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Summary: Lily survives. Severus and Lily meet up and pursue a relationship sometime after James is killed and Harry is still young (too young to accurately remember Snape). Their relationship ends after a certain time and they go their separate ways. When it's time for Hogwarts Lily can be dead and Harry lives with the Durlseys, she has found herself a new boyfriend who is not nice to Harry, or Lily herself is not very nice to Harry (personality disorder, mental illness or just plain mean) and Severus notices that the boy does not have a good home life. He is still his snarky old self but somehow a relationship develops between the two. Harry somehow discovers that the man knew him as a young child and feels hurt that he could have been there to take care of him when he needed it the most.
Summary: A fan fiction from Snape's point of view based on the song Hurt by Johhny Cash. It could focus on his emotional status after Lily dies, later as he struggles with addiction of some sort, around 5-6th year as he must partake in horrible deeds as a spy, or even after the murder of Charity Burbage (maybe they were more than friends at some point, or reply close friends).
Summary: Harry gets a tattoo over the summer. How does Snape react to seeing the new ink?
Summary: After his first year Harry's relatives want nothing to do with him and they do actually send him to St. Brutus. It a rough place and Harry returns to Hogwarts worse for wear. Even Snape takes notice. The Weasleys could still come rescue him or he could go straight to Hogwarts from St. Brutus.
Summary: Severus falls back into old habits. Somehow Harry is involved helping him out of them.

Idea 1: After discovering the Dursleys/Umbridge/someone else is/has been hurting Harry, Severus kills them.

Idea 2: Dumbledore lets Severus take the DADA post, but his fears of it bringing back out Severus' dark side are proved correct.

Idea 3: Voldemort discovers Severus is a traitor, but rather than instantly kill him, decides to try and turn his loyalty back.

Idea 4: Dark magic is an addictive substance. Severus has been using some sort of drug to control his cravings, but now there's a problem with the supply.

Or anything else you can think of!

Any category and point in canon goes. No Dumbledore bashing. No slash. No dark!Harry.

Bonus points for a story involving more than one of the ideas. Extra bonus points for one involving all four!
Summary: Harry himself is killed, but he can't die due to the Horcrux within him. This leads to the discovery that Harry is a living Horcrux, and as such he is immortal unless killed by a basilisk tooth, the sword of Gryffindor, or the Dark Lord's Avadra Kedavra.
Summary: Harry is cutting after the war while trying to complete his Hogwarts education. Professor Snape follows him on the one night he goes too far, catches him, and heals him.
Summary: Professor Snape has his Fifth Year students brewing a minor truth serum that will have the strength to have a person tell nothing but the truth for roughly ten minutes. Harry is "volunteered" to drink it. Must have the Dursleys and Umbridge revealed and Snape becoming Harry's Guardian. Kudos for anyone that has an understanding!Sirius and a highly manipulative Dumbledore.
Summary: Takes place 5th year. During class there is an accident and several students are splashed with potion. Snape lines all the affected students up to assess damage and administer antidotes as needed. Harry has gotten slashed all over his arm and hand but attempts to hide his hand (possibly already bandaged) with Umbridge's scars on it. The damage from her quill could be worse than in canon or she could have used other forms of physical punishment on Harry as well. Snape eventually discovers the damaged hand. What will he do about it? Could be slow developing and Snape doesn't take an immediate liking to Harry, but stays in character.
Summary: Petunia and Vernon's marriage has fallen apart, and she's leaving him with Harry and Dudley. For a lack of anywhere else to go and/or to hide from Vernon, she goes to Snape. He is naturally shocked to have the three of them turn up on his doorstep. What happens next is up to the author.

Abuse could be involved but not required. Category and canon placement up to the author. No Dumbledore or Lily or James bashing. AU backstories welcome. No slash.

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