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Summary: Write a story that explores what happens to people once they've undergone the Dementor's Kiss.
Summary: It is Snape and not Lupin that holds on to Harry after Sirius crosses the veil. How will this affect their relationship? Will Snape let him go so he can chase Bellatrix? What will it do to Snape's role as a spy?
Summary: Snape has a daughter (how this happened is up to you. He could also have a wife) that goes to elementary school with Harry. She often talks to her father about this shy boy that wears ragged clothing that she frequently shares her lunch with. One day after an early unexpected dismissal at school she invites the boy to her house. How will Snape react when he finds out who the boy really is?
Summary: One of the summers before Hogwarts, Petunia has had enough of Harry and his accidental magic. She recalls that Snape boy on Spinner's End that always used to follow her sister around and decided to drop Harry of there. Snape doesn't want to take him and Petunia doesn't want him any more so Harry is left standing on the doorstep as she drives away. Will Snape eventually take pity on him and let him in? Could also take place after Harry has started Hogwarts.
Summary: Voldemort is just a puppet, controlled by the real Dark Lord ...
Summary: Were the flowers affecting everyone this way or only him?
Summary: The ground itself was shaking - but was it an earthquake, or something of magical origin?
Summary: Why does Snape have a brightly-colored child's xylophone hidden away in his desk? Is it new? Old? Broken? What is it doing there, and how did Harry discover it?
Summary: Severus has a task(s) to complete that requires the assistance of a Parselmouth.
Summary: I want to see a longer multi-chapter story where Harry is aware of Snape being his father, but Snape isn't aware. Harry isn't sure if he wants Snape to know or not. It's up to you if Snape finds out or not and how he re-acts but it should be most of the way through the school year (or school years) before he finds out if he does. Harry has come to terms with Snape being his father and doesn't necessarily hate him.

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