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Hello everyone,

 Sorry about the downtime for the site this past days.

 We are experiencing some problems with the webhost, and I'm looking into it. It appears we are somehow overloading the server, and the account was suspended. I'm working on it, although I have yet to find what is causing this, as traffic to the site has been lower than it was last year.

  Please be patient, and do not upload any new chapters until further notice as I'm going to do a full backup and run a few tests. I will turn off submissions.

 Also, if any of you use a downloader like the Calibre Fanfictiondownloader plugin, the web version of it, or any other, I'll like to know, as this might also be the reason why we are overloading the server. I use the Calibre plugin on occasion, although not recently. There'll be a poll open, please participate as it's really important to check all possible problems.

 Browsing will be available for those wanting to catch up on their reading, but this might change if I upgrade eFiction to the latest version. The site will be down for a couple of hours if that is the case.

 Once again I apologize for the downtime, hopefully it will be resolved in a couple of days.


animealam on 15 Jul 2014 5:58 am [21 Comments]
Featured Story

Hello everyone!

 We have decided to have a NEW Featured Story contest.  There will be two stories that are already on the site.  One will be a completed story and the other a WIP story.  

 Please go ahead and nominate your votes in the comment section!  We will then have a poll for the recommendations. 


Thank you,

P&S Staff 

starangel2106 on 01 Jul 2014 4:00 am [9 Comments]
Email Alerts

Apologies for the issue with the review alerts not being sent. It would seem that the provider who we route the site email through changed some of their policies without our noticing, which directly affected our email. ^^;

As such, P&S is now using a different Email service provider until issues can be cleared up with our old one.

Please let us know if you encounter any more issues. :D


Wands on 28 Apr 2014 5:25 am [2 Comments]
Site Changes!

Potions and Snitches

Hello everyone! Some changes happened to Potions and Snitches lately, and this news item should explain them all.

The changes are good! I promise! Please comment on them and whether they will work for you!

The classifications on the site have been updated to better reflect what they mean. Please edit your stories and make sure that all classifications on your stories are correct!

The Takes Place classification has been expanded to have both summers and seperate years, as well as a time period before Harry's birth, and other time periods after Hogwarts of Harry's young and middle adulthood. The years and time periods are based off of Harry's age and what year of schooling at Hogwarts those years correspond to. You can see the complete list of times here: Takes Place.

Warnings have been split into warnings and tags. Some mentionable tags that  have been added include Sibling Addition (where Harry gets a sibling other than Snape, or Snape gets a sibling other than Harry), and Crossover. Other classifications were added. The complete lists can be seen by browsing Warnings and Tags. If you have suggestions for tags, please list them here in the comments.

Snape Flavour is a new classification to show what each story's Snape is like towards Harry. It includes Cruel Snape, Mean Snape, Nice Snape, Canon Snape, Nice OOC Snape, ect.

New characters added include Teddy.

Categories have been reorganized and renamed to better explain what stories should be found in each. Please go through your stories and try to match each story with the category that it best matches! The categories are as follows:

Big Brother SnapeBig Brother Snape - Stories where Snape and Harry have the same parents, or one parent in common with each other. May be biological or adopted, officially or not.

Master SnapeMaster Snape - Stories where Snape has absolute authority over Harry; consists of Apprentice Harry, Headmaster Snape, and Slave Harry.


Apprentice HarryApprentice Harry - Stories where Harry is Snape's apprentice.

Headmaster SnapeHeadmaster Snape - Stories where Harry is in school as a student or professor, and Snape is the Headmaster.

Slave HarrySlave Harry - Stories where Harry is Snape's slave.

Teacher SnapeTeacher Snape - Snape teaches or instructs Harry, esp. In a profession or as an instructor. Contains Trusted Advisor Snape, Professor Snape, and Unofficially teaching Snape.


Nice SnapeTrusted Advisor Snape - A nicer Snape than canon. Serving as a trusted counselor or teacher to another person, especially in occupational settings. Used to be Mentor category.

Stern SnapeProfessor Snape - Stern, canon version of Severus Snape as Harry's teacher. Used to be Teacher category.

Nice SnapeUnofficially teaching Snape - Snape is not Harry's teacher in an official way, but still teaches him something.

Snape Equal Status to HarrySnape Equal Status to Harry - Snape and Harry have the same status and are equals in social power. Subcategories are Colleagues Snape and Harry, Foes Snape and Harry, and Comrades Snape and Harry.


Colleague Snape and HarryColleague Snape and Harry - Snape and Harry are both Professors, or workers at the same institution, with the same status and power of social position. 

Foes Snape and HarryFoes Snape and Harry - Snape and Harry are adversaries or opponents on equal footing and status; Examples: both players on opposite sides in a Quidditch match, fighters on opposite sides of a war battling each other,, both duelests at a dueling competition outside of school.

Comrades Snape and HarryComrades Snape and Harry - Stories where Snape and Harry work together for a common cause, and are equal in social position and power. Examples: Both prisoners, both patients, both retired persons, both activists in a war. Comrade: A person who shares one's interests or activities; a friend or companion. 

Parental SnapeParental Snape - Snape exercises paternal care over Harry; to perform the tasks or duties of a parent or father. Subcategories include Biological Father Snape (Sevitis and Severitus stories), Stepfather Snape, and Guardian Snape.


Biological Father SnapeBiological Father Snape - (Sevitus) Biological father and son. Father: a man who exercises paternal care over other persons; To perform the tasks or duties of a male parent.

