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Summary: The first thing Voldemort has Quirrell do is to find his beloved snake. Animals and humans go missing at Hogwarts and Harry hears voices that no one else can. What will happen if the trio goes after the snake? What will the toll of thinking he is crazy do to Harry first year?
Summary: Instead of Sirius escaping Azkaban 3rd year it is his deranged cousin, and she is out for blood. Maybe Snape will take a more active role protecting Harry? Will he still be left to his own devices in Diagon Alley?
Summary: Snape is on a date, or dining alone, (it doesn't have to be mcdonalds. It really could be any eating establishment) one evening when a boy walks in alone, counts out some change and sits down to eat. Snape feels compelled to invite him over to his own table. Why is out late on his own? Does he have family? Will Snape let him go? Will they meet again? Will he investigate further?
Summary: Snape finds out Harry is abused by the Dursleys and takes him in. While living with Harry at Hogwarts, he finds out that Lily's parents are still alive. Harry is 3-6 years in this story.
Summary: Someone at the school (preferably someone close to Harry, but not necessary) has been put under the imperius curse. The caster's goal is to hurt Harry physically or mentally. Harry is oblivious, but perhaps Snape will notice?
Summary: During the first potion class as first years that they brew Snape is particularly nasty towards Harry and makes him cry. A tear falls into his cauldron and causes some type of reaction (could explode or do something entirely different). Harry could look more like his mother or maybe not wear glasses for a little extra distress on Snape's part.
Summary: Harry watches helplessly as something or someone evil takes over his body.
Summary: Someone (preferably Harry or Severus) is given a poison designed to kill its victim in ten ways at once. Be creative.
Summary: To promote unity Dumbledore puts out a mandatory challenge. All student and staff will be paired up with another student or staff and have to do a presentation on 5 things they like about the other person. Spending a certain number of hours together is mandatory. Harry and Snape are of course paired.
Summary: Option 1: All students are sent home for 1st year christmas holidays. The Dursleys, of course, have plans excluding Harry. He is sent over to Mrs. Figg's to spend the holidays there. What they don't know is that she has planned to be gone as well, and none other than the potions master has been given the task to be a live in babysitter to the boy who lived. Will Harry be able to stay out of Severus' way and trouble? At this point he believes that Snape is out to get him too. Option 2: Pretty much the same thing just Pre-Hogwarts. The Dursleys go on holiday and so does Mrs. Figg. Harry is sent over and is greeted by the sour potions master. Will he know anything about taking care of a child younger than Hogwarts age?

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