Electric Avenue by DesertPlanet
Summary: Following the disasterous Third Task, Harry begins to notice two things about himself. First: his appearence has begun to change. Second: something is very very wrong. The Cruciatus shouldn't continue to be causing him pain this far out from having received it, should it?
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Takes Place: 5th summer, 5th Year
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Chapter 21 by DesertPlanet
Elias sat in the potion’s master’s quarters anxiously bouncing his legs and ignoring the fact that they weren’t bouncing evenly and picking at a hangnail on his thumb. There was only an hour left before the feast and he was worried he wouldn’t make it through the sorting. He had done everything he could to make sure he was awake for it, but he was still worried. Evenings were by far his least favorite time of the day and here he was trying to stay up and enjoy one.

What was he thinking?

It was almost painful to think of all the different ways he could embarrass himself in front of the entire student body, especially since he would be sitting at the head table between his father and Professor Lupin. He knew people would be looking in his direction and he knew he was going to screw it up somehow.

“Elias, stop,” Severus said, gently separating the boy’s hands and summoning a plaster. “You’re making it bleed.”

“S-s-s-sor-r-r-ry!” Elias mumbled, wincing as the stutter forced the word to be drug out and nearly unintelligible.

“That nervous?” Severus asked, noting the slight green tint to his son’s face. “If you need to, you can bow out after the sorting and eat dinner down here.”

Elias thought about refusing to leave, but the idea of trying to pretend to know no one and having everyone watching him screw up was unbearable enough. Even if they did know who he had been, he was still a screw up and everyone with the exception of the first years had seen it last year when he came back to this very school carting a body because he hadn’t been quick enough to save the other boy.

His stomach lurched as the thought of Cedric’s lifeless eyes staring at him drifted to the surface. A bucket suddenly appeared under his chin as he gagged and whimpered, cramps running through his stomach and down his back.

“You don’t have to go to the sorting if you don’t want to,” Severus said, placing a hand in the middle of Elias’s back and forcing a small amount of magic into the area to heat it up and hopefully relax the spasming muscles. “I’m sure everyone will forgive you.”

Elias moaned softly as another wave of nausea rocked over him. Why did he ever think they could pull this off? He was definitely going to say or do something that would tip someone off that he wasn’t who he said he was. Why was he doing this? Was he doing this just to spite Dumbledore? To hide from his friends? Why?

‘Dumbledore doesn’t care,’ a voice in the back of his head reminded him. ‘You’d been deteriorating all summer and he had people watching you all the way up until you collapsed and did nothing. He allowed you to compete in the Triwizard Tournament and did nothing to prevent you from competing. He acts like he cares, but he doesn’t.’

“Elias, look at me,” Severus said gently as he felt his sons breathing quicken. “We need to talk. Do you want a calming draught?”

He hesitated for a moment before nodding. A calming draught might make him sleepy, but if he didn’t take anything there was no way he’d make it to the sorting, let alone through it. It was strange, being at Hogwarts had always felt like coming home. Now, however, every little thing seemed set to remind him of the previous year and he wanted nothing more than to go back to his little room and his little routine in their little house on Spinner‘s End.

Quickly swallowing the offered draught, he laid back into the sofa cushions and waited for it to take effect. While his muscles were still quivering fiercely, his mind was starting to slow down, making it easier to focus and breathe. Was he going to screw things up and put their entire endeavor in danger by blowing his cover? Possibly. But if he was panicking it was even more probable that that would happen.

“Better?” Severus asked as some of the tension left Elias’s lithe body.

Elias nodded shakily, not trusting his voice to behave and make intelligible speech. He hated how much his emotions were all over the place but had been warned several times that that could be an effect of the potions he was now on daily and the quite literal damage to his brain caused by the Cruciatus.

“Whatever it is that you are concerned with, do know that you are not alone. I will be there. Draco will be there amongst the students. Even Lupin will be right next to you. We will try to keep the conversation away from direct questions for you,” Severus said, taking one of Elias’s hands and gently rubbing the back of it with his thumb. “It isn’t necessary for you to go to the feast, however being present for announcements will be beneficial so the students know who you are. After the announcements, you may return to our quarters if you so choose.”

