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Summary: McGonagall has to take an unexpected leave of absence. Snape is put in charge of half the Gryffindor boys, Flitwick the other half, and Sprout the girls. Harry is of course in Snape's group. It can take place any time during Hogwarts years and the reason for McGonagall's absence is up to you.
Summary: Severus is NOT Harry's father--but, for some reason, he truly believes beyond any doubt that he is, and wants to start on a new slate with him.

Harry knows for utter fact that that Severus is not his father (and could produce proof he isn't). When he discovers Severus thinks he is, he hesitates to correct him. Bursting Severus' bubble could be traumatic if Severus has held this belief for a long time, but also because Harry cannot bring himself to pass up the offer of a family.

So Harry goes along with it, and they bond. When and how Severus finds out the truth, and how he reacts, is up to the author.

Must haves:
- Severus is NOT Harry's biological dad
- Harry knows for certain he's not when he finds out what Severus thinks, and lets him think that
- Severus doesn't find out the truth until they've become fairly close

- Perhaps Harry's already had reason to do a DNA test, which is how he knows Severus is mistaken
Summary: Takes place pre-Hogwarts, elementary school aged Harry. Tobias fathered another child in his drunkenness, so unbeknownst to Severus he had a younger sister. When it is discovered that Harry Potter is mistreated at home this younger sister ends up (through some type of legally binding means) taking the boy in. However, on the same day a terrible accident takes place where she looses her life. Child welfare is able to track down Severus Snape on Spinner's end as closest living relative and drops the boy off there. The small,smoke smelling and outdated house with little food where Snape spends his summers is no where to raise a child, but they have to make due. Harry still hasn't experienced "normal" life and lacks a lot of basics physically and perhaps emotionally. Snape only has experience with the kids from school and not too happy to have a kid dumped on him. The road ahead will not be easy. He may not realize at first though that the unkept kid is Harry Potter.
Summary: When Snape kills Dumbledore the guardianship of Harry Potter is unexpectedly (for both parties) transferred to him. How Dumbledore had acquired the guardianship in the first place is up to you. Dumbledore's death could happen a little earlier in the year to give our two characters some more time "together". How will Snape balance the boy and his other obligations?
Summary: Can take place any year. Madame Pomfrey has taken a leave of absence. Snape is put in charge of the hospital wing. His goal: to make the students that come in take as many foul-tasting potions and undergo as many embarrassing medical procedures as possible, especially the Gryffindors, simply for bothering him.
Summary: The Weasley boys come rescue Harry the summer before 2nd year, but they dont quite make it home. They crash into Snape's backyard. The 3 Weasleys are sent home, but Harry ,as a consequence of "his" recent display of magic, must spend the rest of the summer under Snape's charge. Neither one is happy about it.
Summary: Harry is mute. Severus takes care of him,
Summary: Severus has always known, without a doubt, that Harry Potter is his biological son, but still resents him and has no interest in forming a relationship. After Harry has found out, he decides to try and win his father over.

Why Harry chooses to pursue the relationship rather than writing Severus off is up to the author, but keep it in character.

Canon placement up to author, but if writing an AU don't change lots of non-connected things just for the sake of it.

Must have:

- Severus is very stubborn and can't change his heart too quickly or easily. Lots of angst on Harry's end needed before any flicker of affection received

- Severus genuinely hating Harry, protecting him only out of a sense of duty, absolutely no affection for him to begin with

Can't have:

- Character bashing

- Slash

Ideas (optional):

- Severus resents Harry for more than just being the reason Lily died

- Harry's friends help come up with ways to win him over

- Fred and George making bets on the outcome

- Harry trying to be "more Slytherin"

- Harry's friends try and persuade him it's not worth it

- Massive row between Sirius and Severus

- Harry's self-esteem reaching an all-time low

- Abusive Dursleys

- Severus finds out about the Dursleys, he takes action but still can't stand Harry

- Severus sees himself in Harry which adds to his reasons to hate him

- Some point (very late) in the story, Severus almost loses/thinks he has lost Harry and it's a turning point

- Harry embarrassed by the knowledge that his real father hates him so never tells anyone, puzzling his friends why he's trying so hard to get into Severus' good books

- His friends find out by accident

- Harry makes studying Potions his top priority and manages to bring his grades up

- Somehow Harry knows about Severus being his father before he starts Hogwarts, and asks to be Sorted into Slytherin to be near him

- Or he doesn't find out until much later, when he and Severus already have a long history, and Harry has to do a lot of work on his own feelings before he approaches Severus

- Severus never told Albus that Harry was his son because he knows Albus would try and persuade him to tell him the truth/form a relationship with him
Summary: Harry comes to Hogwarts and is as unruly and full of attitude as Snape expected. The boy gets into fights and causes trouble at every turn. Why? a result of Dursley neglect/abuse, never being loved, not growing up in a normal family. Can anyone get past his tough exterior to see the vulnerable boy underneath?
Summary: The first thing Voldemort has Quirrell do is to find his beloved snake. Animals and humans go missing at Hogwarts and Harry hears voices that no one else can. What will happen if the trio goes after the snake? What will the toll of thinking he is crazy do to Harry first year?

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