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Summary: they say sanity is a lot like gravity, that all you need is a little push... harry entered the tri-wizard tournament not by his free will, but by a mad man who wanted him dead.harry won the tournament not by his free will, but by a devastating tragedy. now Harry is back at the Dursleys with nothing to keep company with except for his dead boyfriend. at least the delusion he had created for himself. the only one able to help? professor Severus Snape.warning; HP/CD very mild slash

Rated: 16+
Warnings: Abusive Dursleys, Character Death, Neglect, Profanity, Romance/Slash, Torture, Violence
Series: None
Challenges: None
Published: 08 May 2017 - Updated: 11 Jul 2017 Updated!
Table of Contents

1. Chapter 1; prologue by Aixxx [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (4240 words) Printer

fully edited.

2. Chapter 2; of one's mind and body by Aixxx [Reviews - 3] starstarstarstarstar (5412 words) Printer


3. Chapter 3; horrible realizations by Aixxx [Reviews - 3] starstarstarstarstar (7061 words) Printer

I am so terribly embarrassed and so sorry! But the first two chapters are the unedited version! Apparently my sister thought it funny to swap the files, the little bugger didn't say anything even when I told her. I only saw the mistakes a few days ago, and since I'm really busy right now, and I've lost the edited files ( only chapter one and two) you have to wait until I edit them again. I will reddit the typos to the best of my abilities , but I'm terribly sorry that I hadn't noticed it before!
Oh, I'm just gonna kill that little brat, I just have to wait till mom's out of the house though....
Anyways, this is chapter three... Fully edited, but I still think I need a beta.
Please read and review, I know that you know an author's inspiration and confidence is all linked to the review. Enjoy the chapter, hugs and kisses to all of you ;)

4. Chapter 4 ; of relevations and scandals by Aixxx [Reviews - 3] starstarstarstarstar (5307 words) Printer

Enjoy ;) warning for some foul language

Disclaimer ; me ( points at herself) not ownie!

5. Chapter 5; these violent delights by Aixxx [Reviews - 24] starstarstarstarstar (5084 words) Printer

disclaimer; someday i may be an author, i may be an inventor or even a professor, but sadly i'll never be J.K.Rowlling.

there you go, chapter five! i update fast people get used to it. if i'm being honest i'm a little disappointed, i am really grateful that people read my stories and blah blah blah...but seriously after five long chapters and 790 readers i expected more reviews or feedback. i'm not trying to sound demanding or ungrateful but i'm getting a little anxious here, because i don't know if my story is good or bad. i *want* to know, even if it's criticism. specially if it's criticism because then i'll try to improve, and one can't improve or get better if one doesn't know what others think of one's work.
anyways...i'll update the next chapter next week but i hold no promises since i'm swarmed by final exams.
i won't hold you back anymore. read and enjoy :)

6. Chapter 6; violent ends by Aixxx [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (7758 words) Printer

first of all thank you so much chrmisha! your reviews and lily flower's warms my heart ;)
and wow i never expected this much feedback( nods sarcastically) i really like to thank you all for making me feel like a wall !
it was really appreciated! ( still nods sarcastically)

disclaimer; my only personal possession in this world that solely belongs to me are my clothes and my much beloved dictionaries. i don't own Harry Potter.

ps. please at least warn me if i had any typos. my eyes are seeing double these last few days.

i can't stress this enough, read and REVIEW people !
enjoy ;)

7. Chapter 7; every time you falter by Aixxx [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (4641 words) Printer

hey guess what? i'm alive! argh! being sick sucks so much...on the bright side of things i did get to write a one shot for the spring prompt which will be ready for you guys to read pretty soon.
also i like to thank my reviewers for reviewing and rating this story specially andy0295 whom i hope can solve his account problems.
since i've been sick i didn't get to edit this chapter as i wanted, i don't think there is any Grammar mistakes but check for the typos please.
disclaimer; i don't own anything, except maybe a bad case of flue

read, rate , review and enjoy

8. Chapter 8; every time you fall by Aixxx [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (8316 words) Printer

so... sorry for the wait? this is the longest chapter i have ever written my whole life, at first i was like ; i have no idea what to write for this chapter and then BAM ! i have TWENTY ONE pages on my hands! i should have uploaded sooner but i had a rather nasty biology exam...
oh, another question , how long does it take for a story to be validated? i have posted a one shot for the spring prompt two weeks ago and i'm still waiting?

disclaimer; i may be J.K.Rowling in disguise or i may be Hermione Granger or merlin forbids... Rita skeeter but until it's proven... i don't own anything.

read, rate and review.
Aixxx ( i almost forgot...warning for profanity. a lot )

9. Chapter 9; I'll be right beside you by Aixxx [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (8216 words) Printer

wow. i never expected this much feedback, now you don't even rate the chapters! i'm feeling horribly neglected here...and i'm kind of pissed since i update like ..what twice a week ? and i don't get anything in return ( i didn't mean money, lawyers ) i am not going to hold chapters just to get some grudging reviews out of you, because i'm simply not that kind of person, but really how much does it take to rate and write a sentence? it's either i like it or i don't, right? trust me i tried , and it takes twenty seconds max even with poor wifi connection....
anyways, since you all decided to grace my page with your wonderful reviews it was decided that i update this story till it hits twenty and i start on the second one and this one at the same time.