Severitus ChallengeSeveritus Challenge - Stories that answer all of the rules of the Severitus Challenge. The "Severitus Challenge" was first started in the early 2000's by the author Severitus (yes, that's a penname) in which: Severus Snape must be revealed to be Harry's father, Remus Lupin must have returned to Hogwarts for some reason or another, Harry must undergo some progressive physical change starting on his birthday, the story must be based mostly around Harry and Snape, and more rules...

Stepfather SnapeGodfather Snape - Stories where Snape is Harry's godfather.  

Guardian SnapeGuardian Snape - One who is responsible for the care and management of the person or property of an incompetent or a minor. Not biological.

Stepfather SnapeStepfather Snape - Where Snape is married to Harry's biological mother, whether or not that is Lily. Snape is not Harry's biological father.  

Healer SnapeHealer Snape - Stories where Snape heals Harry in some way. Healer - one that heals or attempts to heal. Healing: the process of recovery, repair, and restoration.

Reverse RolesReverse Roles - Harry Potter takes care of Severus Snape. Roles are opposite or contrary in position, direction, order, or character. Includes Big Brother Harry, Healer Harry, Master Harry, Parental Harry, Teacher Harry.


Big Brother HarryBig Brother Harry - Stories where, as brothers, Harry is older or larger than Severus.

Healer HarryHealer Harry - Stories where Harry heals Snape is some way.

Master HarryMaster Harry - Stories where Snape is Harry's slave or apprentice.

Guardian HarryParental Harry - Stories where Harry is Severus' guardian or parent, biological or not.

Teacher HarryTeacher Harry - Stories where Harry is Snape's teacher or professor. 

MiscMisc - Stories that don't fall into any other categories, but still feature no slash interaction between Snape and Harry. 


No category on the site fitsNo category on the site fits - the story does not fit any of the categories on the site that organize the relationship between Harry and Snape.

All written in Snape's POVAll written in Snape's POV - Stories told all from Snape's point of view. 

Keepers of the SnitchKeepers of the Snitch - Someone other than the Durley's or Snape is a guardian to Harry (Snape must still have regular interaction with Harry).

Strictly Canon UniverseStrictly Canon Universe - Stories that obey the canon universe and storyline. Does not contradict events in the books at all and could fit in with JK Rowling's published writings.  

Fic FestsFic Fests - Stories as responses to certain Fests are archived here! Usually some sort of challenge or prompt response stories.


I hope that these explanations have cleared up confusion, and that everyone will be able to use the classifications and categories better by understanding what they mean. Please go to your stories and make sure all of the classifications and categories are applied correctly.

Not all of the skins have been updated to show the new classifications of Tags and Snape Flavour. I will work on updating them all next week. 

Comment with any improvements or things that should be added. 

Thank you and enjoy the new additions!

Chocolate frogs,


Jan_AQ on 28 Feb 2014 11:38 am [49 Comments]

Well, the votes were so close, it was an amazing Fic Fest. We actually had a 3-way tie for first place, so we are going to award 3 stories Featured Status. 

Congratulations to:

A Father for Christmas, by J.A. Worley

A Christmas Gamble, by Whitetail

Father Christmas Eats Bad Boys, by MsHunter_grl

Thank you so much to all our authors who participated. It was a very close vote all around, so you should all be proud.


Pandora on 02 Feb 2014 5:02 pm [0 Comments]

Hi everyone,

Thank you again to all the very talented authors who participated in the Winter Fest 2013/2014. 

Here is a recap of the submissions. Official voting starts today.

You can vote for 2 of your favourite stories. The 2 stories with the most votes, will receive FEATURED STATUS. 

Voting will close in one week, on January 31/14. 

Good luck everyone, and even if you don't win, you should be very proud of yourselves, these stories were wonderful!! 

1. Father Christmas Eats Bad Boys by MsHunter_grl

2. A Father for Christmas by JAWorley

3. A Hogwarts' Carol by Saphire_Rose

4. Stuck by rosina

5. A Christmas Gamble by Whitetail

6. Last Christmas by Twonky

7. Christmas Cards for Snape by shadowienne

8. Christmas Letters by the other witch

Pandora on 24 Jan 2014 2:41 pm [28 Comments]

Hi Everyone,

My apologies to 'the other witch', whose story was somehow overlooked, so please read and review her story and we will give her the same time that everyone else had, so that we can all read and review her story, so voting will now start on Friday, January 24.

Again, so sorry 'the other witch'


Pandora on 22 Jan 2014 12:07 am [0 Comments]

Apparently, despite several warnings to everyone last week, we missed someone's story, and will post it as soon as we receive it at the e-mail below. 


Voting will now start on Wednesday instead. So please, this is your absolute last chance to submit a story, if we missed yours. No more chances will be given after today.

Thank you

Pandora on 21 Jan 2014 12:07 am [0 Comments]

Well, we had a wonderful varitety of Holiday Fests this year, and I want to thank everyone for participating. We have very talented writers here.

Here is a recap of the submissions. Official voting will start Monday, so if you haven't had time to read any of the stories, here is your last chance. Again, a big thanks to these authors who worked so hard to give us a wonderful treat!


1. Father Christmas Eats Bad Boys by MsHunter_grl

2. A Father for Christmas by JAWorley

3. A Hogwarts' Carol by Saphire_Rose

4. Stuck by rosina

5. A Christmas Gamble by Whitetail

6. Last Christmas by Twonky

7. Christmas Cards for Snape by shadowienne

Pandora on 17 Jan 2014 9:25 pm [2 Comments]
Father Christmas eats bad boys by MsHuntergrl is now up! Please read and review! 
Pandora on 13 Jan 2014 11:52 pm [1 Comments]

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