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Summary: COS (Chamber of Secrets). Hagrid doesn't save Harry when he ends up in Knockturn Alley. (Chapter 4, around page 67 of Scholastic paperback)
Summary: GOF Book. Moody isn't out that night Harry sneaks under his invisibilty cloak, gets his foot stuck in the missing step and drops his Golden Egg, but Snape still is. (Chapter 25, around page 470, Scholastic paperback.)
Summary: While at school, Snape is taken away by the Wizarding police (Aurors). Harry is the only one who can prove his innocence, and save him from either Azkaban, or a Dementor's Kiss.
Summary: Harry's owl is poisoned, and the first person he runs into while looking for help is Snape.
Summary: If Snape and Harry had had a chat after one of Harry's "remedial potions" lessons what would they have talked about? What would have happened?
Summary: With Dumbledore dead, Snape now has to report to someone else about Voldemort. That someone is Harry Potter. How does Snape get Harry to listen to him? What power does Harry have over Snape?
Summary: Harry decides to go after Snape for revenge before Voldemort, alone. But Snape's not that easy to catch and often turns the tables before slipping away each time. A different Snape mentors Harry fic.
Summary: Little Harry Potter is very sick at 4 Privet Drive. Snape comes to take care of him before his memory is erased.
Summary: After the Triwizard Tournament, Fudge has a change of heart and decides to believe Harry. Unfortunately, his response is all wrong -- and he begins a villification of all Slytherin. Slytherins are shunned: restrictions (ie: curfew) are imposed on them; shops won't hire or sell to them; they become the wizarding world's scapegoats. Harry realizes that this will only serve to drive them to Voldemort, and resolves to do something about it.
Summary: In an effort to make them get along, Dumbledore locks Snape and Harry in a classroom for 72 hours. What do these two talk and/or think about during these three days and three nights? Make some mention of Harry's nightmares and/or the Dursleys.

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