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Title: Epilogue - There's No Place Like Home 29 Jan 2016 7:17 am
Reviewer: Dimplz (Signed) [Report This]
    LOL you pulled the Bobby Ewing on Dallas move on us! I have to say though, that the characterization of Dumbledore was 100% unique. It was a good story and I'm glad everyone didn't really bite the dust in the end.
Title: Epilogue - There's No Place Like Home 10 May 2015 12:37 am
Reviewer: KayleeLilySnape (Signed) [Report This]
    Well, out of all the Harry and Snape books I`ve read on here. This has to be the strangest but one of the best ones I`ve read. Okay the ending was like oh. But it was really really good. I like it how Snape was McGonagall's son wait does that mean she`s Harry`s grandmother. O.o Oh wow! Anyway. I sat up reading until 1:36 because this was such a good book. It got be hooked as soon as I started to read it. 1000000 out of 10

    Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it!  I really wanted to do one with weird family relationships, and this was what happened!  Endings are really not my thing.  I've been working on them though!  I think they're getting better.  Slowly.  Thanks for all the points!  :)
Title: To Have Loved and Lost 24 Mar 2015 7:33 am
Reviewer: Elvira Slytherin (Signed) [Report This]
    The mother-son moment is adorable. I love an insecure Severus and the way he couldn't meet Minerva's eyes when he told her the truth is truly beautiful. "I understand if you wish to take your approval from my person." One word: adorable. Minerva being Severus' mother is completely believable too since they both have such stern personalities.

    Goodness, this entire chapter is heartbreaking! (But in a deliciously good way.) Severus's heartfelt letter as a true delight to read.

    Essential items when reading this story: a very sturdy umbrella + lots and lots of tissues

    Author's Response: Aw, I'm glad you liked it!  Insecure Severus is something I really like too.  :)  I'm so sorry I haven't replied to your email!  I promise I'll get to it eventually!
Title: What Doth it Profit a Man? 16 Mar 2015 10:25 am
Reviewer: Elvira Slytherin (Signed) [Report This]
    Oh my gosh! This is so sweet. Severus is selling his soul to the devil to save Harry! When he have to be a real death eater now? Will he have to kill and torture just to satisfy the dark lord?

    Somehow, I hate the Dark Lord for making Severus swear loyalty to him but I hate Dumbledore more. At least he has a reason for being the way he is. He was conceived by a pllovw potion, he cannot love. But Dumbledore? He's committing murder because his parents didn't give him enough attention. The bloody idiot!

    So now they both know that they're both related to the Dark Lord. That must've been hard to hear. And Harry calling the Dark Lord grandfather. Fabulous touch!

    Author's Response:

    Severus signed up to be a real Death Eater, yes, despite any qualms he might have had about killing and torturing people.

    Admittedly, though, Dumbledore is trying to change history and failing miserably, haha.  It's a little deeper than his parents not giving him enough attention even if that was the instigating event.

Title: The State of Denmark 16 Mar 2015 10:06 am
Reviewer: Elvira Slytherin (Signed) [Report This]
    The subtext in the conversation between Albus and Severus is delightful. You can feel the tension in the air.

    Are Thalium and Prussian blue real chemical substances? You did a fantastic job with the symptoms, the gfalling hair, the stomach aches and finally the vomiting. Very realistic. There's just one thing I son't get. How come Severus isn't as ill as Harry? Weren't they affected by the same potion?

    Oh, this is getting intense! Severus is planning to get help from the dark side. That can't end well! Severus words to Harry are immensely touching. He is willing to do anything to save his son!

    Author's Response: Yes, Thallium is an element on the periodic table and Prussian Blue is the antidote.  Everything about the poisoning, down to the symtoms and the words they use about it, is entirely accurate.  (Except, perhaps, that it screws up a wizard's magic.  I made that one up.)  Not everyone gets the same symptoms with Tallium poisoning.  I just decided they would get a different spectrum of symptoms.  Ostensibly, Severus would have had more exposure to hazardous substances in general.
Title: The Blood of the Covenant 27 Feb 2015 11:36 pm
Reviewer: Elvira Slytherin (Signed) [Report This]
    Minerva and Ton Riddle! That's definitely something I've never heard before. Every time I click a chapter something completely unexpected happens. Your plot twists are incredibly creative and original!

    Oh, the alternate reality idea is fascinating. Canon Snape and your Snape's lives both existing in different parallel universes! Well, it looks like Severus's observations on alternate universes are accurate after all!

    Minerva's comment about only worrying about their dimension reminded me of a Lord of the Rings Quote: "All we have to do decide is what to do with the time that is given to us."

