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Summary: After the Triwizard Tournament, Fudge has a change of heart and decides to believe Harry. Unfortunately, his response is all wrong -- and he begins a villification of all Slytherin. Slytherins are shunned: restrictions (ie: curfew) are imposed on them; shops won't hire or sell to them; they become the wizarding world's scapegoats. Harry realizes that this will only serve to drive them to Voldemort, and resolves to do something about it.
Summary: In an effort to make them get along, Dumbledore locks Snape and Harry in a classroom for 72 hours. What do these two talk and/or think about during these three days and three nights? Make some mention of Harry's nightmares and/or the Dursleys.
Summary: Harry gets up one morning and begins to make breakfast. Hearing a noise at the door he cautiously goes to investigate - to find a battered Snape collapsed on the doorstep. What happened to Snape, why is he in Harry's neighborhood, and what in Merlin's name is Harry going to do with him?
Summary: At the end of HBP Harry and Snape parted on a particularly bad note. What do you think their next meeting will be like?
Summary: After fifth year Harry stops caring and withdraws from everyone, even though the Dursleys turn abusive. They had been abusive for a long time before Hogwarts, but Harry forced himself to forget. What happens when an old spell that was put on Dumbledore long ago finally stops and he remembers that Severus Snape is Harry’s biological father? How will everyone react, especially when you throw an abused child into the mix? NO SLASH.

Options: If Harry’s appearance changes please don't make it very drastic.
Summary: The Headmaster wants to try string walkie talkies (The imaginary kind made up from cups and a bit of string). Severus and Harry are the only people around to help test them out.
Summary: After Black's death, Snape is found destroying 12 Grimmauld Place.
Summary: During breakfast Hedwig delivers mail to Snape, much to Harry's confusion. Why is his owl delivering mail to Snape of all people?
OOTP: Crucio C by Royalnavigator [Report This]
Summary: What if during the 5th book, Umbridge had used "crucio" on Harry? What would have happened?
Summary: I'd like to see a story about Snape being tortured by Voldemort, and Dumbledore telling Harry that Snape had forgotten about the fact he was his father, because by protecting his mother and Harry, it was blown to the back of the head. You take it from there, let your imagination run free!!! but NO SLASH.

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