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On Christmas Eve, Harry makes a mistake that nearly costs him his life, and...
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Welcome to the Potions and Snitches (P&S) Fanfiction archive.

This is the home for stories†exploring the general relationship between Severus Snape and Harry Potter.†You will be able to find Mentor fics, Father and Son fics, and similar type stories in the archive.†MA rated fics are not allowed on this site,†nor is SS/HP slash (SS/HP romantic or sexual content). Gen means nonslash.

Chocolate frog ratings: When submitting a review, you will have the option of rating the story as well, from 1-10. A ten is a fantastic, ridiculously awesome chapter that you are going to want to reread; a five should be an average story, which translates to 2.5 frogs.

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New Fic Fest Contest! The FIRST Tri-Writing Tournament

:trophy: The Potions and Snitches Tri-Writing Tournament (annual) : :trophy:

This is an annual event. There will be three rounds of writing challenges, and like the Triwizard tournament each contestant gets points. At the end, the one with the highest number of points is the winner! :medal:

:one: Round One: Submit a one-shot for consideration, whether it has already been written and posted by you or a new one you will write just for the first task. Deadline is October 1st. Prompts may be requested by the author.

:two: Round Two: By November 1st write and post a Halloween or fall themed story. Prompts may be requested by the author.

:three: Round Three: Write a Christmas or winter themed story by December 25th. Prompts may be requested by the author.

Voting will be done after each round, and the final tally after December 25th. :christmas_tree:

:trophy: Winners will be announced January 1st. In case of a tie, a final show down round may be announced at the judges' discretion.

Submit all contest entries to the Potions and Snitches website under the new category Fic Fests > Tri-Writing Tournament 2019. Pick the correct round for each fic submitted.

†To your quills! :writing_hand:

Jan_AQ on 08 Sep 2019 3:15 pm [2 Comments]
P&S Discord

Potions and Snitches now has a Discord server. It is a place for members to chat, all are welcome. Join it here†https://discord.gg/hqM9prd

Please make sure your Discord name includes your pen name or reviewer name so we know who you are.†

Jan_AQ on 12 Aug 2019 2:10 am [3 Comments]
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Most Recent
Learning Friendship by krosi (K)
Severus Snape is cursed with an affliction that has him human by day and a centaur...
A Dursley Christmas Carol by geminiangel1964 (K)
"A Christmas Carol" is my favorite novella, movie, play, recording, you name...
One of Those Days by Anthezar (K+)
One unlucky hit with a strange spell. That's all it took to alter the course...
Fair and Foul by Lemon Curd (16+)
Ginny's is not the only valentine Harry gets. After eating the chocolate gifted...
O Mine Enemy by Kirby Lane (T)
Harry finds an injured Snape on his doorstep and must hide him from the Dursleys...

Story of the Moment
Summer School by Lady Lanera T
In response to Jan_AQ's challenge "Summer School," Harry learns that he is going to be spending his summer in school because he did absolutely appalling on his finals during fourth-year. He's not happy about it, though, because it was supposed to be his first summer of not having to live with the Dursleys. However, at Hogwarts, they have a different approach to summer school than Muggles do. Summer school teachers cannot teach their own subject. What, oh, what will Snape teach, if not Potions?

10/14/19 04:23 pm London Time
hi there, just curious when voting will take place for the tri-writing contest? is it after each round or when all the rounds are done? :)
10/13/19 04:32 pm London Time
Has anyone read Dhrelva's fanfic: on ffnet. called 'Twelve Again'? Snape is twelve, and sweet and devious. Does it have a chance to be posted here, as well? It is a WIP, sadly.
10/09/19 10:16 pm London Time
I think harry is like a ravenclaw because he is very curious about things and like a hufflepuff because he is very kind and loyal.
10/08/19 03:50 am London Time
But that's just me*
10/08/19 03:50 am London Time
Ravenclaw Harry would hide inside books, trying to escape the pain. I see a Hufflepuff Harry being more outgoing and a social butterfly, escaping his pain in friends and kindness. But that's just
10/08/19 03:49 am London Time
It depends what kind of experiences Harry has gone through. I've read some Ravenclaw Harrys, but he tends to be more isolated from what I've seen.
10/07/19 07:28 pm London Time
I see Harry as being loyal. Not as much of an academic or dreamer, which I equate to Ravenclaw.
10/06/19 11:28 am London Time
Never mind I found the answer online.
10/06/19 09:04 am London Time
Do trains from London go to other countries. I have an idea for chapter one.
10/06/19 08:58 am London Time
I know I want something different from Gryffindor and Slytherin. Iíve seen few Ravenclaw Harry stories so may go with that.
10/06/19 08:44 am London Time
@moonterra - Oh, the decisions! ;) I'd say Ravenclaw, but that's just me. :)
10/06/19 06:44 am London Time
Donít know whether to put Harry in Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw in Harry is a werewolf challenge.
10/06/19 05:36 am London Time
Let me know if it happens again. If so, we can try to figure out what what happened and how to prevent it from happening again.
10/06/19 05:34 am London Time
Iím not sure why we are getting MysQL errors. My guess is that maybe emails were being sent out at the time, using up the resources. Not sure.
10/05/19 07:22 am London Time
I have been getting this fatal error as well. Even clearing my catche and history/cookies doesnít help.
10/05/19 06:45 am London Time
About 40 minutes later, I finally connected; hope the Squirrels aren't going to stick around, but Halloween is coming, coming, coming... 👻
10/05/19 06:44 am London Time
Hey, Jan-- just after 2:00am Eastern Time Oct 5, I got a Fatal Squirrel error when I tried to click on the P&S home page...
10/04/19 11:33 pm London Time
Exactly. I likely won't update that story on ff.net once I do have a chapter finished, but we'll see.
10/04/19 10:37 pm London Time
The internet seems to bring out the worst in certain people--just try to focus on the readers who count, and keep on writing! 😊
10/04/19 10:35 pm London Time
It's ludicrous! I won't get involved in verbal battles, and I refuse to make myself into a target for others to take potshots at.
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