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Title: Chapter 4 Alpha's Decision 21 Feb 2022 8:38 am
Reviewer: Jan_AQ (Signed) [Report This]
    Wow, interesting how much Moony dislikes the human children. I hope he doesn't mess up and attack them.

    The pups might really think that this new world is their home.

    The talk of magic and such on this world is really interesting.

    No doubt James is the one who is infertile.

    Author's Response:


    They're learning to accept things on Xaythea and learned the common way of speaking so even when they go back to earth (which they will do eventually), earth culture will be a shock for them.  Remus doesn't talk with the human children about either their parents, why they are on Xaythea or that they are planning on getting home.  As for the pups, Talon is thrilled that he gets to be around others like him...that is wolves and though he's now human until he turns nine years old, he still likes hanging out with other wolf pups when not with his siblings or around Remus who the pup looks up to. But the wolf pups do see Xaythea as their home because it's pretty much all they know.  They don't really have any real memories of earth.    I know I'm thinking of at least one of the pups remaining on Xaythea and choosing not to leave but not sure which one.    Possibly Talon, despite him looking up to both Seal and Remus.

    Ah thank you!   There's several different kinds: Arcane ("pure essence" or otherwise known as normal magic), Dark Magic ("magician's lust"), Runic Magic (runes and glyphwriting), Nature Magic, Wild Magic (aka chaotic magic), Illusionary Magic (includes Psionics), Aura Magic and Draconic magic (only if you get bonded to a dragon).  I got an entire post on it on my blog.  

     Heh, possibly.  I haven't decided which one is infertile but purebloods for sure believe it to be Lily.   


Title: Chapter 3 Learning the Ropes 21 Feb 2022 8:26 am
Reviewer: Jan_AQ (Signed) [Report This]
    This was a lot easier to read. I do wonder how they are speaking English though, how Remus can understand them. I'm also surprised that the Alpha doesn't think to just bite and turn the humans. What is keeping him from doing that? It would make them also werewolves.

    Author's Response:

    That's good.  Well, I didn't feel like inventing several different languages when I'm already doing that sort of for the Malmorn language and the words for spells but I guess you could chalk it up to Calius.  But I think 'English' for them is more a common tongue that they all speak.

     As for why the alpha won't turn the human children to werewolves...within the world of JOF, there are people known as hunters.  Usually humans, sometimes dhamphirs or elves, really any race that has an issue with demons, vampires, werewolves, their hybrid offspring, etc.   If the alpha or one of his other pack members were to bite Neville and Cedar then that could potentially bring hunters to the pack and wipe them out, not just the wolf that bit the children.  The alpha doesn't want hunters coming to their territory, it was bad enough when Cox's brother Christopher was taken two years ago.   Not only is there a chance that the pack could be wiped out if the children were bitten, much less discovered living in a werewolf pack, there's the possiblity of a hunter taking the human children and using them to hunt down other packs or training them as apprentices in hunting down such creatures.   Humans are food of both werewolves and vampires so a hunter would assume the childrens' parents were killed and they were being used for food.   An easy thing to assume, some werewolf packs do raise humans for food as do some vampires.    

    The alpha doesn't want that type of trouble and he hopes that if the human children are raised in a wolf pack, among its customs and beliefs, traditions and such they can act as potential liasons with other humans for their pack.  There's also the possiblity of children not surviving a werecreature bite...though it's easier to survive a wereavian's bite since a wereavian's venom isn't as potent as other werecreatures.   The alpha would have them bitten if they wanted it but he'd rather they were older and make the choice themselves.  For now the human children are happy as they are, even if it still makes some of the pack nervous with them being there.  

Title: Chapter 2 Peon 21 Feb 2022 8:08 am
Reviewer: Jan_AQ (Signed) [Report This]
    This is very interesting and very complicated. My brain won't really let me focus on all these new settings and characters. It's because I'm sick, I can't really read and it's hard.

    I think it could be a lot simplier if there were only a couple characters, and max three pups. And if it were all told from Remus' point of view with more descriptions and less third person.
Title: Chapter 3 Learning the Ropes 21 Feb 2022 8:05 am
Reviewer: Jan_AQ (Signed) [Report This]
    The image is too large and made the page be too wide for every screen. Can you make a less wide, longer image?
Title: Chapter 1 Time Portal 12 Feb 2022 2:18 pm
Reviewer: Jan_AQ (Signed) [Report This]
    Woah! you're posting it! The premise is really intriguing. Remus sure has a lot of kids! What, is it 8 kids now? That's soooooo many! How's he take care of them all.

    How's is Snape? I know he'll survive but I'm still worried.

    I was really surprised that Lily just gave up her child though. Guess this is a different Lily.

    Good start. I'm really interested in what happens next.

    Author's Response:

    I had to count that myself but yes...

    1. Cedar (son of Lily & James: half-brother to Seal)
    2. Neville (son of Frank & Alice)
    3. Seal (formerly Harry James-son of Remus & Lily with the half-siblings of: Arastos Gabriel-son of Lily & Snape, Cedar, and of course his five half-siblings from Dorcas Meadows & Remus)
    4. Oriel (daughter of Remus & Dorcas)-the oldest
    5. Delta (son of Remus & Dorcas)
    6. Finch (son of Remus & Dorcas)
    7. Quartz (daughter of Remus & Dorcas)
    8.  Talon (son of Dorcas & Remus)-the runt & only one born a wolf 
    9. Unnamed pup (conjoined twin of Remus & Dorcas-conjoine with Talon-did not survive the separation)
    For the moment he'll have the stranger who found him who will be met next chapter but as he joins the pack, he'll get the help of dams to nurse the pups and care for them plus Neville & Cedar.  We'll meet Kivela soon, a member of House Marshadow who will be forced to nurse the pups while Remus & litter are at the stranger's.

    Snape....well he's alive.  That stunner by Augusta really threw him but we'll see in what condition he is and where he is next chapter.  Sadly it...well.  Let's just say it deviates from canon concerning the actions of some of the wizards we know.

    She is sadly.   She regrets sleeping with Severus and refused to have anything to do with Arastos, but that's how I made her with him when I planned the child. Her refusal to take care of Arastos and dumping him on Severus caused a rift between her and her parents.   Then with Remus, she's ashamed she cheated on James.   I think, as she did with Remus, she regretted sleeping with Snape.  Potentially horrified that she was with child and there was the possiblity of James not accepting the  child of a death eater, let alone his rival in his home so Lily chose James over the boy she carried...plus her being young at the time probably would have played into her being unwilling to care for the child.  The latter, I admit is more what I've read of teenage mothers abandoning or killing their infants and refusing to take responsibility/partly based on my own relationship with my mother who was a teen mom.

    Thank you.   


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