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Summary: Dudley dies, and comes back as a ghost.
Summary: Harry has been treated as a house elf all his life by the Dursley‘s, because of this treatment, Harry actually turns into a house elf. Of course, this upsets his aunt Petunia. You can decide if Harry runs away or if the Dursley’s are forced to deal with his new identity. Perhaps Harry isn’t too upset with his change because now he’s no longer the Boy Who Lived, he is a house elf! What’s the big deal anyway. He always treated as was one anyway! What does Dobby think about Harry’s transformation? I leave this idea up to you and your interpretation. I myself am not a writer, so I would love for someone who is able to create to be able, to do something with this idea. Thanks.
Summary: Snape has the animagus form of a cat. He helps Harry while in his animagus form.
Summary: The prophecy says Harry must defeat Voldemort...but it doesn't say when! An incident (your choice) takes him back in time, and he meets his parents. This time travel must result in three things: James Potter must discover his identity, Voldemort must die, and he must gain a new (non-slash) relationship with Snape.
Summary: Severus is a seer.
Summary: Harry Potter is the ONLY wizard in the entire world. Wizards don’t exist. The entire wizarding world is not a thing and never has been. And Harry begins to think that he really is a freak, just as his relatives said. Still, he is invited to Hogwarts, a regular, non-magic, boarding school in Scotland- and tries his best to conceal his “freakishness” from the students and teachers there. However his powers can’t be contained during emotional outbursts, and this often lands Harry into a lot of trouble. But chemistry teacher Professor Snape has a sharper eye than most, and soon begins to realise that this “mischief-maker” Potter is in fact a very gifted young boy.
Summary: It is well known that Harry is a talented parselmouth; however, after a accident of some sort, Harry has been blessed/cursed with another hidden talent- the ability to see people’s natural auras. Hermione and rons are naturally lovely shades of yellows and pinks and all sorts of bright, positive colours, as are many other auras Harry comes across in Hogwarts. Malfoy’s; a horrid shade of green, no doubt signalling the underlying jealousy and envy the boy harbours towards others. And Snapes. Now that’s a funny one. His is black- a deep, dark, all encompassing black. But that’s not what surprises Harry. Because among the thick black hue that hangs around the potion masters form, is a single, barely visible drop of Pure Gold. And that, of course, makes Harry very curious to try and pry more of that beautiful colour from the man.
Summary: Harry keeps the Resurrection Stone. Snape is at his beck and call.
Summary: An alternate Cursed Child reality that showed Snape as Harry’s parent.
Summary: PreHogwarts. Little Draco has heard about the boy who lived... and wants to meet him. Somehow Draco manages to get to Harry, without his parents’ knowledge, and decides to kidnap Harry.

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