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Summer Fic Fest 2015!

Summer Fic Fest 2015 Rules:

Write a story based off of a summer theme that incorporates one or more challenges. The Fest will close August 31. We will then open comments for which stories to award featured status, and then vote. Please add your stories to the category Fic Fests -> #18 Summer 2015

You may pick whatever challenges you want to use in your story. Whichever challenges you pick please add them to your story by replying to the challenge link for each challenge. Here are some challenges to choose from, if you need help limiting the number of choices to choose from:

  • Draco is the Only Witness by Scorpia - Harry is kidnapped and Draco is the only one who saw it happen and who knows who did it. How does Snape fit in?

  • Snapshots of Summer by ilreies - Each chapter depicts a summer in Harry's life, from pre-Hogwarts till he becomes a ward of Snape. Angst with a happy ending!

  • Swimming Lessons by Eszther  - Due to a near fatal accident in the lake shortly before Summer holidays all students have to take swimming lessons in the first week back in school.

  • Backwards Magical World by Jan_AQ  - The Muggles are Wizards and the Wizards are Muggles, or Squibs. The Dursleys are magical, Harry was born to a Muggle (James) and a squib (Lily). Severus Snape was born to a Wizard (Tobias) and a Muggle (Eileen). Muggles are in the minority and are seen as deficient, much likely suffering from a genetic disease. Harry is unmagical and Snape is a teacher at his boarding school for Incurably unmagical children.

  • Nervous Tic by Dream Painter - Harry has a nervous tic and Snape has not failed to notice it. What is it, and what are Snape's thoughts on the matter? Is it merely a mild irritation, or does it evoke more consideration from the man? Why?

  • Oops My Mistake by Howldaloom - Harry accidentally on purpose misses the train home after the tournament in 4th year. Snape fetches him from the station and bring him back to Hogwarts. Snape wonders why Harry is not upset for missing the train home to his relatives. You can come up with how long Harry stays at Hogwarts, if he ever leaves. How does Snape (if he finds out) react to Harry's hints of his home life? Does Snape Legilimentize Harry?

  • Medic-in-training Snape by Jan_AQ - Dumbledore has forced Snape to enroll in a medic training class. Who better to practice on than Harry Potter?

  • The Surprise at the Bottom of the Pensieve by Dream Painter  - A shocking memory has been secreted away into somebody's pensieve. Whose memory is it and what does it contain? More importantly, how is it that this one memory alters everything for a certain Potions Master and the unwitting hero of the Wizarding World?

  • Mauled Harry by bugeyedmonster2 - Remember Marjorie's bulldog, Ripper, who chased Harry up a tree once? What if the dog had caught Harry? Now imagine how Harry might look when he comes to Hogwarts. How might Snape respond?

  • Werewolf Snape by Jan_AQ  - Snape is a werewolf. Harry finds out.

  • When The Lights Go Out by Ebbtide - Draco thinks he killed Potter and he must confess to Snape...Is Harry really dead? How will Severus respond?

  • Unexpected activity by Abie - Snape is assigned guard duty on Privet Drive one summer, and he finds Harry engaged in an activity he would never have expected.

  • Kidnapped by Tobias by Jan_AQ - Harry Potter or Severus Snape, or both characters are kidnapped by Tobias Snape, but why?

  • Abandoned by EternalVampriss - The Dursley's saw a chance to get rid of the freak and took it. Harry was never picked up from the train station after 1st year. Somehow Snape stumbles upon a homeless Harry.

  • Old Habits Don't Die by Jan_AQ - Even after his death Snape can't seem to stop spying.

  • Broken Leg by Jan_AQ - "A broken leg will keep you less mobile, and more easily out of trouble."

  • Lord of the house by Jan_AQ - The Dark Lord decides to move into 4 Privet Drive.

  • Conditions of spying by Jan_AQ - End of 4th year... Severus Snape agrees to go back to spying only if he is given guardianship over Harry Potter.

  • Sucked Into a Game by SamuelWinchester - Harry plays on one of Dudley's Gameboy consoles, but gets sucked into the game! The only way out is if someone plays the game and finishes it with Harry as the main game character. Who better to play the game than Snape? Bonus if: -Its a game that Snape and Lily used to play as a child and Snape remembers. -Snape gets caught playing the game by one of the teachers or students. -The game gets stolen from Snape and someone else (student, teacher, ect.) plays it -It's Draco that steals the game

  • Lost Animagus by SamuelWinchester - Harry finds a lost animal, unknown to Harry that it is Snape in his animagus form.

  • Kidnapped duo by Jan_AQ - Harry and Hermione are kidnapped by Bellatrix and Snape and forced to be their twin children. Extra points for the use of potions.