Elias sniffed and wiped his eyes before nodding. It made sense, it really did, but he was still concerned about the possibility of making a mistake. With the exception of the new DADA professor, these were people who had known him as Harry Potter for years. If anyone was going to make the connection that he was Harry Potter, it would be them. They knew him better than his relatives did by far, especially the professors of the core classes as well as Madam Hooch.

“I will leave it up to you when you would like to leave, however I do ask that you let either Lupin or myself know when you are ready so one of us can escort you back to our quarters,” Severus said with a wry smile.

Despite having been a student here for four years, Elias had never frequented the dungeons, particularly the areas around the Slytherin Head of House quarters. In the week that they had been at Hogwarts, he was routinely confused as to where they were going and which turns to take when coming or going from their rooms. Had someone not been escorting him at the time, he most certainly would have gotten lost and required someone to come and find him. He was much better at navigating the school once out of the dungeons, but once he got to the lowest level of the school, his ability to navigate seemed to go out the window.

Elias nodded, a slight blush gracing his cheeks at the thought of getting himself lost with the students in the building. How embarrassing would that be to have to ask a first year how to get around? He couldn't even imagine the levels of embarrassment that would cause.

“Typically the professors begin to gather in the hall about now,” Severus said, looking at the clock on the wall. “I believe Lupin may already be there. If you would like, we can go now so we can allow them to ask their questions and not be accosted by them later.”

“B-b-b-book?” Elias asked, wanting something to do other than try to hold a conversation.

“You may bring one,” Severus said with a sigh. “Only one. You do not need a full library at the dinner table.”

Elias smirked a smirk that Severus could only describe as Snape-like before pushing himself off of the couch and limping heavily to his room only to return moments later with a rather thin tome he had managed to find in the library entitled “Muggle Magic: Fire in the Night.” In the hours he had spent in the library searching through the stacks for anything related to electricity in the magical world, he had found very little outside of a few mentions of accidents regarding electrocution, the occasional mention of devices exploding when exposed to magic, and mentions of warding being placed on important muggle buildings during the conflicts with Voldemort to prevent them from reacting to excess magic in the area.

Not a single one of them mentioned anything about the reason why electronics would react poorly to magic, so he was beginning to give up hope on that front. Until he stumbled upon this book from the late 1800’s detailing how muggle “magic” was beginning to allow them to surpass their magical counterparts. But that wasn’t even the most interesting part, in fact the book itself was quite a dry read. It did, however, allude to different currents having different effects on magical users, though the information was extremely outdated and even the muggles were struggling to understand how to work electricity at the time.

“Didn’t you… Never mind,” Severus said, shaking his head. This would be the third time he had seen Elias reading the same book, however it was obvious he wasn’t reading it for fun. Something within the book had seemingly peaked his interest enough that he was combing through it much more thoroughly each time. “Put on some robes and we’ll go join the other professors.”

Elias nodded and grabbed the green trimmed, black robes he had hung by the front door the day before and threw them over the slacks and button down shirt he had been wearing around the flat, sighing with relief that the spells which fastened the buttons were working as well as intended. While he was a Gryffindor, he felt it better to represent his father’s house than to represent the house he didn’t belong to anymore. Anything to prevent a connection being made between himself and Harry Potter. It was strange knowing he wasn’t required to wear a school uniform anymore and instead had a wardrobe filled with robes of various different colors that he could wear on any day.

“Cane?” Severus said, looking pointedly at the object.

Elias groaned and grabbed the oft hated stick from its spot by the door. He hated having to use it, especially when trying to navigate the stairs, but it did provide him with a slight bit of extra security when walking long distances. It was just one more thing to remind him that he was different from the rest of the students, but it was better than the alternatives of walking with crutches or just dealing with the higher likelihood of just hitting the floor. Even just walking around their quarters, he found himself more likely to trip and fall, and their floors were smooth wood. The cobble of the halls would be nearly impossible to manage without the aid of some sort of device to help his walking gate.

Severus gave his son a quick cursory glance before nodding in approval and leading the way, slowly navigating the various corridors and stairways before finally arriving at the large doors leading into an antechamber off the side of the Great Hall. From inside, he could hear the murmurs of the other professors greeting each other and discussing vague plans for the school year.

“Are you ready?” Severus asked, looking back at Elias who was nervously fidgeting with the cane and readjusting his robes.

