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Series Summary:

For the XYZ challenge by Jan_AQ - "Write one story involving a challenge from each letter of the alphabet. You must list in the story notes all of the challenges answered in alphabetical order. You may post, add, and change the list as the story is worked on. This challenge may count as either X, Y, or Z." This series is tweaking the challenge and doing one story per challenge.

Otherwise entitled - how many ways do I want to kill my Muse? Not only did she decide this challenge was a good idea (silly thing!), she also decided it wouldn't just be one story, but each challenge would be its own story. 

Since I have no idea where most of these stories will end up, then most likely the tags/warnings/category/snape flavour etc won't exactly match up *shrugs* seems a bit pointless selecting them all! 

And since I suck at titles/summaries - and Muse never thinks of them - then each story will have the challenge title/summary as its own.  (Oh, and I shall be very surprised if these stories actually end up in alphabetical order). 


A - A Hold On You

B -

C -

D -

E -

F - Father and Son

G - Ground Hog Day

H - Hogsmeade/Hogwarts Laws

I -

J -

K -

L -

M -

N -

O - One-Shot Season

P -

Q -

R - Rumours of my Death/Ripples in the Pond

S - Silver Trio (WiP)

T -

U -

V -

W -

X -

Y - Yourself to Blame

Z -

Parent Series: None
Challenges: XYZ
Open for others to add stories to? Closed

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