  • Child Lily Evans by Jan_AQ - Lily Evans Potter shows up in Harry's time, but she is a child with no knowlege of her future.

  • Harry the bully by atiaahmed - Harry turns into a bully and Snape calls him out on it.

  • Wish upon a star by atiaahmed - Harry gets to wish for one thing and as wishes go it comes true in the most unexpected ways

  • Burn! by atiaahmed - The protection Lily gave her son before she died prevents anyone from harming him (with the intent to kill). But what if prolounged abuse by the Dursleys changes the protection until no one can touch him any more without burning up?

  • Back to life to protect by Jan_AQ - PostHogwarts. Harry is a grown wizard when unexpectedly the Death Eaters gather together to have their revenge. Snape shows up unexpectedly alive to warn and protect Harry Potter and any family he may have. Just why does Snape think he needs protecting?

  • Show me Hogwarts by atiaahmed - The Ministry of Magic has started a new system for informing muggleborns and muggle-raised children to enter the Wizarding World. To make the transition easier for the child and family they inform them at their 10th birthday instead if the 11th. In the intermediate year the parents and children can learn about the Wizarding World, they get a special mentor to introduce them and answer their questions and they get to visit Hogwarts once before school starts and get a peek into every school department.

  • Found Brother, Lost Parents by YnxNyx - A simple twist on the kidnapped-baby-Harry plot. Snape and Harry find out they're brothers, but Tobias a/o Eileen don't want now teenage Harry.

  • Grounded! by ravenhaired88 - Either Harry or Severus gets stuck in a "grounding spell" or "child containment" spell. What exactly that means, how they got there, how the other one fits in, and how long it lasts is up to you, but it should last at least a couple days - enough time for some good laughs and fun!

  • Dursley Replacement by Jan_AQ - Harry has to go back to stay with the Dursleys to strengthen the blood wards, that much is certain. But what if the Dursleys are comatose, kissed or cursed so that their bodies are there, but their minds aren't? Dumbledore has a clever plan to have Professor Snape take their place at 4 Privet Drive. To ensure that Harry's summer is just like any other, Snape is charmed to be forced to act just like the Dursleys would if they were there.

  • Surgery by BamaBelle2012 - Harry gets sick or injured at The Dursleys and has to have surgery, The Dursleys refuse to care for him so Dumbledore calls in Snape to care for Harry, what will happen?

  • Death Eater Father and Son by YnxNyx - Severus is still loyal to Lord Voldemort when he finds out Harry is truly his son and doesn't change sides. He converts Harry to the Dark instead. Or Harry is Dark/changes sides and that's how they find out they're father and son. or Voldemort finds out Severus and Harry are related and orders Severus to bring Harry to the Dark side.

  • Harry Quits by lastcrazyhorn - Harry quits the war. Snape is sent to bring him back. Neither is happy about it.

  • Bonding Experience by Mellow Moon - In which Snape and Harry bond and find common ground over a hobby or interest they discover they share. Could be anything: reading, horseback riding, tattoos, flying, stargazing, painting or drawing, for example. What the hobby/interest is and when the story takes place is the writer's choice.

Potions and Snitches on 24 Jun 2015 8:08 am [7 Comments]
I hope it's okay to ask this question here, but can I write more than one story for this?
- darkorangecat on 28 Jul 2015 7:18 am
Absolutely! The more the merrier!
- Jan_AQ on 28 Jul 2015 8:13 am
Thank you!
- darkorangecat on 28 Jul 2015 8:21 am
I don't know if it's okay to ask this question here, but I also don't know where else to ask it. Does the entire story have to be posted by August 31, or can it be a work in progress? Because I know I'd be able to get the first few chapters up, but I'm not sure if I could finish it before the challenge ends.
- beargirl1393 on 29 Jul 2015 11:19 pm
You can start it and finish it later, but hopefully not too much later. Be aware that incomplete stories might be less likely to be nominated or voted for featured status though.
- Jan_AQ on 30 Jul 2015 12:07 am

Does it matter if a small element of the story doesn't fit exactly with the way the challenge is phrased? The example being:

"Grunnings transfers Vernon, so the Dursleys and Harry have to move to a different city. Snape lives in their new neighborhood"

The idea I had was Grunnings going bust, so they have to downsize and choose to start over where no-one knows them because of the embarassment. It's not crucial to the plot so I could alter it, but I think it heightens the tension at the beginning.

- Alexannah on 01 Aug 2015 9:52 am
Alexannah, that's fine. :)
- Jan_AQ on 02 Aug 2015 8:39 am

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