Disclaimer; sarcasm is a virtue, so is honesty so... i don't own anything.
i'm not gonna beg, but please rate and review ....

10. Chapter 10; i think i saw you by Aixxx [Reviews - 1] starstarstarhalf-star (6385 words) Printer

this chapter was...odd

disclaimer; i don't own it...
ps. the only reason that i updated this soon was my wonderful reader Andy, or this chapter would've been a hell lot more late.

read, rate and review

11. Chapter 11 ; to the one who holds the stars by Aixxx [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarhalf-star (7076 words) Printer

hey there, back so soon? did you miss me? i admit that line still creeps me out.anyways... i have a lot of things to discuss with you folks, but first;

disclaimer; yep. it's me again, and yes i still don't own anything.

second i want to thank SHallow for her constructive criticism. and i feel like i owe an explanation to everyone.

my English doesn't suck that much, honestly it doesn't.
the first few chapters were unedited yes, i will take blame for that.
i know the excuse i'm about to give you isn't a good one or it's not in details ,but it's all i've got.
the truth is that i have been feeling under the weather lately, like three weeks or so... i'm having this on again off again case of flu that makes me want to climb the wall in frustration.
reading on a computer screen was basically torture, and i'm ashamed to admit that i even posted the wrong story on fanfiction.net until someone told me. so reading a text that i have been through like twenty times already is a little tiring and after a while you just start to see words all mingle together and stuff.
but have no fear, now that i'm actually starting to feel better the typos and grammer slip ups will hopefully fade and the last chapters fully edited.

now with that out of my chest...****** SPOILER ALERT****

******************SPOILER ALERT********************

dear sHallow,

since i don't want to give away my whole plot line away i only state a short explanation;

first know that you can not diagnosis a mental illness with magic, no matter how awesome magic is,it's not the answer to everything, so that's why pomfrey wasn't all like; oh no Potter is going mad! or a similar case.

second; there can't be only one diagnosis charm. if there are hundreds of spells for a simple lumos then there must be a variety in the healer charms too.
a full diagnosis means the person's full health history, as pomfrey said from the day the person is born to that very moment, we can't have every healer casting a full diagnosis on each person. that's just illogical and kind of useless.

third***********really spoiler alert*************

Harry has a bad case of ulcers.
i'm not making any of the information up, all of the symptoms and medication are all put in with research. i have spent hours trying to find a reliable source for it or otherwise i wouldn't have written it in the first place.
ulcers have many causes including stress and starvation and the age rate is around nine or ten for children, although it's very rare, it does exist.
each person has a different diet depending on the severity of the ulcers.
the reason Harry survived it so far will be mentioned in the later chapters though, so you just have to wait.

thank you for your review sHallow and i hope that i have answered all of your questions, feel free to criticism and give me new ideas.

hugs and kisses.
Aixxx :)

12. Chapter 12; Make believe by Aixxx [Reviews - 0] (8202 words) Printer

i know i was supposed to update yesterday, but i have an awful exam tomorrow, my last one and i still see black spots in my vision from exhaustion.
for anyone interested i edited the first chapter, nothing too major just the typos and Grammar.
another two shots for spring prompt is coming up in two days. stay tuned, rate and review please.

disclaimer; i still wish i owned it, and i also wish for a black aston martin and a bottle of champagne. but we can't have everything i suppose...

13. Chapter 13; interlude by Aixxx [Reviews - 0] (9177 words) Printer

again the flashbacks are a little vague, but enough to give you some clues and satisfy your curiosity for now.
cut me some slack people, even without the accurate descriptions this is 25 pages long! so read and tell me what you think.
also i'm waiting for my two shots to be validated and uploaded, so keep an eye for that.
read, rate and review please :) also the song salvation (skillet) is recommended for this chapter.

14. Chapter 14; in one of the stars by Aixxx [Reviews - 0] (8422 words) Printer

warning; absolutely NO R/H slash, they're just friends. language, as usual and keep an eye for typos and grammar mistakes. i'm period, couldn't go through the chapter.

disclaimer; fourteen chapters and i still don't own anything.
for anyone interested i have updated 'start of time' waiting for it be validated.
read, rate and review.

15. Chapter 15; spread my wings and fly by Aixxx [Reviews - 0] (7549 words) Printer

hey there, sorry for the wait, this chapter took a while. i had to cut down ten pages because the chapter was getting too long, that's what happens when you try to not leave anything out while not giving away too much detail. anyways,warning for some foul language and also some plot explanations at the end of the chapter which i suppose is important...
disclaimer; i don't own anything.
keep an eye out for two other stories i will be uploading this week, and another two responds to spring fest.
read, rate and review.

16. Chapter 16; Lost stars by Aixxx [Reviews - 0] (5980 words) Printer

sorry for the wait, i'm having trouble with my account again, and i uploaded like three other stories still with account issues, it's frustrating.
i think after sixteen chapters we all agree that disclaimer is no longer needed.

read,enjoy and for merlin's sake! review please!

17. Chapter 17; Graveyard of stars by Aixxx [Reviews - 0] (6991 words) Printer

hello there! been a little busy with other stories but never busy enough to neglect this one! just so you guys know i updated start of time and the delicate art of cooking four days ago! but the damn chapters won't validate! so if you're really eager to see what happens next... you can check it out on fanfic.net or at least suggest a solution to this frustrating problem ;)

read, rate and review please, even a sentence will do.

To be continued...
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