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Reviews For Fairytale Of Home
Title: The Bleak House 14 Sep 2016 10:25 am
Reviewer: Fmh (Signed) [Report This]
    Very good chapter with wonderful descriptions thank you
Title: Prologue 14 Sep 2016 7:58 am
Reviewer: Fmh (Signed) [Report This]
    Thank you very unusual and a good start.
Title: The Bleak House 12 Sep 2016 9:42 pm
Reviewer: Sirena (Signed) [Report This]
    I feel very uneasy about this story... but i want to see what happened next, though I think it will be sad one...

    Author's Response: It is in sharp contrast to some of my other stuff, absolutely. World of grey clouds is mainly meant to deal with Snape's good characteristics and how he may discover them further, this however, deals with his dark sides. The beginning here is meant to be my take on a world where Snape is not held responsible for his actions in the same way and gets what he wanted, thus the whole 'redemption' and guilt aspect isn't present here is the same way. But yeah, it is by no means pleasant. :)
Title: The Bleak House 12 Sep 2016 7:54 pm
Reviewer: Twonky (Signed) [Report This]
    oh, poor Harry. Living with his mother and Snape wasn't much better than living with the Dursleys.
Title: The Bleak House 12 Sep 2016 7:22 pm
Reviewer: nnjjj (Signed) [Report This]
    Great story! Can't wait to see where this ends up and what challenges they face. I hope it will make them stronger.
Title: The Bleak House 12 Sep 2016 3:08 am
Reviewer: lilyflower101 (Signed) [Report This]
    You need to get that head of yours out of your ass Snape. I hope someone realizes what your doing and puts you in your place.
Title: The Bleak House 12 Sep 2016 12:30 am
Reviewer: tess4aria (Signed) [Report This]
    Please let the only way be up! That damn Aoife.
    I can't wait for more.
Title: Prologue 12 Sep 2016 12:10 am
Reviewer: Miranda (Signed) [Report This]
    It sounds promising!
Title: Prologue 11 Sep 2016 8:00 pm
Reviewer: My_patronus_is_a_dinosaur (Signed) [Report This]
    Fantastic start!! Can't wait for more. Well done.

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