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Summary: Harry is trying to become an animagus (the reasoning for why can be whatever you want), and he has been practicing an almost-successful phoenix form for several months in the Rooms of Requirement when his friends start noticing gradual changes in his appearance (The animagus transformation is rough on appearance-altering charms, and his appearance was charmed at birth.).

Hermione is immediately concerned, especially when she notices changes in his temperament as well as his face. Upon catching him transforming, (or having him show her) she reads up on it. Severus also begins to think something is off. Eventually, they figure it out, and predictability, it's a rough start.

Oh, and there's Umbridge and Voldemort to deal with. Bonus points if Voldemort gets punched in the nose.
Summary: September, sixth year. Harry is seriously ill. When Voldemort entered his body at the end of the fifth year, Harry's blood cells are damaged, leaving him with lymphoblastic leukemia.
Obviously Severus Snape will take care of Harry during the treatment, realizing that he is not the Spoiled Golden Boy he believed. Their relationship grows stronger and Severus becomes grow fond to our Harry.
But Harry needs a transplant and who will ever be the most compatible donor?
No, not Dudley. And not Ron or even Neville.
Yes, him, Draco Lucius Malfoy, Slytherin, pureblood.
Draco is actually the one who is closest as a relative to the Potters, via the Black line.
As Harry's distant cousin, it is he who could save his life.
Draco will make the right choice, but the path will be long and difficult, as long as he understands the true meaning of Family: a good father and a brother.

- Harry and Draco will become friends first and then thanks to bone marrow donation, they will become blood brothers (Ron is not really happy with this but will accept it)
- Severus adopts both boys
- NO RELATIONSHIPS (Harry is too focused on his illness and recovery)

Sorry for my bad english, but I am Italian and want to improve my English by reading your stories
Summary: I want to read a non-slash werewolf story in which Harry is bitten and is a werewolf but nobody knows. He's hiding it (at least for the first third or even half of the story). All other details up to you!

Questions you may want to answer:
- Who bit Harry? Remus? Greyback? Someone else? Was it an accident or on purpose?
- How old is Harry? Just starting Hogwarts or is he a few years into it? I don't really want to see a post Hogwarts story.
- Who ends up finding out and how? Severus? Does he help Harry or report him right away? It'd be cool if it was kept a semi-secret for as long as possible.
- How is Harry handling this on his own? What are the logistics of hiding it and how do things happen on the full moon since no one else knows?
- I'd like to see it be at least a very long one-shot or multi-chapter fic, not a drabble or series of drabbles.
Summary: Pigfarts is very very real and although Draco Malfoy and Luna Lovegood are the only ones who believe, an interesting set of events will lead to Harry Potter and Severus Snape believing too. Authors please have fun with this idea!
Summary: Dumbledore is tired of Snapeís continuous complaints about Harry Potter and how Snape keeps trying to convince him that Harry is too much trouble for what heís doing for the boy. Dumbledore tells him that he has permission to spy on the boy for authors preferred amount of time and if he can convince Dumbledore with his memories of what he found then he would stop speaking so highly of the child. Snape being slightly petty agrees to this and proceeds to spy on Harry (whether itís the holidays or not is the authors choice) . He does not find what he was expecting however and ends up confronting Harry.
Summary: Voldemort regained his human form long before Harry Potter ever first came to Hogwarts.
Summary: Harry has lost his memory.
Summary: Where Hogwarts is a nonmagical school for troubled teens. Children are sent to this school as punishment or something. Snape is a teacher. Harry is as bad as Snape expected. He causes trouble and acts out (because of his home life and issues with authorities). Snape hates Harry at first, but later understands why Harry is acting out and decides to help him. Should discuss about other kid problems, but focus on Harry. Harry should be at least 14. No hocrux, Voldermort, prophesy or magic.
Summary: There is a physical reason why Harry can never exit the floo without falling over, or knocking into something.
Summary: Harry's thoughts are directly recorded by a quill as he thinks them. Snape uses this as a way to prevent Harry from getting into mischief.

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