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Summary: Summer before fourth year, Harry is locked in his room at the Dursleys', forced to live as a house elf, brutally beaten, and starved. Hedwig is tossed onto a bonfire with Harry's other belongings, but she manages to barely escape! Hedwig is badly injured, and so burnt that she can't be recognized as a snowy owl. What will she do? Where does she go for help? Can Harry be saved in time?
Summary: Harry is at death's door from starvation and brutal beatings. Who else finds him but Voldemort, or his Death Eaters! But instead of killing Harry, Voldemort nurses him back to health in an attempt to turn him. Will Harry be grateful enough for Voldermort's "kindness" to be fooled?

Options: Injuries do not have to be from the Dursleys; Harry can be any age from 5-17 years old.
Summary: On July 30th 1980 Aretmis Snape, wife of Severus Snape, gave birth to triplets, three males: Ambrosias Odyseuss Snape, Aaron Brayden Snape and Aubrey Alessander Snape. However, Aubrey was born as a sickly child and kept for observation. Three hours later, Lily Potter gave birth to a still born. James, in his desperation to save Lily from suffering, stole Aubrey and replaced him with their still born. The Snape family was devastated by their loss.

On December 1980, the Snape ancestral home was destroyed, and in the rumble Severus found Artemis's corpse, but found no sign of his sons. The Dark Lord informed everyone that the Snape home was destroyed by the light, but Severus knew otherwise, allying himself to the Order of Phoenix. Eight days later, Aaron's corpse was found.

Summer 1996, both Mathias Noir, a teenager recently turned vampire and a recent orphan from France, and Harry Potter must discover they are Snape's sons! Challenge rules:

1. Snape must love them both equally

2. Both Mathias and Harry have to take up their former identities

3. Ron may not know of Harry's real identity, Hermione may

4. Mathias and Harry must be identical twins under their glamours.

5. Harry must have several talent suppressors on him

6. Mathias and Harry must get along splendidly

7. Both must have long Hair and small noses and full lush lips

8. Both must be powerful and dark but not evil and quite Slytherin like

9. Creature inheritances for Harry and Snape are a plus

10. A vampire and other creature councils is a must

Please e-mail me if you accept the challenge and when you post it, and for pairing ideas.

Summary: What if in in the 24th chapter in the sixth book, Harry is not fast enough and is subjected to the Cruciatus Curse from Draco after he found the boy crying in the bathroom? Is Draco weak or is his anger enough to fuel one of the Unforgiveables? What happens when Snape hears the screams of Harry and Myrtle and saves the boy who lived? Bonus points if Snape gives Harry a speech about life not being fair and that Draco will only get a couple detentions because of it.
Summary: Six year old Harry gets thrown into his cupboard after getting into trouble, and he dreads what will happen to him when he is let out. Magic takes him to Dumbledore's office and Dumbledore insists Snape take him in. But all Harry can get into with Snape, it seems, is trouble. This story is all about Harry getting lost and into danger without trying.

Optional: Harry gets thrown into his cupboard for the last time after he is found digging up weeds, which Aunt Petunia claims are flowers.
Summary: Over Summer vacation before fifth year, Harry and Snape discovers they're son and father. Immediately Snape rejects Harry telling Harry he never wants a son, especially Harry Bloody-Potter. Two days later, Harry goes to Dumbledore:

"Headmaster... please, I can't stay at Hogwarts. Not with my father! Please Headmaster... I don't want to be here. I can't--"

"Where will you go?" Dumbledore asks


"Even back to the Dursleys?"

"Yes. Being with relatives who hate me is better than seeing your parent you hates you everyday."

For the next two years Harry leaves Hogwarts. He returns as an assistant to Sirius Black, who is the newly recruited DADA professor. Harry has earned the highest mastership scores in Potions, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Spell Craft and Runes. He has taken the name 'Elias (U can chang his first name) Black' and is accepted as Sirius's genius son. Using a potion Harry looks like Sirius now.

The same day Harry leaves Snape began to reevaluate his opinion about his son and about having a son. He decides he wants Harry, but by the time he seeks his son. Harry has already left and Dumbledore refuses to tell him where Harry has gone.

The story is about Snape trying to regain his son.

1. Harry must be cold to his father when he returns

2. There are no serious pairings for Harry or Snape

3. The spell Lily put on Harry must effect not only his appearance, but his talents and intelligence.

4. Harry must look like his father, but no big nose and thin lips. Harry must have long hair.

Please send me an e-mail when you put of the first chapter.

Dumbledore has a secret, a secret that would change the prophecy and Harry on a fundamental basis.

During the incident in the Chamber of Secrets, Harry inadvertently and permanently lost all of his memories, but how to function on a basic needs level (he can speak, read... everything you average 12 year old can, but no personal memories). Taking advantage of Harry's weaknesses, Dumbledore, placed Harry with a small pure blood family family aligned with the Order of Phoenix and fabricated a happier life for him. He also put a glamour on Harry's appearance making him appear to be neither Harry Potter or his real identity, but Dumbledore did take off his talents suppression charm. He renames Harry.

On Harry's 15th birthday after much excelerated studying, Dumbledore arranges Harry to be apprenticed to Proffessor Snape. Snape is outright infuriated with Dumbledore, never wanting to do anything with children. He hates children, even if the child was his own son... or so he believes. After much coaxing Snape agrees. 

After a while Snape learns to appreciate the fantastical talents and intelligence of Aubrey. Snape begins to yearn for his own child, his own son. But as fate would have it... Aubrey is Snape's son. When the all is revealed there is much chaos.

Please give Harry a different mother than Lily for originality's sake.

Please give Harry unusual and powerful abilities outside of the standard ones and be very creative please!

Summary: After Harry's 3rd/4th year he gets a letter from Dumbledore, telling him that Snape is his father. Harry gets to know Snape and starts to like him. Meanwhile, Sirius is released and wants Harry to live with him. Torn between them, Harry compromises and they all get a big house together. To help keep the peace Remus is thrown into the mix. Set during the summer. Must include lots of conflict and No slash please. The rest is up to you, but the story has to stay in summer, possible the first part of term (Telling Ron, Hermione, Sirius's feeling of being left alone... Maybe Sirius could become the DADA teacher.) Events do not have to be compliant with books.
Summary: What if James had made the ultimate sacrifice and died for Lily and Harry, thus saving them both? Severus tries to warn the Potters but of course he arrives too late. Severus, Lily and Harry turn into a family. No slash!
Summary: Harry is being abused by any teacher of Hogwarts and rescued by Snape. It could be Umbridge or Lockhart or any other likely candidates.

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