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Summary: Snape manages to dose Harry with potions that obliterate the genes he got from James Potter, replacing them with Severus Snape's genes. Harry now magically and genetically shows up as Severus Snape's son, and Snape may keep him as his child, with no interference from Dumbledore or the ministry. Snape may do this purposefully or unknowingly, but Harry can't know until it's done.
Summary: Once the Wizarding world learns Harry Potter can speak to snakes, he must be placed in Salazar Slytherin's house.
Summary: Umbridge's Blood Quill is discovered, but either 1) when Dumbledore tries to stop her he is overruled, or 2) he is already gone. Rather than let Harry continue being tortured, Severus takes his place under Polyjuice.

Your choice whether Harry knows or not, what motivated Severus to do it, and whether or not Umbridge finds out. No Dumbledore bashing please.
Summary: A sleeping curse forces those under its spell to share the same nightmare dream.

This Challenge is loosely based or somewhat like the ‘Severitus Challenge’. I say this because it is a (Severus is Harry’s biological father, challenge) however the similarity end there. The fic should have Adventure, Angst, Family, and Hurt/Comfort. Optionally Romance.

Must include:

Severus is Harry’s biological Father:

  • Both Harry and Severus are unaware about being father and son when the fic starts.
  • Both Harry and Severus find out about being Father and Son. (Up to the writer on how they find out but I will have suggestions/option that can be used further down.)
  • Harry and Severus should have canon feeling towards each other. Until they find out about being Father and son, at which point they both slowly change how they feel about each other. (By that I mean having a good Father/Son relationship.)
  • Harry Most look very much as he do’s in canon. Small changes however are fine. Such as not having unruly hair or not needing glasses. But overall he should look the same and have Lilly’s eyes.
  • If Severus memories of sleeping with Lily have been taken (somehow) he must get them back.
  • Voldemort finds out about Severus being Harry Father, which end up leading to a battle between Voldemort and Severus. Severus barely making it out alive. Also ending his career as a spy.
  • Severus and Harry most be alive and Voldemort dead at the end of the fic. (how up to the writer.)

Severus/Lily/James and Harry conception:

  • Lily and Severus had their canon childhood friendship but that relationship should have been moving towards a more romantic one just before the Lily/Snape falling-out in their fifth year.
  • Lily and James are married as they were in canon.
  • Lily should have been conflicted about her feelings for both James and Severus just after conceiving Harry.
  • James was actually unable to have children. Something he did not tell Lily before they married.
  • Before James and Lilly marred James asked Sirius Black if he would be willing to sleep with Lily and allow James and Lilly to raise the child as their own. Sirius agrees. Upon learning this Lily becomes enraged.
  • James knew Harry was Severus but still viewed Harry as his son and took magical steps (Spell? Ritual? Whatever you want) to ensure that Harry would be as much of a “Potter” as possible. What-every James uses should be considered highly illegal and called the ‘Child stealing ____’.
  • After getting drunk James confesses to one of his old Hogwarts friends about the Spell/Ritual James use on Lily when she was pregnant with Harry. (Whether James tell the person that Severus is Harry’s biological father is up to you.)


  • Gryffindor Harry.
  • Harry is still the ‘Boy Who Lived’. (However how Harry survived the kill curse is up to you. Canon or not canon. Please do not start your story with Harry surviving and outlining how it is different if you go that way. I always love finding out later in the story, it build suspense.)
  • Harry, Hermione and Ron meet and become friends just like in canon and Harry most confide in them about Snape being Harry’s Father. (Completely up to the writer if you want to keep their friendship intact or not later however. Just please, if you do end the friendship keep any bashing you may do to a minimum.)
  • If the story set/goes into fourth year or above Harry most date at list three different girls. (Not at the same time.) And begin exploring physically with them. The last Girl you have him date should be the girl he end up marring later in life. (It is up to the writer who in-depth thought scene are.)
  • have fun with it.


  • Lily being alive but in a coma like state. Dumbledore keeps her in the hospital wing at Hogwarts to keep her safe. Well he continues to try and cure her of her condition. Dumbledore/other succeeds at some point. (This would only work if Harry survived the kill curse some other way then canon.)
  • Severus finds a way to remove the horcrux from Harry.
  • Harry not a horcrux.
  • After Lily finds out about James ‘idea’ (see above) how the two of them could have a child. She leaves pissed off. She end up in a ‘Death Eater Battle’ that Severus is a port of. Severus discreetly hides her, saving her life. Lily end up staying with him for almost a month. The two rekindle their friendship and attraction for one and other. Lily tells him everything, James keeping the fact he is infertile from her, James wanting her to sleep with his best friend to get Pregnant. And so on and so on…… Lily and Severus relationship moves into being physical….. Severus decide to leave the Death Eaters…… James or one of James friends finds Lily and Severus together and obliviate them both. James Performing the ‘Child stealing Spell/Ritual’ when Lily is sleeping. (Severus would need to get his memories restored somehow once he learns he is Harry father.)
  • Severus finds an upset Lily in their old neighborhood. She never tells Severus what has gone wrong with her marriage. She end up staying with him at spinster end. The two rekindle their friendship and attraction for each other and end up having sex. In overwhelming guilt about sleeping with Severus, Lily go’s home and tells James everything. Severus is divested Lily went back to James. Lily find out she is with child and want to tell Severus however James talks her out of it. Frist by asking to wait until the 1st trimester is up. Then because Voldemort is after them and the unborn Harry. James Performing the ‘Child stealing Spell/Ritual’ when Lily is sleeping.
  • In sixth year after Sirius dies, a letter comes to Harry or Severus from Sirius’ effects, in which his mother explain about his paternity. In this scenario Harry figures it out first.
  • In any old year, Harry’s in the Hospital Wing for some reason or other and a healing potion gives him an allergic reaction. Severus/Poppy/Albus recognizes this as a reaction Severus used to have that is passed on genetically from parent to child. In this scenario Severus figures it out first.
  • In the Shrieking Shack in third year Peter Pettigrew let’s slip that Harry is Severus child not James and what James did.
  • Severus finds love with Harry help.
  • Girls for Harry to date/hook up with….. Katie Bell, Daphne Greengrass, Luna Lovegood, Lavender Brown an OC muggle-born Girl in Hufflepuff. (Unusual love interest just to changing things up.

Hopefully I did not go overboard. Also I am aware that a lot of this Challenge could make James into a somewhat villain, and If you go that way that fine. However I want to say I very much like James as a character and if you find a way to make him not look like an ass go for it.

Please PM me if you are going to take up this Challenge because I would love to read it.

Summary: For those of you who have read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child:

When Harry is thinking about his son, he gets advice from either portrait Snape or finds the Ressurection stone in the Forbidden Forest and talks with ghost Snape.
Summary: For those of you who have read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child:

When Harry travels back in time to that fateful Halloween he sees that version's Snape, and maybe accidentaly interacts with him.
Summary: For those of you who have read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child:

Snape doesn't get kissed in the alternate reality, his patronus keeps the dementors off of him and he travels back with Scorpius to the canon timeline, alive.
Summary: Drugs are found at Hogwarts, and now all the students are to be searched.
Summary: James and Lily Potter are somehow taking care of Harry Potter, but those who knew the real Lily and James can tell these are imposters.

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