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Kindness Makes a Difference by MagnificentAndStrange
Summary: Harry is so unused to being treated kindly that he doesn’t even bother to question Snape’s dislike of him and insults/bullying from Slytherins and/or Malfoy. He can still be friends with Ron and Hermione, but he must secretly think that they A. wouldn’t really like him if they knew more about him, and/or B. that they will reject him for other friends later on. Snape should be the first to realize that Harry isn’t phased by his insults and begins to investigate things. He should have to reevaluate his opinions on Harry and at some point in the story apologize directly to Harry. I’d really like to see Hermione and Ron be supportive of Harry and Harry slowly realize that he does deserve friendship and kindness, though it’s entirely up to you how big of a role Harry’s friends play in the story. I do want Snape to have a big role and become a mentor/guardian/parent to Harry eventually.

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