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Sanguinem Domus by moonterra
Summary: Harry has always dreamed of a family that would love him but knows his only relatives are the Dursleys or are they? James and Lily both had other siblings, Lily and Petunia's sibling is someone that even Petunia fears and doesn't trust, yet she doesn't want her nephew either. Sometime before Hogwarts to his third year, Harry runs away and goes missing. Naturally this sends Dumbledore/the Order/his friends (if having started Hogwarts) into a panic and they begin searching for their savior. Harry eventually comes across one of these estranged aunts or uncles and they take him in only to find out how their nephew has been treated and vow to protect him from any who would seek to harm one of their blood.

  • Potters must still have died Halloween 1981
  • Takes place Pre-Hogwarts (9-10 minimum) to 3rd Year (13)
  • James and Lily must have siblings that the Marauders don't talk about, somehow Severus knows of these siblings and becomes concerned enough to try to look for Harry
  • The new family member becomes Harry's permanent and legal guardian (magical & muggle), throwing a wrench into Dumbledore's plans
  • Dumbledore must protest Harry being with this aunt or uncle and their family as well as Sirius and Remus if it takes place third year
  • Harry must go to another school (one of the known wizarding schools) for at least 2 years
  • Harry must be helped in Muggle schooling in addition to his wizarding education
  • Must be Gen fic until his fifteenth birthday, then dating can happen
  • Severus, when he learns the truth, must feature prominently in the story somehow (he either transfers to the new school, takes Harry under his wing as a mentor/apprentice relationship, etc.)
  • Harry has cousins, more aunts and uncles through marriage
  • Harry becomes better at his studies/Smart Harry
  • If taking place in Harry's 1st or 2nd years Harry must be affected somehow by the Basilisk and/or "killing" Quirrel
  • Gradual progression of magical power (Harry cannot become powerful overnight or because of an inheritance/horcrux being removed.)

  • Harry's new school is represented in the Triwizard Tournament
  • Exploring other cultures; Muggle and Magical.
  • Sirius and Remus fighting to get custody of Harry which leads to kidnapping him
  • Harry having no more than two wives (one for Potter, one for Peverell)
  • Harry gets a new wand & gets his eyesight fixed
  • Harry inherits a forgotten magic from the Peverell bloodline
  • Creature Inheritance (werewolves, vampires, veela, dragon, nekomata, kitsune, naga are forbidden)
  • Harry is an animagus (limited to 1 animal form)
  • Severus is an animagus and is injured when finding Harry, leading Harry to take care of the poor creature and giving Snape insight into Harry's change in life (both before at the Dursleys and now with his other family)
  • Harry has a sister (blood or half) that is a Maledictus
  • Snape and Harry have the same Muggle hobby or hobbies

  • Harry being Snape's son or adopted by him
  • Heir to Black fortune, only Potter & Peverell
  • Harry being given custody to Sirius (Remus is out since he's a werewolf)
  • Harry being heir to the founders, Merlin/Morgana/Mordred/several other titles (Muggle or Magical)
  • OP/Godlike Harry
  • Slash
  • Harems
  • Conquest lordships
  • Ginny/Harry, Harry/Hermione, Harry/Daphne, Harry/Luna, Harry/Fleur, Harry/Tonks, Harry/Susan; must be an OC (Magical, Muggle or Squib) or someone that is a background canon character
  • mpreg
  • Soul Bonds
  • If Voldemort is resurrected, Harry's power being "love" that defeats Voldemort. It must be something else.
  • Potters coming back to life
  • Harry's Parseltongue being a result of Harry being a Horcrux
  • Snake Animagus/Snake Patronus
  • Multiple Animagus forms
  • Multiple Patronuses
  • Magical animagus, must be a mundane creature and reflects his personality

Bonus If:
  • You show how Harry's former professors at Hogwarts react to Harry living with these black sheep
  • Harry developing an intellectual rivalry with Hermione and someone at his new school
  • Harry does not easily accept the guardianship and acts rebellious like any normal teenager
  • Harry developing a Muggle hobby or two in his spare time
  • Harry's reactions to having a normal couple years and not having to worry about his fame for being the "BWL" because that only matters in the UK. Nobody else really cares.
  • Over-Protective family of Harry and Snape if he joins in with the family in keeping Harry's whereabouts a secret
  • Harry getting a Muggle pet
  • Harry getting a job in the Muggle world during his school years (could be how Snape or even Sirius & Remus find him)
  • Harry traveling the world, whether to visit family in different countries or just learning new forms of magic and how other people live
  • Harry has the horcrux/scar removed and fixed
  • The Horcrux affects Harry in some way (drains his magic, makes him prone to acting out/causing mischief, etc.)
  • Harry's patronus (if in 3rd year) changes from a stag to another animal
  • One of the wizarding schools Harry goes to is something aside from Ilvermorny, Beauxbatons or Durmstrang

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