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Summary: As a way to get Harry out of the triwizard tournament he is de-aged (physically and mentally). Professor Snape becomes his reluctant guardian, and must deal with both fear (from the Dursleys) and the rambunctiousness of a child in the castle. I have somewhere in the 5-8 year range in mind for Harry but any age would work.
Summary: Leading up to the triwizard tournament Dumbledore requires all students to have their swimming skills evaluated. Non swimmers must take lessons to learn. Guess which category Harry falls in? And the teacher, Professor Snape of course. Takes place end of third year or beginning of fourth. Lessons can be private or semi-private.
Summary: Snape is disguised as one, or more, of Harry's classmates.
Summary: This idea has been in my head for some time now, but I really don’t want to write it, because, honestly, I lack the skills and I’d love to read it.

Severus adopts Harry after a series of events (of your choice), they develop a loving father-son relationship. At some point, the Potters return turning everything upside down.


Severus adopts Harry:
  • Harry must be/have been adopted by Severus. It could be during his childhood with the Dursley's (1-10 y/o), or sometime during his time at Hogwarts (Years 1 to 3).
  • There has to be a strong parent-child bond between the both.
  • Blood adoption is not a requirement, but it is accepted.
  • Abuse from the Dursley’s: Accepted. If used, it must be that it is the reason for Severus to adopt Harry
  • Gryffindor OR Slytherin Harry.
  • No Ron/Hermione bashing, they have to become as attached as they were in canon. Harry has to befriend Draco during his childhood or Hogwarts.
  • Relationships: Aside from these, it doesn’t matter. (Het or Slash, that’s up to you)
  • Harry/Ginny FORBIDEN
  • Harry/Cho Chang FORBIDEN
  • Seeker star Harry

  • Severus must be protective of Harry and a loving father figure.
  • Relationships: Het or Slash. No restrictions.

The Potters’ return:
  • Lily, James or both come back to the Wizarding World. They may come back from the dead, but it’s not what I specifically want. They could have left Britain thinking Harry dead, because they went into hiding, or for any other reason that you find suitable.
  • The Potters may have more children, but only one or two more.
  • Severus becomes insecure thinking that maybe Harry will prefer his parents over him.
  • If the Potters went into hiding leaving Harry behind, he has to resent them, not forever, but he has to prefer Snape over them. Same happens with Sirius and Remus.
  • James being jealous of Harry and Snape’s father-son relationship.
  • In regards to Sirius and Remus: Do as you wish with them (*cough*Iwould’tmindsomeWolfStar*cough). I’d like to see them on good terms with Severus and Harry, maybe even teaching Harry how to be a prankster extraordinaire

  • Dumbledore: mild bashing. He fights Severus over Harry’s guardianship because of the bloodwards. When the Potters come back he has to insist on Harry living with his birth parents
  • Summary: All Muggle-raised children, when they enter the wizarding world, are legally assigned a wizarding guardian who can help them in situations where they are at a disadvantage.
    Summary: In which the sorting hat is outlawed, and new students must be sorted by some other means.
    Summary: When Harry delves into the Pensieve during Occlumency, he sees a different memory.
    Summary: Severus tries to do something nice for Harry, but it goes horribly wrong.

    Bonus points if Snape is motivated by guilt for something. Double bonus points if it happens when he and Harry still hate each other. Triple bonus points if the backlash somehow includes the Dursleys.

    No character bashing please. (Except the Dursleys.)
    Summary: Harry and Ron were too late to save Ginny in the Chamber of Secrets. Tom Riddle has already come to life and left. Harry stays with her while Ron goes to fetch someone, but Aurors see the open chamber and come down to find Harry by the body.

    No character bashing please.
    Summary: A twist on the de-aging plot. Harry discovers that, sometime prior to Voldemort killing his 'parents', he had been de-aged back to a baby. Who was he before? Bonus points if he and Severus already had a history.

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