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Summary: Crossover/fusion with Call the Midwife. Plot is author's prerogative, but it must have Sister Evangelina yelling at the Dursleys (and possibly Snape) for their treatment of Harry.

Snape is secretly addicted to a type of Muggle sweet (of your choice) that has a wizarding equivalent. How does Harry find out? What is Snape's reaction?


If the wizarding equivalent is something meant for non-humans (Vampire/Werewolf/Veela/Centaur/etc) and there are assumptions abound.

If Harry ends up addicted too.

Summary: Instead of being sorted into Gryffindor or Slytherin, Harry Potter is sorted into the lesser-known, lesser-appreciated Hufflepuff. This automatically makes Snape less averse to the boy because James Potter wouldn't be caught dead in any house other than Gryffindor. But why isn't Harry as brave as he was in canon? Why does the loyalty overpower that? Snape gets to know Harry and Harry begins to see the Slytherin as a father.
Summary: What if the Dursleys managed to "squeeze the magic" out of Harry, but in the proccess made Harry an Obscurus? Who will be there to save him and bring him back to being a regular boy, or will Harry be doomed to follow the fate of Credence Barebone?
Summary: So I notice that Harry Potter is a popular AU in other fandoms. So I'd like to see someone take another fandom they're interested in and put Harry Potter in it the way other fandoms do. You can go along with the plotline of that story/movie/game or create your own or pull on elements from Harry Potter or just make a fun piece that doesn't have much of a plot but is in a different universe.
Summary: Any story where Harry acts as though he must earn his keep (preferably with guardian Snape) , bonus points for trauma throwbacks or heartbreak.
Summary: In which before Hedwig had Harry, she had Snape. When Harry is in trouble and he sends her to get help, she goes to Snape. Must feature magical/intelligent/motherly Hedwig.
Summary: Harry isn't the only one at 4 Privet Drive who's being abused. Snape finds out and intervenes.
Summary: Harry and Severus--and other characters if you want--have to go into hiding in the Muggle world.

Reason up to you. Could be a temporary situation or expected to be permanent, they could have distant support from others still in the wizarding world or could be completely on their own. They could be absolutely anywhere in the world--be creative!

- No Dumbledore bashing
- If you choose to set the fic in a place you're not familiar with, do some research first
- No slash
Summary: Every year, the Hogwarts Headmaster plays the role of Santa for the students. One year, that falls upon Severus Snape. Rules: 1) It can take place at any point, Snape does not have to be Headmaster. Why he's doing it is up to you. 2) Snape must find out or grow suspicious about Harry's home life as a result.

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