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Title: Chapter 38 21 Aug 2021 9:22 pm
Reviewer: LtsHrIt4ThBoys (Signed) [Report This]
    Okay, Hidden Major Plotline "game":

    The Cruciatus Curse sends electrical-like impulses to *all* the nerves in the body --sort of like having a full-body cattle prod touching every single nerve ending in the body-- including the electrical synapses in the brain, not unlike the original electro-shock therapy.

    Elias nerves and muscles are reacting as though they're *still* being stimulated, like a full-body "Tens Unit" set on high with intermittent and randomized area settings.

    So, might connecting Elias to some form of electrical conduit to *pull* the remaining electrical impulses out of his body reverse the effect? Or might exposing him to an area of high electrical concentration increase his core and rejuvenate his nerves and synapses?

    I knew that the research that Harry/Elias began into electricity's correlation to magic was going to turn out to be of vital importance.

    Wasn't the research that Grindelwald was doing on mundane and magical prisoners at Nurmengard of a similar nature? I know the Nazis (and the British and Americans) did similar experiments in the concentration camps and the two were working together.

    Well, let me know how close I came.

    I couldn't have stood hearing Elias begging me to take him home! It broke *me* and I'm not his father!
    If I'd have been Severus, I'd have called an elf to take a letter of Leave/Sabbatical or Resignation to the whiskered wanker. Called for Dobby (I'm sure he's still loyal to Harry no matter the changes!) to come and ready Spinner's End with certain changes to accommodate a very sick child. Called a Hogwarts elf to pack up his Professor's quarters and labs and take them to Spinner's End. Asked St. Mungos if they had a service that provided Home Nursing care, possibly full-time, and told the staff at St. Mungos to ready my child for discharge!
    Between Severus, Remus, Dobby (and possibly Winky), and any Home Care Nurse I'm sure they could care for Elias just as well as St. Mungos!

    The Janus Thickey Ward is where they *WAREHOUSE* people when there's no hope for recovery, like Neville's parents! No way is my CHILD being put there!

    BTW, If the Super Secret Awesome Hidden Major Plotline does turn out to be a form of electrical cure for Elias I bet it would work for the Longbottoms too! 🤞

    I'm so glad Severus trusted the Gryffindorks! You said in an earlier AN that this next arc would be "chaos"; I sure hope that doesn't mean that Sirius is going to do something stupid!

    See you soon!
    I hope you're still working on the rest of this story? I hate getting super invested in a WIP, but sometimes it's worth it even if it's never been finished.🥺
    Thanks, darlin!
Title: Chapter 38 27 Jul 2021 7:00 pm
Reviewer: Fmh (Signed) [Report This]
    A wonderful chapter as always. I really felt for the three students and thought Severus handled them really well with compassion and sternness. Not so sure about Sirius, his sorrow seems to be for himself rather than Harry. I know he has had a dreadful time but he needs to “take a pull” as my grandmother would say or he will ruin the entire edifice.
    Thank you again for a wonderful story

    Author's Response: Phew! I was worried about what people would have thought about how Severus dealt with this entire ordeal, but I thought binding them would be the safest way to deal with them. Sirius has some pretty major mental health problems, that's for sure, but not to worry there is a plan in action here!
Title: Chapter 38 27 Jul 2021 3:24 pm
Reviewer: Shell (Signed) [Report This]
    I really enjoy reading your story. It makes me so sad though that Harry is having a hard time of it. I am very glad that Severus decided to bring The Gryffindor trio into the inner circle. I really hope Sirius gets his act together. It is making me sad that Buckbeak is stuck in the room with no interaction! Someone needs to free that hippogriff! I’m hoping they figure out that Harry is a horrocrux and by removing Voldemort‘s fragmented soul from Harry it’ll help him get better. Thank you again for your wonderful story. I can’t wait for the next update.

    Author's Response: I'm glad you're enjoying this story. I was rather hesitant about bringing the Gryffindors in now, but I need them a bit for the set up for the chaos arc. I honestly wanted Sirius to have some more mental health strain than what he is given in the books. Animagus or not, he was housed in Azkaban for 12 years after having literally everything taken from him. I only hoped that I portrayed the severe depression he fell in well enough. I felt bad doing that to Buckbeak, but things will get better for him. Honestly, the fact that he was housed in Grimmauld Place in the first place always bothered me. As for the horcrux, I have a plan... Don't worry about it too much!
Title: Chapter 38 24 Jul 2021 3:56 am
Reviewer: magickorange (Signed) [Report This]
    I’m so exited for the next chapter holy damn

    Author's Response: next chapter will be up in like 5 minutes!
Title: Chapter 38 23 Jul 2021 1:51 am
Reviewer: Shellie (Signed) [Report This]
    Ah, so the potion does what deaging would do down a molecular level. Now I know why you were laughing at that one review. His brain was re-wired all right - into a mess! I am glad that everyone knows, even if Sirius is on probation. I am not going to guess the plotline because you do such a fantastic job telling this story that I don't feel the need to!

    Now if Severus can bind them, he could have Malfoy take an oath also. Evil family or not, he would not be able to talk anyway. Looking further to the next chapter. Why does your birthday only come once a year? I wouldn't mind another week with 2 chapters. LOL

    Author's Response: I am continuing to laugh because you still don't know! I'll give you a hint: you misspelled a word. But yeah, his entire nervous system got messed up. I'm still figuring out what to do about Malfoy tbh... And with these massive chapters I've been putting out and the fact that we are moving into by far and away my favorite and most anticipated arc, I don't think I could manage to do two chapters in a week.
Title: Chapter 38 22 Jul 2021 3:33 am
Reviewer: Cayj (Signed) [Report This]
    I know Sirius is going to pass, and I do understand why severus is hesitant to tell him but if he can trust two people notorious for turning on harry for the smallest things, he can trust Sirius with an oath. Remus at least I mean, he told Hermione (hedging is the same as outright telling in my book), he should've told Sirius. I just feel for him

    Author's Response:

    Them turning on Harry was the reason I needed Snape to bind them with an oath. Also, I can't see him trusting teenagers to do anything they are told to do correctly after his own teenage years went so terribly. If he didn't tell them, they would continue to look into it. If he lied to them or tried to prevaricate, they would have continued to look into it because someone had to have told Snape they were digging into it anyways OR they would have gone to Dumbledore. As much effort as Snape put into hiding Elias, he really only had a short period of time to do it in and he had to operate in some rather grey territory to get it done. There's bound to be some pretty obvious holes and it definitely didn't help that Elias kinda shot it in the foot while he was confused.

    I love Sirius, but Snape definitely doesn't. Honestly, I think the reason I didn't have Remus tell Sirius was that he hasn't really been at Grimmauld Place all that much. Besides, I don't think Remus would have told him unless questioned directly. Hermione kind of backed him into a corner he wasn't prepared for when he wasn't feeling all that great. I think you'll like what I'm going to do to Sirius though.

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