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Summary: The Dursleys, in order to get the wizards off their backs, fake Harry's death. Now they can do whatever they want with him without fear of being turned into toads.
Summary: Snape either has a daughter or a female ward. Harry and the girl fall in love. Snape is NOT happy.

- Optional if he's had one always or it's a new thing/newly discovered
- Bonus if the girl is a canon character
- Bonus if she's a secret daughter and Harry doesn't know when he falls for her
Summary: After death Harry is reunited with his parents, but since all three had the mutual dying wish of Harry growing up with them he ends up small again to fulfill the wish. Harry isn't the only one deaged though, Snape is too, and Harry's parents are given the additional task to look after a deaged Snape as well.
Summary: After DH, there are a slew of teenage wizards and witches with incomplete educations and unusually traumatic experiences.

Citing the precarious future health of the wizardkind community, the ministry decides the age of emancipation must be increased to at least 18, and seven full years of Hogwarts education is mandatory, with a possible eighth year being considered.

Already war heroes, the trio, and everyone else in their age group must return home and complete additional years at Hogwarts or else their wands will be snapped, and they will not be allowed to do magic.
Summary: After Deathly Hallows, Harry is alive and somehow gets deaged. Snape is alive, finds Harry and adopts him. Your choice if Harry still has his memories or not, if he hides that fact or not. Your choice if Harry and Snape still have their magic or not.
Summary: Your story makes mention of mango... That's all... The mango empress has spoken ^_^
Summary: The Muggle Studies classes are studying muggle popular music. Pick a song for any teacher or character.
Summary: A spell or a curse on Severus Snape makes him see Lily Evans instead of Harry Potter whenever he sees the boy.
Summary: It is graduation time at Hogwarts. There's even a proper ceremony and everything.
Summary: A young Harry keeps accidentally freeing the house elves. It is up to his guardian to deal with the consequences.

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