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Summary: Harry finally gets tired of Snape claiming he's incompetent in Potions.
Summary: Shortly after the discovery that Severus Snape is Harry's father Dumbledore in his all-knowing ways decides to have a father-son day at Hogwarts where all the students father's are invited for 'family fun'. Requirements: there must be Draco-Lucius and Ron-Arthur involvement, Severus and Harry must get into a fight in public (they can make amends whenever and however you like), they must be beaten in a game of your choosing, and they most exact revenge after loosing by beating their opponent soundly. This can be a one-shot are a multiple chapter deal. Have fun!
Summary: Harry uses the invisibility cloak while at the Dursleys' and Snape somehow finds out.
Summary: Write a Christmas fic! This will archive Christmas stories galore, all the stories throughout the years at P&S.


The challenge is to take place after HP and the Deathly Hallows. Finish where JKR left off before the epilogue 19 years later. It has to be from Harry's point of view. What happened after the Battle of Hogwarts? Things that need to be included: Snape still lives, Tonks and Lupin still live.
Summary: For some reason, Snape is taking care of a three year old Harry Potter. They go somewhere and Harry gets hurt. How does Snape make him feel better, and if necessary, heal his wound(s)?

Options: Can be one-shot or multi chaptered.


After the end of Deathly Hallows, Harry spends more time in Snape's memories and discovers that Snape is Harry's father. Reckless and determined to recreate the family he never had, Harry uses Snape's horcrux (the potions book of the "Half-Blood Prince") to bring Snape back. Snape is less than pleased at the Dark magic used to bring him back from behind the Veil, but he soon realizes that Harry needs his guidance in the new challenges of a world without Voldemort.
Summary: Harry is left on Snape's doorstep.
Summary: Snape teaches Harry a lesson, using any of Aesop's Fables as the moral. The fable from which the moral comes must be sighted in the author's notes. It must involve Snape telling Harry the fable and what he expects Harry to learn from it. Can be a oneshort of a part of a larger story. Any other characters may be used in the story as well as long as Snape is the one telling the story and Harry learns something from it.
Summary: Snape comes across Harry in the Hogwart's kitchens. Harry is making something. There must be House Elves involved in this story (either a big or small involvement). The story can be set either during Harry's Hogwarts years or before that. If you put the story in pre-Hogwarts time do explain why Harry ended up cooking something in the kitchens. And what will happen between the two of them during and after this exchange?

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