Elias shook his head briefly before taking a deep breath and squaring his shoulders. He was a Gryffindor after all, or was, and needed to prove it to himself at the very least. Severus said he would help field questions and prevent the other professors from ganging up on him. He could do this. It wasn’t even an official meeting, just a hello and a meal with an activity he didn’t need to take part in in between. One more deep breath and a curt nod and they were off, Severus leading the way through the door with Elias following behind, knuckles white as he grasped the cane for both mental and physical stability.

“Ah, Severus!” the high pitched voice of Professor Flitwick sounded from just around his knee as they stepped through the door. “How was your summer!”

“Eventful,” Severus drawled. “Yours?”

“Oh, it was wonderful!” Professor Flitwick said enthusiastically. “I went to a conference on Charms in Budapest and…. Severus, did you know you have a shadow?”

Elias couldn’t help but peer at the small professor from over his father’s shoulder in curiosity. Had he really grown that much over the summer? Professor Flitwick had always been tiny, to put it bluntly, but he seemed positively miniscule now. He had to have some goblin in him, there was no other way to explain how small he was.

Upon realizing he was caught staring, Elias ducked back behind his father and stared at the ground. He hated people staring at him, why was he doing the same thing to Professor Flitwick?

“Filius, this is my son Elias,” Severus said, stepping to the side so Elias was more in view of the small professor. “Elias, this is Professor Flitwick. He is the head of Ravenclaw house and the Charms professor for all seven years of students.”

“Oh my!” Filius exclaimed, looking the tall boy over quickly. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, young Mr. Snape!”

Elias smiled slightly and nodded his head in response, not trusting his mouth to produce the right sounds. As much as he wanted to speak properly with the small professor, he felt far too nervous to actually do so. It was a horrible loop he had found himself stuck in: he was nervous about meeting the professors, so his nervousness translated into a worse stutter, which made him nervous about meeting the professors.

“Not one for talking?” Professor Flitwick asked of Severus with no hint of malice in his voice.

“He has a particularly bad stutter,” Severus said in a low voice. “Exacerbated by stress and nerves, which he has been under a lot of recently.”

Elias glared daggers at his father in response. How dare he pass that information on! Wouldn’t it just be easier to pretend he was shy or something? Or that he didn’t like speaking around other people?

“Ah, that makes sense,” Professor Flitwick said before laughing uproariously at the glare on Elias’s face. “I see he inherited your glare. He better not take up your mantle of scaring the first years!”

Severus looked at Elias, who blushed and looked down at the ground at getting caught, and raised an eyebrow. “I do believe I could delegate that task…”

Elias shuddered at the thought and winced as the shudder continued under his shoulder blades and around his ribcage making him feel as though he were gasping for air. It took him a few moments to get his breathing back under control, however his struggles went largely unnoticed by either Professor Flitwick or by Severus, who were now bantering back and forth about the merits of terrifying the first years and its effects on their overall test scores.

“What book did you bring?” Professor Flitwick asked suddenly, peering in curiosity at the book Elias was holding under his arm.

Elias handed the book to the small professor as gently as he could, trying to minimize the tremors in his hands as best as he could. He could tell, however, that Professor Flitwick noticed when his eyes flicked to Severus in a questioning manner and he made sure to firmly grasp the book before Elias accidentally dropped it.

“I don’t believe I’ve ever read this one!” Professor Flitwick said, excitedly thumbing through the book. “What is it about?”

“‘L-l-lec-ct-tricit-t-ty,” Elias said, feeling as though he was actively choking on the word.

Professor Flitwick frowned at the rather unintelligible word that had come out of Severus’s son’s mouth. Not only was he unfamiliar with the term, he also struggled to make out the syllables coming from the poor boy’s mouth as it seemed to twitch in a rather uncoordinated way. He tried to comprehend it without having him repeat the word, but eventually conceded defeat and turned to Severus for clarification.

“Muggle electricity,” Severus said, briefly looking at Elias in concern. His stutter seemed worse tonight than normal but that could easily be attributed to his nervousness and trying to change his sleep schedule. “He is planning to do his yearly project on the topic. In particular, the interaction between electricity and magic. He has been working on it nearly every waking moment when he is feeling well enough.”

