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Reviews For Electric Avenue
Title: Chapter 25 20 Aug 2021 9:49 pm
Reviewer: LtsHrIt4ThBoys (Signed) [Report This]
    Yep, it's the old Granger from the first year: Miss high & mighty know-it-all. It really was no wonder she didn't have any friends! Though I find her lack of empathy, in this instance to be highly improbable. #1 As the child of dentists --they're still medical professionals-- she would have been exposed to all manner of medical journals and learned empathy for "afflicted" persons early. And #2, having been bullied and friendless for most of her childhood, her empathy for the "odd-man-out", the disabled, and the ostracised should have her sympathy radar going off the scale! Instead, she's acting like a "Ron" or a pureblood; someone who's never been exposed to someone with a disability!

    Welp, we'll see where Elias' "slip" goes...

    Great chapter! Love that Sev got McGonagall in on the act!

Title: Chapter 25 16 May 2021 1:09 pm
Reviewer: Fmh (Signed) [Report This]
    Fantastic chapter. I thought you were leading up to something big and this certainly fit the bill! Poor Harry he cannot get a break he is always in the middle of trouble! I wonder what Remus felt about the bullying?

    Author's Response: Oh boy.... If you think this is big, just you wait....
Title: Chapter 25 15 May 2021 12:26 am
Reviewer: cavehack (Signed) [Report This]
    Thanks for another great chapter. I’m disappointed in Hermione and Ron though...

    Author's Response: Eh, they disappointed me like EVERY YEAR. One or the other of them always screwed things up with Harry and it always made me so hacked off. So, sticking with canon, I had to do it.
Title: Chapter 25 14 May 2021 5:56 pm
Reviewer: Shellie (Signed) [Report This]
    I have told you many times how much I enjoy your story. I have also told you how much I don't enjoy that you have a LIFE outside of writing it. LOL Too many hints are getting thrown around, I don't see Elias secret staying a secret for long. I am glad they are trying to address the summer misunderstanding. What a rude response from Hermione! "Just because you couldn't keep up with the conversation!" WOW

    Author's Response: I wish I didn't have a life outside of writing, but, alas, I have bills. Yeah, I've always thought Hermione was a bit full of herself and if you aren't with her, you're against her. I've run across far to many people like the way I portrayed her and I dislike them all thoroughly.
Title: Chapter 25 14 May 2021 4:52 am
Reviewer: Cayj (Signed) [Report This]
    Ron's an idiot but if he tells Hermione's what harry was saying before they flooded in, I'm sure she'll figure it out.... or maybe not. She's always been pushy and a bit too self important-- it's like she thinks whatever her thoughts are are the most important thoughts on the subject regardless the subject matter. Like when she criticizes harry or automatically assumes stupid stuff and harry and Ron go with it cause everybody expects her to be the only smart one in the trio. Anyway, it was a great chapter. I'm glad mcgonagall stood up for Elias but I certainly see the griffyndors getting worse before they get better. I mean they turned on harry for the whole year second year when they thought he was slytherin their until he saved Ginny at the end. I know he wanted to befriend people of different houses, but I hope snape can see that it's not going to be a good idea until his memory lapses are a bit better under control. As it is, he could be sitting with the puffs and ststt crying about Cedric and give the whole game away. Did I mention awesome chapter? I got a new phone and literally the first thing I'm doing is setting up my chrome browser so I can read your new update a86;

    Author's Response: Heh! Glad you enjoyed it! More is up as we speak!
Title: Chapter 25 13 May 2021 4:55 pm
Reviewer: fringie7 (Signed) [Report This]
    I absolutely love this story! So unique!

    Author's Response: Glad you're enjoying it! There's plenty more to come!

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