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Title: Chapter 15 20 Aug 2021 3:17 pm
Reviewer: LtsHrIt4ThBoys (Signed) [Report This]
    I'm a *little* confused: *Does* she know "Elias" is "Harry Potter"? Wouldn't her scans have detected the same "dark magic" that she found on Baby Potter 13 plus years before?
    I was really hoping she would and they'd work to remove the Horcrux/connection to Moldywarts. Harry's going to end up in a vegetative state if they don't do it soon!
    Sorry to say, but with her intro, I was really expecting a bigger "bang" out of Shannon.

    Thanks for the additional info on Elias' condition!
    Good chapter!
Title: Chapter 15 05 Mar 2021 8:23 pm
Reviewer: Fmh (Signed) [Report This]
    I love this story so much. Severus is doing such a wonderful job battling for Elias, Shannon is a great character, I hope she makes it back into the story again
Title: Chapter 15 05 Mar 2021 6:39 am
Reviewer: Shellie (Signed) [Report This]
    Oh no, I understood quite well Voldie is making things worse! That's why I said that any progress in healing him gets reversed by that connection. Poor Harry. I do understand about doling out the chapters, but how else will you know we like it a lot if we don't whine a little?

    Author's Response: My apologies, I misread your original comment! I figure I cannot make everyone happy, so I shoot for continuity. This story is going to get rather complicated quite soon, so Iím trying to keep things both making sense and moving forward at a reasonable pace.
Title: Chapter 15 05 Mar 2021 2:54 am
Reviewer: Shellie (Signed) [Report This]
    Wow, that sounds like quite the mess. Wait till she finds out progress is halted and reversed due to a connection to Voldemort! As if he doesn't have enough problems. The only complaint I have is updates are not fast enough. I know, I know, its that pesky LIFE thing you writers have. Its okay, I'll be waiting.

    Author's Response: I am afraid you have misunderstood.... Voldie is definitely making things worse. I shall not spoil the things though. I am trying to stay roughly 100 pages ahead of the reader just because there is a lot of continuity issues I am trying to keep in check. I could spam out like 18 or so more chapters right now, but that rather locks me into a position I canít work around and would cause even longer waits between updates.

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