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Happy June

Hello everyone! 


We hope everyone is having a good year. If you need help with anything please let us know.


How are those Spring fics coming? 

starangel2106 on 04 Jun 2016 3:21 pm [22 Comments]
Spring Fic Fest

Hope everyone is doing well! 

Here's the fest!

-Pick a challenge from the challenge section ...preferably one that's not answered.

-Write a spring theme to that challenge.

-Wait until told to post.


The Fest writing may begin at any time.  The Fest will end June 20th.  


I also need those participating to inform me, either by commenting or Emailing (spring fest challenge as subject please) this will help me put a timetable for posting together.  I believe it works better when we post one a day as not to overload the readers.  


Everything sound good? Questions/Comments please comment below or email me!

(email: starangel2106@yahoo.com) 

starangel2106 on 04 Apr 2016 9:35 pm [16 Comments]
New Fest?

Hi everyone! 


We hope you are having a great year.  Would anyone be up for a new fest? And what kind would you like?  Submit ideas to the comments please.  



starangel2106 on 17 Mar 2016 12:24 am [9 Comments]
V-Day Fest! And Our Winter winners

Hello everyone!

 Congradulations to our winners! SamualWinchester and JAWorley!  

Don't forget you can write a story for Valentine's day for the V-Day fest!  All ideas about Valentine's day accepted.  


starangel2106 on 31 Jan 2016 11:45 pm [2 Comments]
Tribute Video

Luck was kind enough to share her video as a Tribute to Snape!  Please check it out and leave kindness.  

starangel2106 on 21 Jan 2016 2:29 am [3 Comments]
Movie night 01/16/16

In honor of our favorite professor, let's hold a movie night tomorrow at 8pm EST. (Sorry England, I work all day)   I think we should just go ahead and start with Sorcerer's Stone/ Philosopher's Stone tomorrow and do a movie every Saturday/Sunday or every other.   We can also try to very the times.  If you end up having a problem getting into the chat please email me.  

 *Wands raised*    


starangel2106 on 15 Jan 2016 10:38 pm [4 Comments]
New Fic Fest!

Hello everyone,

1st:Please go vote for your Favorite Holiday Fest.

2nd: Now to announce the new Fest!  This is a bit different and maybe our first ever of this kind?  The Valentine's Day fest!  (Thanks wands!)

Since we don't have a lot of time for this one, I'm leaving it open to ideas.  If you have something you'd like to see in a Valentine's Day fic and not write it, post it in the comments and maybe an author will use it.  Outside of that this is an 'open' fest where you get to pick what you want to write about as long as it covers Valentine's day.

Extra rules:

~Please complete the story if you are going to enter the fest. (If there is a problem as always let us know. :)

~I have not decided how to post these yet, so please do not post until given the okay. 

Thank you!

starangel2106 on 10 Jan 2016 2:55 pm [3 Comments]
Nominate your Fav Holiday Fest!

Thank you to all participates! Hope everyone had a great ending to the year and have a wonderful New Year!

Here are your options.  Please let me know if I forgot a story. Thank you 

~Wishing on a Miracle by SamuelWinchester

~Winter Wondering by rosina

~The Letter by myramcqueen

~Gingerbread Cookies and Christmas Wishes by darkorangecat

~Christmas with the Snapes by MsHuntergrl

~All I Want For Christmas by JAWorley

~The Christmas Brew by HotforSnape

~ Visions of Gingerbread by shadowienne

starangel2106 on 02 Jan 2016 2:34 am [13 Comments]
Holiday Fic Fest!

It's about that time!

 If you haven't done so already please let us know who is going to be writing in for the fest, so I can start a calendar of when you may post.  

Here's the list of who I know have a story: (If you wrote more than one plese just let us know.)









Thank you!  

 EDIT 2: Add the fic fest in Category, it'll populate the fest list. it's #20 holiday fest.   :D


Here's the schedule if someone isn't ready and someone else is to take their place let me know.  This is what I have now.



JAWorley Thurs Dec 17

Rosina Fri Dec 18

HotforSnape Sat Dec 19

Myramcqueen Sun Dec 20

MsHuntergrl Mon Dec 21

SamualWinchester Tues Dec 22

Darkorangecat Wed Dec 23

Shadowienne Thurs Dec 24

Eszther Thurs Dec 25 (?) 

starangel2106 on 09 Dec 2015 9:29 pm [28 Comments]

Congradulations to Dream Painter for becoming featured for the Halloween fest.  "Allhallowtide"  


Thank you everyone for participating!   

starangel2106 on 08 Dec 2015 1:42 am [3 Comments]

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