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Summary: A horse without a rider, and a rider without a horse. What could be more natural than combining the two? If only the horse didn’t take after his owner quite so much when it came to Potters.

Rated: T
Warnings: Character Death, Out of Character
Series: None
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Published: 03 Feb 2017 - Updated: 03 Feb 2017
Story Notes:

If you read through this and finish it thinking that it feels unfinished . . . well, you'd be right. 


If you read through it and finish thinking that you could swear there are hints of snarry overtones . . . well, you'd be right again.


The story itself isn't snarry, but it was written for the Snarry Swap 16, and it was supposed to be heading that way, if not outright ending up there. However, as it is, I think it works quite well as a gen fic, heading towards civility, or possibly even actual friendship. 


Prompter asked for "Sports!AU or if you feel like it, Olympics!AU. Severus and Harry as sportsmen (or trainers, or staff, or whatever)." 


Also **WARNING** for brief but traumatic description of character and animal death.  

Table of Contents

1. Chapter 1 by Magica Draconia [Reviews - 4] starstarstarstarstar (8023 words) Printer

Daisy reins are reins that connect the bridle to the saddle, going down the horse’s neck, to stop its head being put down. A numnah is the pad that goes under the saddle to prevent it rubbing. A basic colour guide can be found on equine-world.co.uk, and a more detailed one on wiki.

I haven’t specified which Olympics I mean, so you can take your pick. And the rider/manager is, of course, the legendary Sir Mark Todd. Long may he reign – even if it isn’t my country he’s competing for.

The End.
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