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Title: Hogwarts, here we come! 05 Jun 2022 6:47 pm
Reviewer: Fmh (Signed) [Report This]
    Thank you an interesting take on the journey, especially the part about Percy being a Slytherin prefect.
Title: Hogwarts, here we come! 31 May 2022 2:08 am
Reviewer: Jan_AQ (Signed) [Report This]
    Nice chapter! I loved Draco and how he wanted to be friends but couldn’t really say that in front of Crabbe and Goyle.

    And Draco, not Neville, fell into the lake? Poor kid. I hope this version of Draco is more humble.

    And did I read it right that Percy is a member of Slytherin?

    Interesting story so far! I love that all the kids are getting along, more or less.
Title: Journey to Diagon Alley 25 May 2022 8:04 pm
Reviewer: Fmh (Signed) [Report This]
    Excellent start to the story thank you. I hope we are going to learn the back stories of the children and adults, it should be fascinating.
Title: Journey to Diagon Alley 25 May 2022 12:51 am
Reviewer: cavehack (Signed) [Report This]
    Interesting and engaging start to your story! I’m curious about the other three children, and am looking forward to discovering how they all became a family. I’m also curious how their presence will alter the course of events to come. The wands were fascinating and unique. Thanks for posting, and I’m looking forward to reading on!
Title: Journey to Diagon Alley 24 May 2022 12:44 pm
Reviewer: Jan_AQ (Signed) [Report This]
    Very intruiging premise. Who are all these other children? How did they come into Snape and Regulus' possession? There was one line that mentioned a mom when the left the house through the floo, but no descriptions of her or how she fits.

    I must admit that I like the idea of Harry knowing the things that he does. I at first thought that maybe Harry had much younger siblings, like five-year-olds or something.

    The wand cores are really unique, maybe a little too unique. Or would all children who went to get wands from this wand maker get wands just as unique and hard to procure?

    I do like the idea that Snape made sure to remove the trace on the children's wands. I wonder if they do that on a Wizard's 17th birthday or if the charm just works on anyone below the age of 17.

    I'm interested to learn more. And just what did Quirrel need to talk to Snape about?

    Author's Response: Some of your questions will be answered in Chapter 2, while the others will be answered throughout the rest of the story. And as for the mother, as of now, she is currently a mystery. The children and adults alike that visit Jürgen to get their first wand or a new wand get wands with cores just as unique as the ones the children got. Some wizards and witches prefer wands with more...shall we say, exotic cores than the normal cores that have been introduced to us in the series. The types of cores that Jürgen works with are known to give the caster a small boost, depending on the type of spell they're using. I have always thought that trace would just vanish once the wizard or witch turns 17. It also would make sense that the wandmaker would be able to remove the trace of a wand if asked, but most wandmakers would ask questions as to why they would want the trace removed from their children's wands.

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