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Summary: James and Lily Potter are somehow taking care of Harry Potter, but those who knew the real Lily and James can tell these are imposters.
Summary: Someone steals all the jewels from the House hourglasses and Harry is the main suspect.
Summary: Synaesthesia is a condition where the senses are mixed up, e.g. someone might taste sound or smell colours or associate numbers with personalities ... there are many possibilities.

Either Harry or Severus has, or develops, synaesthesia. (Or both. It is genetic.)

Do read up on synaesthesia before you write about it--otherwise, no rules!
Summary: The Weasley twins are working on their greatest prank to date. Unfortunately it doesn't go as planned and the prank ends up injuring Snape. To save the twins from expulsion Harry decides to take the blame.
Summary: Gillyweed needs to be properly preserved before it can be eaten safely. Dobby didn't realise what he gave Harry was still poisonous.
Summary: When Harry returns to Privet Drive grieving, Dudley notices something's not right and decides he has to help. Dudley tries to make up for bullying Harry for so long, by looking after him now.

Could be set after OotP or HBP. Your choice how Severus comes into it. Dursleys can be more abusive than canon but not required. Bonus points for a scene where Dudley is trying to persuade Harry to eat. Bonus points if Dudley confronts/stands up to his parents. Double bonus points if Dudley tries to save Harry from them. Triple bonus points if Dudley confronts Severus about his treatment of Harry.
Summary: Fanfiction in which Harry is exceptionally smart and finds a way to cure Remus of Lycanthropy
Summary: The Dursleys, in order to get the wizards off their backs, fake Harry's death. Now they can do whatever they want with him without fear of being turned into toads.
Summary: Snape either has a daughter or a female ward. Harry and the girl fall in love. Snape is NOT happy.

- Optional if he's had one always or it's a new thing/newly discovered
- Bonus if the girl is a canon character
- Bonus if she's a secret daughter and Harry doesn't know when he falls for her
Summary: After death Harry is reunited with his parents, but since all three had the mutual dying wish of Harry growing up with them he ends up small again to fulfill the wish. Harry isn't the only one deaged though, Snape is too, and Harry's parents are given the additional task to look after a deaged Snape as well.

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