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Summary: Harry and Hermione go to a prestigious summer school, where Snape is a teacher. Unfortunately for Harry, Snape has spoken to the other staff and is on his way to turning the whole school against Harry.

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1. Oh And Harry… by JAWorley [Reviews - 14] starstarstarstarhalf-star (2019 words) Printer

2. The Isle of Coll by JAWorley [Reviews - 14] starstarstarstarstar (6653 words) Printer

Here are actual photos from the real Isle of Coll:

Here's a sattelite image of where the school is at on the Isle of Coll as well as room assignments and where the buildings are (just for fun in case anyone likes to really visualize things). The rest of the images I have for you will be in Ch 3's author's note.

All zoomed out so you can see the ocean

Ok I know this chapter has a lot of descriptive things in it, but it's new place and since the story mostly takes place here, it's important to give readers a good foundation for where they're at and how things work and who people are. Hope you enjoy :)

3. When It Rains... by JAWorley [Reviews - 10] starstarstarstarstar (5864 words) Printer

Here's what the outside of the cabins look like:

Another long descriptive chapter, but I promise that the chapters after this won't be quite so descriptive.

4. Professor Horrible by JAWorley [Reviews - 9] starstarstarstarstar (8066 words) Printer

24 pages for you. And we get some action in this chapter too!

5. From The Inside Out by JAWorley [Reviews - 21] starstarstarstarstar (4792 words) Printer

Ok, this probably has some typos as it's 2:30 in the morning and this is the third chapter I've written today. I'm wiped out, heh. I've enjoyed reading your reviews!

6. In The Darkness... by JAWorley [Reviews - 24] starstarstarstarstar (9450 words) Printer

Again, here we are at 2:30 am on the nose. HP and I spent four and a half hours churning ideas and editing while I hammered this thing out, in between putting kids to bed and other things, heh. Thanks HP! This chapter would not be out tonight if you had not helped me get past some of the hard parts! Without further ado, here are 25 long pages for you of Harry's weekend. Action, adventure, angst, horrible unfairness... it has it all!

7. A Day Without Rain by JAWorley [Reviews - 28] starstarstarstarstar (3502 words) Printer

I've seen some confusion on how big the cabins are in comments. Here's how I see Harry's cabin based on this chapter:

8. A New Schedule by JAWorley [Reviews - 24] starstarstarstarstar (3384 words) Printer

9 pages.

9. The Tutors by JAWorley [Reviews - 10] starstarstarstarstar (5042 words) Printer

10. The Size Of Things by JAWorley [Reviews - 8] starstarstarstarhalf-star (4551 words) Printer

Two updates in one day!

11. Tradition by JAWorley [Reviews - 13] starstarstarstarstar (4900 words) Printer

3rd update in one day. Muahaha.

12. Gryffindor by JAWorley [Reviews - 9] starstarstarstarstar (3387 words) Printer

Been planning this chapter for a while. Finally got here.

13. What He Wanted by JAWorley [Reviews - 41] starstarstarstarstar (3280 words) Printer

Two updates in one night. I'm tired. I can pretty much guarantee typos.

14. Alone by JAWorley [Reviews - 26] starstarstarstarstar (5267 words) Printer

Not edited, you have been warned. Some angst in this chapter and then a funny little bit for you right at the end.

15. The Duel by JAWorley [Reviews - 5] starstarstarstarstar (6520 words) Printer

Finally, the big duel is here.

16. The Other Schools by JAWorley [Reviews - 18] starstarstarstarstar (7620 words) Printer

I had a LOT of fun writing this chapter and imagining what the other schools looked like! To be fair, I did do some research about Beauxbatons and Durmstrang, though obviously some things have been changed from canon to fit my own artistic desires. You have been forewarned, this chapter is purely for entertainment value and has very little angst or conflict. That being said it is also not fluff.

17. When Summer Ends by JAWorley [Reviews - 11] starstarstarstarstar (7701 words) Printer

18. Back To Life by JAWorley [Reviews - 14] starstarstarstarstar (6000 words) Printer

Do - not - be - mad - at - me for this chapter. Things will work out in the end, I promise!

19. Undone by JAWorley [Reviews - 13] starstarstarstarstar (3260 words) Printer

If you have an issue with Harry and Hermione, please see the authors note at the end (there's no spoilers for this chapter in it if you want to read the A/N first). Thank you.

20. Bet My Life by JAWorley [Reviews - 12] starstarstarstarstar (5942 words) Printer

This chapter has been done since the last update, but I haven't had time to post it until now.

21. Lies And Other Untruths by JAWorley [Reviews - 8] starstarstarstarstar (3977 words) Printer

22. Falling by JAWorley [Reviews - 10] starstarstarstarstar (8844 words) Printer

23. La Verite by JAWorley [Reviews - 16] starstarstarstarstar (4327 words) Printer

To be continued...
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