    Oh my gosh! Is Severus the son of the Dark Lord and Minerva? Does the Dark Lord know? I can't wait to find out where this is going.

    So Dumbledore really did try to kill his potions master! That idiot! How the heck are Severus and Harry going to protect themselves from someone as powerful as Albus?

    Author's Response:

    HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Your umbrella is totally useless.  *evil laugh*  I actually used that LOTR quote in a different story.  Snape told it to Harry, and Harry called him out on quoting Gandalf, and Snape said that maybe Gandalf was right.

    Yes, Severus is their son, and yes, the Dark Lord knows.  :P

    Who said they are going to protect themselves?  ;)  No one said it was a happy ending.  :/ 

Title: Treachery Is an Art 27 Feb 2015 11:18 pm
Reviewer: Elvira Slytherin (Signed) [Report This]
    Albus/Ron is a threat to Harry's life! I definitely didn't see that coming! He's getting more and more evil by the chapter. Although, as Severus pointed out, since he meddled with time so much his complete lack of morals might also be a result of misusing magic.

    I've been looking forward to the moment when Snape found out about Ron and you handled that very well in this chapter. Even in this emergency, his Slytherin mind kicked in and took control of the situation by using cold logic and causion. Definitely in charater.

    The sight of the normally proper Severus swearing is epic. It shows just how much he is shocked by the events that are unfolding. Poor Harry and Severus, they've been through so much and now they even have an insane headmaster out to kill them!

    Author's Response: Yeah, pretty much all of Ronbledore's evilness comes from the insanity of meddling with time.  I'm glad you think I kept Snape in character!  It's always so hard with him.
Title: The Time Given to Us 15 Feb 2015 11:13 pm
Reviewer: Elvira Slytherin (Signed) [Report This]
    Dumbledore didn't change history. He just caused history to happen! It looks like the high and mighty Albums Dumbledore doesn't know everything after all. Speaking of omniscience, Dumbledore doesn't know the future now! He can't meddle any more in people's lives now that he is as ignorant of the future as anyone else. Hopefully the idiot will leave Snape and Harry alone now. I love how you explained everything, filling in theast plot holes.

    My umbrella? That was an epic fail! I had it in my hand when I was reading but then you went, "RON IS DUMBLEDORE", and my umbrella, not to mention my poor jaw, dropped to the floor!

    Author's Response:

    I'm glad you like how that happened!  :D  I think you answered your own speculation by calling him an idiot though!

    Hey, I gave you plenty of clues!  You could have figured it out!  ;) 

Title: Life Stands Explained 15 Feb 2015 11:03 pm
Reviewer: Elvira Slytherin (Signed) [Report This]
    What?! Ron is Dumbledore! How? What? Where? Wa...?

    Remember that bucket of cold water hanging over my head? It just tipped over and I got drenched. Then the whole bloody bucket fell down and hit me on the head and now I'm seeing stars! Ron is Dumbledore! That is brilliant! Original, unexpected, amazing and just plain fantastic. So Ron was the one who was ruining their lives all along. The bloody git! I wish he was real just so I could walk right up to him and punch him in the face! So that's why Dumbledore seemed so understanding of Ron. Eureka! Everything makes sense. The time turner, the grudge against Harry and Snape. Brilliant!

    It's completely okay that you didn't respond yet! I also took ages to write back when I was doing my exam. I'm just glad you weren't too creeped out by the email to respond. (Like my mom!)

    Author's Response:


    Oh, I wasn't creeped out.  I think we're not as easily scared on this side of the pond, generally.  Probably because there aren't many haunted places in this country. 

Title: Headache and Heartache 15 Feb 2015 10:40 pm
Reviewer: Elvira Slytherin (Signed) [Report This]
    Ah! Finally I get a chance to continue reading your story. I've almost forgot ton how good your writing is! The emotional connection between Harry and Snape is priceless.

    Your idea of using the migrain as a way for suppressed memories to resurface is intriguing. It gives more information on how the magic of this works works. Will poor Snape ever get his memories back?

    "Forgive me my sins." I love the Truth Beneath the Rose reference! I hope that Hermione and Harry patch things up in the upcoming chapters. For me, their friendship is one of the best aspects of the book.

    Author's Response:

    I'm sorry I haven't gotten to replying to your email!  I've been doing homework, spending time with a close friend, and now writing the first chapter to a new story idea!  Yes, it will be posted here shortly, hopefully.

    No, Snape will never get his memories back.  :(  Hahahahaha, yes, yes, that was a Within Temptation reference!!!!  You earn a gold star for being the first one to catch that.  And yes, Harry and Hermione will patch things up.  :) 

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