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Summary: When Sirius falls into the veil, he falls out the other side--alive, and not alone. Lily is returned from the dead.
Summary: Dumbledore comes up with the idea of a temporary house exchange program (the reason why is up to you. Snape is probably opposed (but it would be interesting if you could somehow come up with a reason why he would be in support of it).

Rules/Ideas for the exchange:
- The exchange is open to fourth years and above (the reason why it needs to be 4th year and up is younger students are still getting established in their own houses and may not be mature enough to do the exchange). You decide what year Harry and his friends are in.
- Students who participate in the exchange will change places with a student in another house for 2 weeks (therefore taking their bed for those two weeks). Students get help organizing it with staff but if a spot isn't open in the house they want to exchange with, they can convince another student in that house to exchange with them).
- Harry and Hermione want to do this (reasons up to you) but Ron thinks they're crazy. Or maybe Harry doesn't participate but still ends up involved somehow?
- Draco also participates.
- Students can exchange until they've seen all four houses but once they've stayed in all four houses they have to spend the rest of the year in their own house (unless you can come up with a very good reason for the rules to be bent or broken for one of them).
- If Harry ever ends up in Slytherin during the exchange is up to you.
- Details of Harry's experience in this exchange are up to you. It could be positive or negative. I couldn't see this taking place in Harry's 5th year because of Umbridge (but who knows, maybe you could make that work and be really intruiguing).
- Another idea... Snape and Harry may have some sort of pre-exisiting positive relationship. That may be a direction you might want to explore.
Summary: Harry isn't as similar to his father as people sometimes make out; Severus shares more in common with his father than he would like to admit.

Do they talk about it? Does Severus think about it, and never voice it? How do these facts shape the two of them?

Summary: Harry finds himself in a parallel universe where Severus didn't mess up his friendship with Lily, and she married him instead of James. Any consequences as long as it's properly thought out. Could be a bio-dad story but not necessary.
Summary: Severus gets sick of Harry sneaking around/eavesdropping, so he forces a bell around Harry's neck, or some magical equivalent--not important as long as it makes a noise when he moves. Perhaps also intermittently, randomly, or even constantly. Consider including a safety clause whereby he can stay silent if his life depends on it--but not necessary.

Snape and Harry encounter dementors and are both nearly Kissed. The procedure is interrupted at the last minute (by Snape or Harry or a third party) and somehow both souls end up in Snape's body. Harry, soulless, is comatose (or otherwise unresponsive) and mourned by all, while Severus increasingly finds himself with strange dreams, unexpected attitudes, and odd reactions to situations and people… How will he figure out what's going on? Can the two souls find a way to communicate, and return Harry's soul to his body?

Of course, this could work just as well with Snape's soul ending up in Harry's body. Feel free.

The Horcrux could come along too for the ride or have been eaten by the dementors, your choice. Could happen any time the dementors appear in canon, or any other time point you can make it fit.

Bonus if Harry and/or Snape find a way to destroy dementors permanently (because I never liked the idea that the incarnation of despair was eternal).

Summary: Severus tells a fib with good intentions. The consequences are catastrophic for Harry.
Summary: Lily is alive, and James is dead. She and Sirius have been growing close, and Harry is very keen to see his mum and godfather together. Severus, on the other hand, is not so keen to stand back and watch the woman he loves marry another man AGAIN.

No Sirius bashing or Albus bashing.
Summary: What if Snape had followed through with his threat to dose Harry with Veritaserum?
Summary: Snape, in a fit of rage does something to Harry that he deeply regrets later. No manipulative!Dumbledore, No Slash and no severe bashing.

  1. Whatever made Snape enraged was not Harry's fault.
  2. It is set in the fifth book/movie.
  3. The pairing is Luna/Harry.
  4. It is a multi chapter fanfiction.

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