! I appreciate it
01/25/20 09:57 pm London Time
Girl Scouts are selling cookies... Of COURSE I had to buy a box of Thin Mints!!! GO, Girls!!! 😏
01/23/20 07:07 am London Time
Thank you JAWorley!
01/14/20 02:02 am London Time
Gemini is updated!
01/10/20 03:43 pm London Time
congrats to everyone who submitted fics, they are incredible!
01/10/20 01:46 am London Time
Well that was not an easy poll! All the stories are amazing!
01/08/20 05:29 am London Time
Sorry it took so long to get the poll up.
01/07/20 06:05 pm London Time
Hopefully everyone has read all the stories and can now vote!!
01/05/20 12:05 am London Time
Happy New Year and God bless our Aussie Family
01/04/20 09:42 pm London Time
Thanks! found them. id=73
01/04/20 08:41 pm London Time
but that only works if they've submitted it under that category
01/04/20 08:40 pm London Time
or you go to browse > categories > fic fests > tri-writing tournament 2019 > round three
Hopeless Wanderer
01/04/20 12:01 pm London Time
The submitted stories have The triwizard tournament as one of their tags for each round. Some also mention it in their summaries.
01/04/20 01:16 am London Time
How do you see the latest submissions for round 3?
Hopeless Wanderer
01/03/20 12:08 pm London Time
Has everyone uploaded their story though Jan? I think a few were missing last I checked.
01/03/20 04:13 am London Time
Happy New Year and God bless our Aussie Family
01/02/20 06:59 pm London Time
Iíll try to have the totals up tonight.
01/02/20 06:11 pm London Time
Happy near year! When are we going to finish voting for the Tri-W?
01/01/20 11:52 pm London Time
Happy New Year guys!
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