“Fascinating!” Professor Flitwick said, thumbing through the book for a moment longer before gently handing it back. “You must let me read your findings! I don’t believe we’ve ever had a student working on an independent thesis project with this as the topic!”

“He isn’t a student, Filius,” Severus said, noting that some of the other Professors were starting to take notice of Elias and were approaching. “Remus Lupin is his private tutor this year.”

“Well that certainly explains some things!” Professor Flitwick exclaimed. “I was wondering what Remus was doing here as there were no openings in the employee roster!”

The other professors were now closing in on them, leading an increasingly nervous Elias to freeze wide-eyed as they approached. Surely one of them would see something in him and call him out. Surely! It wasn’t even that he was actively hiding.

“Why is Remus going to be here?” Professor Sprout said, looking at Severus before briefly noticing the hazel eyes peering nervously over his shoulder. “Oh my!”

“Alright, enough,” Professor McGonagal said, stepping over as well and rolling her eyes. “Severus, introduce your son.”

Severus smirked slightly before sighing when Elias didn’t step forward as he expected him to. That was one thing which continued to surprise him about his son: unlike the Harry Potter he had grown to believe he knew, the child who stood behind him was much more reserved. If he thought back on the boy he had taught, he realized Harry Potter was not the attention seeker James had been. Thinking back now, he realized Harry Potter, while social, had never been an extrovert like what his ‘father’ had been.

“I am honestly surprised this was not brought up in the pre-year meeting,” Severus said, rather exasperated.

Professor McGonagall crossed her arms sternly as she looked at the younger professor. “You mean the meeting you missed?”

“I had my reasons,” Severus said, staring the head of the lions down. Not only had he been summoned to the Dark Lord’s side the night before, he had then had to deal with Elias’s second migraine day afterward. Healer Shannon had warned him that it was possible he would have migraines, but he honestly hadn’t expected the severity of it. The first migraine had abated after only a few hours, but that one had been triggered by the Gobstone jelly. This one seemed to have no trigger and had left Elias nauseated, extremely dizzy, and light sensitive. There was no way he would leave his son for a several hours long meeting which could easily have been relegated to a letter. He had sent word to the headmaster that he would be unable to attend due to Elias’s condition and assumed the man would pass the information along to the rest of the staff.

“This is my son, Elias,” Severus said, gently pushing the boy forward a few steps. “He will be living with me this year. Despite being fifteen right now, he will not be attending school as a student. Remus Lupin has been brought in as a tutor for him this year. The hope is that we will be able to keep his condition under control well enough that he may be able to sit and audit some of your classes, but it may be several months before he is to that point.”

Elias blushed heavily as he was pushed forward and brought into the group. He felt as though he were on display and could almost feel the eyes of the professors looking him over. He just wanted to sit down and read his book and not be the center of attention for once. At least it wasn’t as bad as the first time Hagrid had taken him into the Leaky Cauldron and he was rushed by everyone as they frantically tried to shake his hand. And he knew that, if it got that bad, Severus would step in and break up the mob.

“Oh my!” Professor Sprout exclaimed as she finally got a better look at the boy. “Severus, he looks so much like you did at that age!”

Those who had taught Severus all those years ago nodded in agreement as they too looked at the boy. There were certainly a few major differences between father and son, but it was easy enough to see the resemblance. But who was his mother? After Lily had officially broken off her friendship with him in their fifth year, none of the professors could remember Severus having ever taken an interest in another girl during their school years. There were a few years between when Severus had left school and when Albus offered him the position of potion’s professor where he may have had a relationship, but it was still rather shocking for the intensely private man to have developed enough of a relationship that he was willing to take in his son.

“Yes, yes, I am aware,” Severus muttered rather gruffly.

“When were you going to tell us you had a son?!” Professor Sinistra, the arithmancy professor, said with a raised eyebrow in Severus’s direction.

“Elias, go sit at the table,” Severus said, momentarily ignoring the question, taking the book back from Filius (who was already reading through the table of contents in the front), and motioning towards the table. “Sit on the far left of the table, closest to the Slytherin banner, but leave one seat open to your left.”

