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Summary: Severus is forced to ask Harry to brew a potion for him. Bonus points for creativity as to the reason why Severus must ask Harry - something other than Parseltongue, Harry's connection to Voldemort, or his mother's sacrifice.
Summary: Mark Evans was rescued from Dudley’s gang by Harry the summer before he got his Hogwarts letter. Severus Snape introduces Mark to the Wizarding world, takes him to buy his supplies, etc., and Mark is sorted into Slytherin. He approaches Snape for help finding information about laws in the Wizarding world, wanting to do something about Harry's situation at home with the abusive Dursleys to repay his debt to him.
Summary: AU - Albus decides to sit in on the first Gryffindor and Slytherin Potions class in Harry's first year. How does Snape react? How does he treat Harry while Albus is watching?
Summary: Snape is afraid of spiders.
Summary: Harry becomes seriously, or chronically ill during one of his Hogwarts years (before HBP). Snape is the one to help him in some way, because he has been through it himself. As symptoms continue to reoccur, can they learn to like each other?
Summary: Snape often deals with Slytherins from unloved families. What is Harry comes to his office with a story of his own? How will Snape react?
Summary: Harry, Ron, and Hermione find a way to get Snape cleaned up (hair washed, new clothes, whatever else you can think of) and then take the "new" Snape out to a dance club.

Options: Could be a lost wager, or a kindness to a despondent Snape, or a dare, or a straight kidnapping for his own good, ect.
Summary: Snape makes a wager with Harry that he can't go three weeks without ANY magic. Harry has to go around wearing some sort of jewelry that completely binds up his magic. As a result, Harry becomes pale, exhausted, and random bruises start showing up from where the Dursleys hit him, which previously had been hidden by magic. Potions can't help because the magic binder won't let them work... the only one who can take the binder off is Snape.
Summary: Snape is the innocent 11 year old stumbling into the Wizarding world and Harry Potter is the jaded, angry teacher. The "Snape" can be either Severus Snape, or his son.
Summary: Dumbledore received a prophecy when Severus was 3 years old and in fulfilling it, Fate forced the Headmaster into creating the terrible life Snape suffered through. Albus vowed to put this right; After his internment, Albus' magic left to fulfill a last spell; Severus was returned to the 3 year old that Albus destroyed first time round. There are no magically stored memories, no magical return to adulthood, just growing up again one day at a time. When he comes to Hogwarts where Harry Potter is a teacher, all young Severus knows is that he was found, abandoned, as a 3 year old and has grown up in care ever since.

Options: Who wants to foster or adopt the lost, confused (and possibly wealthy) orphan, Severus Snape? Who cares if he is being set up to be abused or exploited?

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