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Title: The Deaging Potion 24 Jan 2005 5:47 am
Reviewer: Molly Morrison (Signed) [Report This]
    Actually, I never thought that Harry was going to jump off the trampoline into the mirror, or that Dumbledore intended it. :-P It's probably a wizarding one with wards around the edges so he can't come off it high in the air, anyway. I love your description of childhood here--of the Potion, and the experience of shrinking, and how different everything looked, and how curious Harry was.. so fun! I don't remember my childhood all that well, and what I do remember is for the most part not happy things ( :-( ) so this is a great adventure, and very soothing in a sense. I'm on to read more! :-D

    Author's Response: Yeah, a lot of people don't think that either but I thought that it would be funny to have in the Author's Notes. Yay for soothing child Harry senses!
Title: The Third Party 24 Jan 2005 5:39 am
Reviewer: Molly Morrison (Signed) [Report This]
    You know what one of the things I like about Muggleville is? Instead of brushing over the explanation of WHY Harry and Snape have to spend time together, or WHY Harry should be deaged, or WHY they shouldn't use magic, you explain all that.. but you do it in a fun, interesting way, so that I am not bored out of my mind with the explanation, either. It's a great balance. Then again, there's a possibility that I love that because we have so much in common. ;-) Anyway, yeah--lots of lovely sneering coming from Snape this chapter, but he gave in pretty easily, it seemed. Then again, Dumbledore does have a lot of power over him, and he IS between a rock and a hard place, so to speak. So I guess I believe it.. I just think I might have liked one more token protest, before he gave in. But it's your fic and I'm loving it, despite these little recommendations for possible improvement I'm giving. ;-) One to chapter 4...

    Author's Response: I can add another token protest in there somewhere... Yes! Fun and interesting ways so that you aren't bored out of your mind are key!!! I refuse to have bored readers. :P

    lol@"I'm loving it, despite these little recommendations for possible" improvement" Haha.

Title: Introducing the Muggle Studies Professor 24 Jan 2005 5:26 am
Reviewer: Molly Morrison (Signed) [Report This]
    Ahh, Hoppity. I love your anti-Mary Sue. It's a nice touch that she's so obviously ludicrous, in the way that Mary Sues are underlyingly. :-) So many fun lines that make me smile, in this chapter! :-D Oh, by the way--hate to bug you about this, but I think I'm going to have to start giving classes on punctuation, since I'm a professional nitpicker. ;-) You have two common problems: a complete lack of hyphens, and the always popular run-on sentence. Ask me what I mean, and remind me that I found lots of ready examples in chapter 2, and I'll teach you like I did Corbin. ;-)

    Author's Response: Haha, you can be the puncuation Big Sister! Wheeeeeee!!! Lack of hyphens? You are a hyphens supplier. :P No hyphens! Tell me about these run-on sentences. I KNOOOOOWW that I use them, I just don't always figure out how to fix them.
Title: The Situation 24 Jan 2005 5:15 am
Reviewer: Molly Morrison (Signed) [Report This]
    This is great!! Did I ever actually read the beginning, or have you been showing me snippets from the very beginning? Anyway, it all seems fresh and new to me, so props for that either way. :-) I especially like how you gave Dumbledore's perspective, and dealt with the Dursleys without him condoning their abuse. I have to admit I like DD bashing, but when you deal with it this well, I can deal with agreeable!Dumbledore too. (Especially when I know he's out of the picture for pretty much the rest of the fic.) Anyway, remind me to talk to you about transitions of emotions.. I think I noticed some rough spots, but since I'm racing, I don't want to stop to talk about that now! Going on to chapter 2...

    Author's Response: Nope! I've just been showing you little bits as they come to me. Yes, do tell me of the rough spots, perfectionist that I am I wish to fix them! Fix Fix Fix!
Title: Settling In 16 Jan 2005 11:54 pm
Reviewer: animealam (Signed) [Report This]
    I just love this story Jan, and I found it unique among all those posted. I hope you can post a chapter soon

    Author's Response: Thank you, thank you! :) Unique was what I was trying for.

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