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Summary: After Black's death, Snape is found destroying 12 Grimmauld Place.
Summary: During breakfast Hedwig delivers mail to Snape, much to Harry's confusion. Why is his owl delivering mail to Snape of all people?
OOTP: Crucio C by Royalnavigator [Report This]
Summary: What if during the 5th book, Umbridge had used "crucio" on Harry? What would have happened?
Summary: I'd like to see a story about Snape being tortured by Voldemort, and Dumbledore telling Harry that Snape had forgotten about the fact he was his father, because by protecting his mother and Harry, it was blown to the back of the head. You take it from there, let your imagination run free!!! but NO SLASH.
Summary: Halloween is like THE Harry Potter holiday! Please consider trying to write and share a Snape and Harry Gen Halloween story on one of the groups the week of Halloween. It doesn't have to be long or amazing, a little story or one-shot would be great.

This challenge will list all of the Halloween stories throughout the years.
Summary: In Harry Potter and the Chambers of Secrets, a Basilisk was slain but the fate of its carcass was left to the imagination. Your challenge is to write a short story in which Snape and Harry find themselves checking on it. The when, how, and why is your prerogative.
Summary: Write a short story or one-shot where Harry throws a snowball at Professor Snape's head!

Options: It can be intentional or an accident, taking place inside or out. The story can take place during any year or book.

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