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Escorted By the Enemy by Alexannah
Summary: During Harry's first year, it is apparent that Voldemort is hiding somewhere at Hogwarts, and Harry is sent home for safety whilst the school and grounds are searched.

Snape is the one who is asked to escort Harry there and back. Remember, at this point, Harry believes Snape is the one in league with Voldemort.

Must have:
- The Dursleys discovering Harry can't do magic
- Snape's illusions of Harry's pampered life shattering
- Harry scared that Snape will take the opportunity to bump him off away from Dumbledore

Can have:
- Snape having to spend some time at Privet Drive with Harry

Can't have:
- Dursleys being too scared of Snape to do anything awful to Harry
- Manipulative/not very nice Dumbledore
- No slash

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