Elias took the offered book from his father and, cheeks still flaming red with embarrassment, pushed his way through the crowd and limped up to the head table where he stood for a moment in confusion before sitting in the farthest chair to the left. Once seated, he opened the book, tapped it once with his wand, and began to read.

“Follows instructions well, I see,” McGonagall scoffed, frowning at the teen’s seating choice after hearing the instructions.

Severus frowned, nostrils flaring slightly as he gritted his teeth in frustration at the comment. Elias had tried. It wasn’t like it was a life or death problem, nor was it going to cause issues for him to move one seat over, especially since he and Remus would be sitting on either side of him.

“Why is he not going able to attend Hogwarts?” Pomona asked. “Surely his limp wouldn’t be that much of a hindrance. We’ve accepted disabled students many times through Hogwarts’s history!”

Severus sighed and glanced briefly at his son. He wished it were that simple. A limp was the least of his son’s worries, however.

“It’s not just that, is it?” Filius said, eyes widening as he began to draw conclusions.

Severus shook his head and glanced once more at Elias. They had repeatedly gone over the fabricated backstory. They had done their research to fill in the holes. He, personally, had sought out those willing to testify for the boy’s wearabouts for the past fifteen years. The alibi was solid, but he never imagined he would be lying to his trusted friends and colleagues. No matter how many times he had thought about this conversation, he hadn’t thought about how difficult it would be to tell this story.

“Shervil’s,” Severus said, quickly glancing at his colleagues to judge their reactions. When there was no obvious reaction from any of them, he determined none of them had heard of the relatively rare condition. “The full name of the condition he has is ‘Shervil’s Ataxia with Epileptiform Discharges and Associated Adolescent Dementia.’”

He paused briefly when he heard a sharp intake of air from Minerva’s direction as she put together what some of it meant. Professors Sprout and Sinistra continued to look confused, however they both looked concerned for what such a long condition name could mean. For as stoic of a man as Severus was, they could still tell when he became upset and could tell he was working to hold himself together, though they were unsure as to what emotion he was hiding.

“He has a limp and a stutter, yes, but those are the least severe of his symptoms,” Severus said flatly. “He has severe muscle spasms, seizures, migraines, short term memory problems, and lots of problems with fatigue, to name a few. He has worked extremely hard to remain at the roughly same level as other children his age, though if he were well and able to attend Hogwarts, a petition could be made to have him admitted a year early as his sixteenth birthday is in a few weeks.”

“Severus…” Minerva said, hand on her chest. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know.”

“It’s fine, Minerva,” Severus said snappishly. “I can only assume the headmaster chose not to tell you of his condition for some strange reason.”

“That was why you didn’t make it to the meeting, wasn’t it?” Professor Sinistra said quietly.

“Yes,” Severus responded bluntly. “He was having a migraine day and would have been unable to care for himself safely.”

“Safely?” Filius said.

“He is capable of giving himself his normal daily potions, however he takes many and it requires a decent amount of concentration to focus on taking them. Not to mention reading the labels, remembering if he’s taken them or not, and the simple task of opening a sealed vial.”

The other professors looked at each other uncomfortably, pity shining in their eyes, when the main door to the hall opened and in stepped the headmaster in deep-purple robes scattered with silvery stars and a matching hat followed by a rather tired and bedraggled Remus Lupin. The headmaster smiled wryly at the group speaking with Severus, eyes twinkling madly, before striding to meet them in a way that belied his age.

Remus, on the other hand, gazed at the group of professors momentarily before turning to the head table and smiling slightly at seeing Elias already seated at the head table. The poor boy had slight bags under his eyes and looked as though he were forcing himself to stay awake, a feeling Remus could greatly sympathize with as the full moon had occurred not four days previous. Severus had been surprisingly willing to work with the moon schedule and had allowed him and Elias to begin working together and going over lesson syllabi during the week despite school not being in session.

Despite the stumbling blocks of Elias’s fleeting memory, he was every bit as intelligent as a completely able-bodied student would be. But what impressed Remus the most was how driven he was. While he hadn’t been able to flesh out his project proposal due to lack of time, it was quickly becoming apparent that lack of time wasn’t the only problem they were running into.

There was simply no information.

