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Summary: A twist on the de-aging plot. Harry discovers that, sometime prior to Voldemort killing his 'parents', he had been de-aged back to a baby. Who was he before? Bonus points if he and Severus already had a history.
Summary: Harry is kidnapped by Umbridge or on her orders. Any point in canon and AUs welcome.
Summary: 1981 Halloween,two Innocent Souls survive Voldemort's killer curse. Harry Potter and Lily Potter. No one truly know what happened that night, but Dumbledore has his ideas...... Harry/Daphne & Lily/Snape
Summary: The Severus Snape teaching Harry Occlumency is/was an imposter.
Summary: There is a way to temporarily remove or restrain a person's magic.
Summary: Harry learns that he has/had an older half-sibling, the child of Lily Evans and Severus Snape.
Summary: When Harry's parents died Snape was there too, trying to stop Voldemort from killing Lily. As punishment, Voldemort used a curse that melded the soul of James Potter into Severus Snape, incapacitating Severus before Voldemort moved on to kill Lily and Harry.
Summary: Snape didn't join the Death Eaters out of school. Instead he had a son and was happy. Dumbledore needed a spy for his war against Voldemort and Snape was the perfect candidate, so Dumbledore kidnapped the child and gave him to the Potters. Snape was told his son was kidnapped by the Death Eaters and to get him back he had to spy on them. After the war, Dumbledore drugged Snape (drug in his food?) to forget his son, but sometimes Snape remembered him and tried to get him back. One of these times one of the teachers takes notice and helps Snape get his son back.
Summary: Harry and Sirius already met the night Harry ran away from home. Now friends, Harry continues to see Sirius during the school year - believing he is innocent. Sirius is able to remain undetected there with Harry's help. Everything seems to be going well until a certain Potions Master gets suspicious of Harry's increasingly strange behavior.
Summary: For those who have read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child:

Albus Severus and Scorpious realize that the only way to stop Cedric from being killed is to keep Harry out of the TriWizard Cup. With future knowledge, the boys decide to tell past Snape how to keep Harry's name out of it.

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