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Harry Runs Away With Someone Else by JAWorley
Summary: Harry decides he's had enough abuse at home and decides to run away for the summer. Simultaneously some other character we know decides to run away (reasons up to you, but has to do with their family somehow). They end up running into each other and decide to stick together.

- Draco is the other person to run away. He's tired of either his parents not caring about him/ not paying attention to him, or decides to change his family from this point forward by not being involved with Voldemort/Death Eaters... basically his family's involvement ends with him.
- Ron runs away. Maybe he feels like he's not getting enough attention at home, or feels like he can't live up to his older brothers accomplishments or his mom's expectations of him, or maybe he had a falling out with his father.
- Some other student character we know (or don't know that well) is the one who runs away. Are they abused? Did they run for some other reason?
- The two runaways (or just Harry) finds out there is actually a whole group of homeless wizard kids who attend Hogwarts. A bunch of kids lost parents or guardians before Voldemort vanished. Maybe these kids grew up on the street, or ran away from orphanages or foster homes. Maybe Hogwarts knows about these homeless kids (a bunch of whom stick together), and provides them with uniforms, school supplies and books when they get back to Hogwarts each year. Harry maybe becomes one of this group. Note: just like in real life with real life governments, maybe the Ministry doesn't have the resources to deal with the issue, or give homes to the kids for whatever reason. The Ministry knows about the issue, but isn't dealing with it or can't, or maybe only provides some resources like vouchers for food/clothes.

Snape's involvement is up to you. Does he find them at some point over the summer? Does he decide to help them? Does he bring them food or something? Does he tell on them? Try to convince them to go home or to Hogwarts? Are the two runaways content to stay where they are over the summer or do they want shelter with Snape or at Hogwarts? All up to you.

Requirements: No slash, no drabbles. Must be at least a one-shot.

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