After finding that glaringly obvious hole, rather than turning his back on the project, Elias had dug in his heels and trudged onward. Thanks to his methodical note taking, it was quite easy for Remus to follow along even if Elias was making rather large jumps in logic from time to time. The struggle on his end was working the core magical subjects into Elias’s desire to study a quite muggle topic with little to no magical study on it. It was hard work, but Remus was finding the project far more fulfilling than any of his last jobs.

“Good evening, Elias,” Remus said, standing in front of where the boy sat.

Elias looked up from his book and blinked slowly as his brain worked to comprehend who was standing in front of him and what was being said.

“One of those nights?” Remus asked softly, a knowing smile on his face. Having been in a similar state of exhaustion every month since he was four, he could understand the feeling of the cogs in one’s brain getting stuck.

Elias nodded in response before turning back to his book with a sigh. Even with the print enlarged, it was still quite difficult to focus on the words as his eyes shook worse when he was tired. Thankfully, as this wasn’t the first time he had read the book, he already knew most of what was being said, but it was still annoying. He was forever grateful for his father noticing how close he was having to hold books to be able to convince his eyes to focus on the words and teaching him that spell first thing. It would have been very difficult to explain not knowing that particular spell, living with this condition, and having done this much research multiple years in a row.

“Re-reading Muggle Magic?” Remus asked, noting the age of the book and color of its spine.

Elias nodded and put his bookmark in and shut the book. Remus was obviously wanting to talk. And why hadn’t he sat down yet? Elias sighed and rubbed his eyes, pushing the wire-framed glasses up onto his forehead momentarily. He was so tired.

“Elias, can I get you to move over one chair?” Remus asked gently. “Your father is going to sit on one side of you and I was going to sit on the other.”

Elias nodded once more and shifted over to the next seat, allowing Remus to finally sit. Remus groaned softly as he sat, his hips, knees, and low back feeling swollen as the full moon was just under a week away. As he got older, the transformation got continuously more strenuous during the weeks leading up to it and he was starting to feel more as though he were aging in dog years instead of human.

“You’re awfully quiet today, Elias,” Remus said, rubbing his knees. “What’s going on?”

Elias bit his lip momentarily before whispering so faintly even Remus felt he was struggling to hear. “B-b-b-bad-d-d st-t-t-t-ut-t-ter.”

“Worse when you’re tired?” Remus said sympathetically.

Elias nodded, then looked curiously over at his father who was continuing to speak with the professors who had come over to them when they had entered as well as to the headmaster. What was taking him so long? How long would he continue to talk?

“Did your father introduce you to other professors here?” Remus asked, gently moving the glasses back onto Elias’s face so they weren’t just sitting on his forehead.

Elias shrugged in response. He had known all of the professors who had approached them, or at least knew of them, however an introduction would have helped cement the idea that he didn’t recognize them.

“The rather round lady in the black and yellow is Pomona Sprout and is the head of Hufflepuff house as well as an instructor of Herbology,” Remus said, pointing out each of them. “The short fellow is Filius Flitwick. He is the head of Ravenclaw house and the Charms professor. The taller woman with the square glasses and wearing red is Minerva McGonagall: head of Gryffindor and Transfiguration professor. The thin woman in dark blue is Septima Vector; she teaches Arithmancy. We’ll need to get you in to see her at some point so you can go over your equations with her. Then there is the headmaster. I heard about your meeting with him.”

Elias snorted and coughed into his fist. Of course Severus would mention that.

Remus continued pointing out the different professors and stating their jobs. Occasionally he would make comments about different people they would need to speak with to continue his project. Other times he would make a point to mention who not to go near, causing Elias to chuckle when he mentioned never going near Trelawney’s tower if he valued his sense of smell.

Suddenly, the main door opened once more and Remus clenched his jaw so hard Elias could hear his teeth grind. In stepped a woman Elias could only describe as a toad in a wig. Her short, mouse brown hair was curled into place with copious amounts of hairspray and in which was placed a pink Alice band which matched her extremely fluffy, pink cardigan which she wore over her robes. Her pallid face making her look rather ill and her prominent, pouchy eyes lending more to the feeling that she was toad-like.

“And that,” Remus spat with an anger Elias had rarely heard from the man. “That is Delores Umbridge. Hater of all magical creatures and apparently the ministry appointed Defense instructor for the year. Merlin, help those poor students.”
To be continued...

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