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Summary: (my first challenge so be kind please!) Snape is Harry's biological father (I figure a potion could let two men have a child), but Tom Riddle is his other--unknown-- parent. Raised by Snape, who fully believes Dumbledore about the prophecy, Harry grows up thinking he has to kill Voldemort or be killed. When he finds out his target is actually his own father, how does it affect his relationship with the only parent he's ever known?
Summary: Harry wins a golden ticket when hes pre Hogwarts age. And Snape works for Willy Wonka, as a potions master/chemist. Oompa Loompas are House Elves from a different continent. Willy Wonka is either a Wizard or a Squib.
Summary: With current events and so many being trapped indoors, it got me thinking creatively about a challenge. The basics are Harry, Snape, and Remus are trapped somewhere together for 15 or 30 days, ie they literally cannot get out. The where, how, and why are up to you. Here is the real challenge:

In this challenge I challenge you to move beyond your comfort zone. If you don't normally do comedy, infuse some into this. If you're not good at dialogue, really dig deep with this one and practice it to make it as realistic as possible. If you've never written from 1st person or in present tense but have wanted to try it, do it here. Maybe you've never written a really deep emotional scene or thought process, or have never attempted a battle scene. This is your chance to work out how to do that, or at least, this is my challenge to you: find something you'd like to try or want to work on and get out of your comfort zone on this story.
Summary: What if from the moment Harry set foot in Hogwarts Snape was on his side and was his fiercest supporter? How would that change things for Harry and his friends?

- Harry and Snape somehow know each other prior to Harry attending Hogwarts.
- Harry and Snape know they are father and son, but Harry hasn't been allowed to stay with Snape because he has to stay at the Dursleys. Before Hogwarts Snape visited with him regularly, or he didn't.
- When Harry gets to Hogwarts he has no idea who Snape is or why this teacher is advocating for him on his behalf and being nice to him.
- Some kind of deaging happened and Harry doesn't remember he's gone to Hogwarts before? He wonders who this Snape guy is and how he seems to know so much about Harry. It could all be a set-up, something the adults did intentionally for some reason.

Preferably at least a one shot and no drabbles.
Summary: Sometimes Hogwarts hosts a summer camp for a week after students leave for end of term. What the camp is and is about is up to you. Harry wants to spend one less week at the Dursleys so he stays.

- They need older students to stay and help run camp.
- The camp is to learn fun magic skills not usually taught in the term.
- The camp is for Muggle raised kids.
- The camp involves field trips.
- The camp is for Quidditch or other magic sports and hobbies.
- The camp is for first time prefects to be trained.
- Kids at camp don't sleep in the house dorms.
- The camp isn't for students but for pre Hogwarts students.
- Dumbledore isn't heading or in charge of the camp.
- There are non-Hogwarts adults that also volunteer for a day here or there.
- It's a career preview type of camp so kids see what adults do for work.
- Harry's friends attend too... Or they don't.
- Since it's camp and not school rules are different.

So many possibilities.
Summary: Harry decides he's had enough abuse at home and decides to run away for the summer. Simultaneously some other character we know decides to run away (reasons up to you, but has to do with their family somehow). They end up running into each other and decide to stick together.

- Draco is the other person to run away. He's tired of either his parents not caring about him/ not paying attention to him, or decides to change his family from this point forward by not being involved with Voldemort/Death Eaters... basically his family's involvement ends with him.
- Ron runs away. Maybe he feels like he's not getting enough attention at home, or feels like he can't live up to his older brothers accomplishments or his mom's expectations of him, or maybe he had a falling out with his father.
- Some other student character we know (or don't know that well) is the one who runs away. Are they abused? Did they run for some other reason?
- The two runaways (or just Harry) finds out there is actually a whole group of homeless wizard kids who attend Hogwarts. A bunch of kids lost parents or guardians before Voldemort vanished. Maybe these kids grew up on the street, or ran away from orphanages or foster homes. Maybe Hogwarts knows about these homeless kids (a bunch of whom stick together), and provides them with uniforms, school supplies and books when they get back to Hogwarts each year. Harry maybe becomes one of this group. Note: just like in real life with real life governments, maybe the Ministry doesn't have the resources to deal with the issue, or give homes to the kids for whatever reason. The Ministry knows about the issue, but isn't dealing with it or can't, or maybe only provides some resources like vouchers for food/clothes.

Snape's involvement is up to you. Does he find them at some point over the summer? Does he decide to help them? Does he bring them food or something? Does he tell on them? Try to convince them to go home or to Hogwarts? Are the two runaways content to stay where they are over the summer or do they want shelter with Snape or at Hogwarts? All up to you.

Requirements: No slash, no drabbles. Must be at least a one-shot.
Summary: Something suddenly happens to cause magic to act differently. Spells have completely different effects, and no magic works as it should.
Summary: A natural disaster knocks out all magical energy. No one can do magic and nothing magic works. The disaster can last as long as you want, and magic can return, or not return. Your decision.
Summary: When Harry accesses Snape's secret memories during the Occlumency lessons, he doesn't see the one of Snape being bullied. He sees one of a friendly interaction between Lily and young Severus, where Severus is clearly in love with Lily. After Snape throws him out, Harry asks Dumbledore if this is why he trusts Snape, which Dumbledore confirms. From then on, Harry defends Snape to everyone who questions his trustworthiness.

Only one year later, when he sees the memory Slughorn modified, Harry realizes there was something wrong with Snape's memory.

When he goes to Dumbledore to warn him, he is told that this sort of thing is common with oft revisited memories and Snape likely idealized Lily a bit after her death. Nothing to worry about.

Only after Voldemort's defeat does Snape admit that in truth, instead of him spying on Lily and ultimately befriending her, it was Lily who walked up to him and asked him to be her friend, and he loved her like a sister. Gaining a friend was the life-changing event that changed his patronus.

Before begging Voldemort to spare her, Severus convinced himself that he was in love with Lily, as that was the only way he could think of defending against Voldemort's legilimency. He then went on to imply to Voldemort that he lusted after Lily and wished to keep her as slave, but without actually saying even just one untrue word.

Bonus if:

  • Harry never goes to the Department of Mysteries and Sirius survives, either because Harry apologizes and Snape teaches him Occlumency, or because Harry trusts Snape after telling him that Sirius is in danger, so after getting rid of Umbridge walks back to the school and finds out Sirius was at home the whole time.
  • but Harry still goes on an adventure that makes him befriend the people who in canon go to the Department of Mysteries with him
  • Severus survives because Harry (or someone else) cares about saving him
  • Harry finds out what Snape told Voldemort in his last battle against Voldemort, from Voldemort himself, and at first is very angry at Snape
  • Luna explains to Harry that Snape must have lied to Voldemort, and why.
Summary: While in hiding, James Potter alleviated his own boredom by coaching toddler Harry on a broom every day. Snape is flabbergasted at the things baby Harry can do on a broom, seemingly dangerous things.

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