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Summary: An ambitious Petunia, still jealous and wishing to be part of the wizarding world of her dead sister, sees Harry as her chance to rise above the common folk and reach celebrity status. The Dursleys use every opportunity to promote the boy in public. The treat him well. However, when he fails to perform any accidental magic by the summer he is due to enter Hogwarts they cast him away believing he is a squib ( but really just a bit later than average in his development, perhaps from being traumatized as a kid). How will Harry manage essentially on his own with a family that does not want him anymore? What will come to pass over the summer, and in what condition will Harry arrive at Hogwarts?
Summary: It is Neville parents that are murdered by Voldemort while Harry's rot away at St. Mungo's. Neville is deemed to be the boy who lived and Harry is all but forgotten. Will anyone know the small,shy boy when he comes to Hogwarts? And why does he have a strange scar on his forehead? What really happened that October night, and did Voldemort know the prophesy and somehow try to alter the future? Which house will Harry end up in now that he is not famous? Will Snape loathe him the same when he's not the boy who lived?
Summary: Malfoy, Nott, and Zabini (Grabbe and Goyle could be part too) form a band of Slytherin Marauders when they enter Hogwarts . Their main purpose is to taunt Harry, which they do in a similar way to how the original marauders taunted Snape. Will the potions master intervene when he witnesses their cruel spells (perhaps Malfoy Sr has taught Draco some spells) and words, maybe even the upside down underpants incident? Will he realize that Harry has not had a great upbringing?
Summary: A pre-Hogwarts Harry Potter is unhappy at his relatives house and keeps running away. So far Dumbledore has sent Lupin or a nice witch from family services to retrieve him, but to no use. Stronger measures are needed for Harry to stay put and he decides to enlist Severus' services to scare the boy into staying put. Once Severus retrieves the boy they are forced to spend a certain amount of time together before it is possible to return him to Privet Drive. Will Severus notice that something is not right in the boy's home? What will Dumbledore do if his plan fails?
Summary: When Harry Potter first arrives at Hogwarts, Severus Snape falls victim of buying the lie Harry has sold to every other adult and student: the lie that young Harry found the one place he could belong and be himself. However, after a particularly disastrous potions class, Severus is forced to change perspective. How could Harry be himself…if he believes that no one thinks anything good of him? No thanks to the Dursley's, Harry's life has lead him to one conclusion: he will never, ever measure up. With a little boy wired to believe all think the worst of himself and all else refusing to see the truth of the Golden Boy, Severus certainly has his work cut out for him.
Summary: Write a story that explores what happens to people once they've undergone the Dementor's Kiss.
Summary: It is Snape and not Lupin that holds on to Harry after Sirius crosses the veil. How will this affect their relationship? Will Snape let him go so he can chase Bellatrix? What will it do to Snape's role as a spy?
Summary: Snape has a daughter (how this happened is up to you. He could also have a wife) that goes to elementary school with Harry. She often talks to her father about this shy boy that wears ragged clothing that she frequently shares her lunch with. One day after an early unexpected dismissal at school she invites the boy to her house. How will Snape react when he finds out who the boy really is?
Summary: One of the summers before Hogwarts, Petunia has had enough of Harry and his accidental magic. She recalls that Snape boy on Spinner's End that always used to follow her sister around and decided to drop Harry of there. Snape doesn't want to take him and Petunia doesn't want him any more so Harry is left standing on the doorstep as she drives away. Will Snape eventually take pity on him and let him in? Could also take place after Harry has started Hogwarts.
Summary: Voldemort is just a puppet, controlled by the real Dark Lord ...

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