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Summary: Harry Potter characters plays video games!
Summary: Write a fic in which Harry is some kind of creature that exists in canon BUT has not (as far as you can tell) been used in a fan fiction before. So we're talking goblins and merpeople and Veela rather than vampires and werewolves.

If you choose the half- or part-creature route, it's fine if the other part of him is human or something not as original.
Summary: Takes place a year or two before Hogwarts. Dudley commits some type of crime (like shoplifting or more serious) and when the police comes knocking they blame it on Harry. Wizarding child services get word of it and with case supervisor Umbridge removes the unruly, no hope for rehabilitation child to a detention facility for the worst of the worst (not a nice place. The extent of abuse or not is up to you) Dumbledore eventually gets word and appoints Snape as an unwilling, yet suitable guardian for Harry. After months pass he is allowed to be released and go live with Snape with the condition that Umbridge makes weekly visits to monitor progress. She is a viscous and intolerable as always and make every effort to sabotage the forming of any type of relationship between the troubled boy and stern potions master.
Summary: Tobias has been on the prowl and fathered Lily's child (could be boy or girl who lived). Harry comes to hogwarts looking like a mix between Lily and the older Snape, with some resemblance to Severus. What will happen when they discover the connection? Could be combined with my previous challenge Letters Home. Tobias could still be alive for added angst.
Summary: After every situation that arrises at school during 1st year regarding the boy (or girl) who lived Snape receives a letter from Hogwarts. At first he believes it a prank, but after the final Quirell and the stone incident he decides to investigate further. During the summer he discovers his relation to the child. Could be parent or older brother. After the flying car incident Harry is asked to remain in his office and some truths will be shared. The road ahead will not be easy.
Summary: Pre Hogwarts. Voldemort's followers discover where Harry resides and are able to get Tom's diary in Dudley's hands. He brings it home, quickly discards it, and Harry picks it up. It starts out as an innocent way for Harry to vent his feelings and play pranks on his family, but soon Tom makes suggestions of more sinister actions which Harry cannot remember doing. Dumbledore senses that there is dark magic at the house, but can't put his finger on what. He call on the potion master to take in the boy to investigate. Snape's patience wears thin as Harry's behavior varies from very timid (Dursley neglect/abuse) to outright evil (diary compelled), and then lies about it (memory lapses). Will he discover what is wrong in time?
Summary: This was inspired by Nothing Without You, by Livia Ethelind. When Voldemort attacks, James dies, but Lily is injured. She and Snape marry. Lily blames Harry for her injuries and James' death so she is unkind to him. Snape is too, at first, but after awhile he comes around and realizes that Harry is just a child who wants to be loved.
Summary: Harry is kidnapped the day he was born (or shortly after) and raised under another identity, so Voldemort (who doesn't know about it) never went after his family. He's been raised not knowing who he is until he comes to Hogwarts.

Sometime during those years, Severus has become his stepfather, either after James died or he and Lily divorced. Younger siblings optional. Severus is also the reason Harry discovers who he is, directly or indirectly.

No James, Dumbledore, Sirius, Ron or Hermione bashing. No slash. Bonus points for creativity with who kidnapped Harry and why. Bonus points for Neville being a main character.
Summary: Lily lives, but only for a few years (then character death, up to you how). When Harry is around 6 (age flexible, but must be pre hogwarts) she reconciles with Snape and they marry. Shortly thereafter she passes away and Snape is left with the boy. They do not get along. Harry is a bit spoiled, jealous and defiant towards Snape. Snape sees James in the boy, is scared of letting himself feel anything and is quite strict and reserved with his emotions. I'm picturing a darker story with a lot of angst/tension in their relationship. Snape is not abusive, but pretty close to it.

The aftermath of Lily's death could involve a period of Harry living with Petunia while Snape figures out what he wants to do. Before Hogwarts Harry must come back to Snape though. They reach a breaking point and it's decided that family counseling will be the best option.
Summary: As a way to get Harry out of the triwizard tournament he is de-aged (physically and mentally). Professor Snape becomes his reluctant guardian, and must deal with both fear (from the Dursleys) and the rambunctiousness of a child in the castle. I have somewhere in the 5-8 year range in mind for Harry but any age would work.

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