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Summary: There's a field trip with some selected students and chaperones, of which Harry and Snape must be included. During the trip something shocking is revealed concerning either Snape or Harry, or both; the purpose of the field trip can be to reveal it.
Summary: Harry finds out that Draco Malfoy is his twin brother and that Severus Snape is either his father or closely related to him, and has a twin brother too! Harry must NOT be a Malfoy.
Summary: Harry has to stay with Snape for the summer, disguised, at Spinner's End (cannon Snape's house). It has to be the summer after Harry's 5th year at Hogwarts, and it must include some interactions with Death Eaters at the house!
Summary: It has to be a Severitus fanfic. Harry's aunt gives Harry a package from Harry's mother. In the package are pictures of Severus Snape and Lily Evans holding Harry, when he was just a baby. It has to be Post OotP. Now Harry goes through another year at Hogwarts under the threat of Voldemort and searching for answers to the mysterious photographs. NOT SLASH!
Summary: Dumbledore finds out that Harry is cutting and sends him to Severus to get help. However, the only way Harry will stay in the same room as Severus is if he is tied down. Why is Harry cutting? How is Harry bound to the room? What do he and Severus talk about? Does Severus succeed in helping Harry?
Summary: Snape is Harry's father, but shortly after finding it out, Harry is bitten by Remus Lupin and is turned into a werewolf.
Summary: How about some drabbles? Each precisely 100 words long (harder than it sounds).
Summary: Timed fic. Write a Snape and Harry fic in one hour, including the words drowning, valiant, bullet, and meteor.
Summary: Hogwarts has been under siege for some time. The supplies are dwindling, food is running low and most of the potions have been spent... Harry is injured and Snape is the only one able to help at the moment. There are no potions left, and no correct ingredients to make any so they’ll have to bind it Muggle Style.
Summary: Severus and Harry both throw down their wands and just go at it...barenuckle boxing, 9 rounds! Or...maybe they'd just throw themselves at each other and have a nice no-holds-barred scrap, scratching and hair-pulling all the way.

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