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Summary: The Dursleys actually manage to convince Harry that magic is truly evil. When he receives his letter the summer before Hogwarts he is frightened out of his mind and runs away (the Durlseys don't care) and the letters keep following him. Eventually Hogwarts staff is able to track him down and Severus is charged with the task of taking care of him until term starts.
Summary: Only Lily died on Halloween; James somehow survived, perhaps he wasn't home at the time. He and Severus are both mourning her loss; eventually (not too quickly) they put aside their animosity and grow close like family.
Summary: Severus has a girlfriend. 12 year old Harry Potter has been put into the muggle social services system after proven neglected and abused by the Dursleys. She finds the timid and polite boy in a group home and offers him a home for the holidays. Severus is also staying over. How will he act when he realizes he has to share his girlfriend with the brat who lived? How will Harry react to having Snape in charge of telling him when to go to bed and to eat his vegetables in addition to never having lived in a "normal" family setting thanks to the Durlseys? Lots of angst and not a nice overnight Snape welcome.
Summary: Severus accidentally poisons Harry.
Summary: 14 year old Harry Potter has had enough of his relatives, not being able to live with his godfather and just his life in general. He decides to get himself a fake ID to escape reality for a bit. Satisfied that he is far enough away from his familiar surroundings he enters an establishment and gets a few drinks. Of course, he ends up in the neighborhood of his favorite potions master. Snape either pops in to grab a drink or Harry gets kicked out and runs into him later. How will the potion master react?
Summary: Harry Potter characters plays video games!
Summary: Write a fic in which Harry is some kind of creature that exists in canon BUT has not (as far as you can tell) been used in a fan fiction before. So we're talking goblins and merpeople and Veela rather than vampires and werewolves.

If you choose the half- or part-creature route, it's fine if the other part of him is human or something not as original.
Summary: Takes place a year or two before Hogwarts. Dudley commits some type of crime (like shoplifting or more serious) and when the police comes knocking they blame it on Harry. Wizarding child services get word of it and with case supervisor Umbridge removes the unruly, no hope for rehabilitation child to a detention facility for the worst of the worst (not a nice place. The extent of abuse or not is up to you) Dumbledore eventually gets word and appoints Snape as an unwilling, yet suitable guardian for Harry. After months pass he is allowed to be released and go live with Snape with the condition that Umbridge makes weekly visits to monitor progress. She is a viscous and intolerable as always and make every effort to sabotage the forming of any type of relationship between the troubled boy and stern potions master.
Summary: Tobias has been on the prowl and fathered Lily's child (could be boy or girl who lived). Harry comes to hogwarts looking like a mix between Lily and the older Snape, with some resemblance to Severus. What will happen when they discover the connection? Could be combined with my previous challenge Letters Home. Tobias could still be alive for added angst.
Summary: After every situation that arrises at school during 1st year regarding the boy (or girl) who lived Snape receives a letter from Hogwarts. At first he believes it a prank, but after the final Quirell and the stone incident he decides to investigate further. During the summer he discovers his relation to the child. Could be parent or older brother. After the flying car incident Harry is asked to remain in his office and some truths will be shared. The road ahead will not be easy.

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