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Summary: Harry is not only the son of Remus and Lily from a one-night stand but also a werewolf. When Voldemort comes to attack the prophesied children (Cedar Potter or Neville Longbottom), Snape arrives beforehand and tries to warn Lily and James about the Dark Lord's arrival. Instead, he meets Augusta and Remus, the Potters and Longbottoms having gone out for an evening to themselves. Before they can be killed, a portal opens as a result of a kitsune playing around with magic and seeing an opportunity, Snape forces Lupin, his litter of pups and the prophesied children into the portal. As it closes behind him, Snape turns to face Voldemort moments later and is sentenced to Azkaban but no trace of Remus or the children is found. When Remus comes to, he realizes they are on a completely different world in a different solar system where Remus must learn to accept not only his wolf, but learn how to be a father and guardian while searching for a way to return to his own world.

Story Notes:

Pairings: Snupin (Severus Snape x Remus Lupin)

 This is set within the 5th century on Xaythea within my series Jewels of Falaindale, five years before the events of JOF.   As a result there will be quite a few races here, however it will mainly center upon two races...that of werewolves, specifically Grimcrown and vampires, specifically the coven that Severus's sire belongs to.  Grimcrown is a work in progress, all wolves in the pack have been put into the story, however they are still being made and uploaded onto my deviantart (stormwolves).  

This is a crossover between Harry Potter and my book series Jewels of Falaindale or as I call it JOF. It is a Snupin (Snape x Lupin) pairing. 


There is no boy-who-lived in this story as Cedar (the son of James and Lily) and Neville were tossed into a portal before Voldemort could reach them. We will not be seeing Snape for a while. This story was written as I wanted to do a crossover and though it isn't precisely set around the time of my book series, it is within the setting. They are back in the 5th  century for time period reference as this is when JOF is set. Any original races (such as Malmorn) and all lore as well as the book series belongs to moi.  This story takes place ten years before JOF. Starts in 787, skips five years to 792.  

I do have a calendar for this thata I reference.  I realize this story may be confusing so...

Anything written as April 2, 1980 (american way of writing a date as I'm American) takes place on Earth.

Anything written as the following: Day, Moon, Year of the (whatever sacred animal) is JOF/Xaythea date.   

Locations are put as necessary within the story for the readers' benefit.  I have had this story up before, however I took it down as nobody was reading it.  However, I am up to chapter 7 on this and am thus uploading it again here.  Pictures can be found underneath the following folders on my deviantart: Grimcrown-lists the entire pack (including Remus & his litter) and JOF (one may find the calendar for JOF there, pictures drawn for me by my army friend Veil-noted as made by him, pictures drawn by myself and maps done courtesy of Inkarnate as well as little tidbits such as the baby of the Ascension's fox form-she's a kitsune).  

Spells: Any harry potter oc spell that is listed at the end of a chapter belongs to me.


All JOF spells and other such lore you may see here belong to me as the creator of Jewels of Falaindale.

Table of Contents

1. Chapter 1 Time Portal by moonterra [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstar (7034 words) Printer

In this chapter we show a series of events from Remus's perspective all the way until Remus & pups find themselves upon Xaythea...finding themselves within a different world and a time period. This chapter is mostly told from Remus's perspective. Seal was 'Harry James' until Remus found out it was his son, then changed the pup's name. Character death tag, in this story, applies so far to Dorcas Meadows...the mother of the quadruplets.

2. Chapter 2 Peon by moonterra [Reviews - 1] starstarstar (13684 words) Printer

After some days resting within the stranger's home, Fazzoth takes Remus, the she-wolf Remus finds to nurse his pups, and the eight pups by horse and then by dragon to Bausbile in West Provience on the other side of Faumios. There they join the pack with the pups being shown to the nursery and Remus & Kivela being shown to another den where peon, acolytes and peon reside. Introduced to the alpha and then the pack, he, Kivela and two other peon already at the pack are given mentors. We also find out what happened to Severus after Remus and pups were sent through the portal. As a result of said events, Arastos is sent to the muggle world to live in an orphanage.

Runimagi and Malmorn are races that belong to me. Malmorn live a maximum of 1,000 years but because Fazzoth is a dragon rider, his life span will be extended due to the bond with his dragon. Kitsune are an immortal race. Runimagi have a maximum lifespan of 5,000 years however they are different in that they have two different ways to tell age. There is the way written in JOF Race Ages on my blog Quills of the Abyss on wordpress which other races use, however the Runimagi's skin color changes as they get older and is how they tell their own age. https://quillabyss.wordpress.com/2019/06/21/runimagi-skin-color/

A qalapi (drawn by my army buddy Veil) is a creature I made up for JOF. It is a Gazelle-Wolf hybrid, traditionally used as a mount by some lighter races with a maximum lifespan of 25 years and they make sounds ranging from bleats to low howls and barks. It can be found on my deviantart account under JOF (Jewels of Falaindale) folder.

Human Life Stage: Infant is 0-3 years

Werewolf Life Stage: Pup is 0-2 years

Werewolf Ranks in this chapter:

Peon (a rank within werewolves)-Peon are newcomers to the pack where they serve in a trial assessment period for six months before becoming Custodians. During one's peon stage, they are treated as pups and eat with the Eta and Omegas but help with doing chores and such. They are bullied and often abused like the omegas and must work to earn their place within the pack. Peon help the omegas wherever they can and are sometimes taken on as personal servants of a pack member but that doesn't mean their life is any easier.

Caretaker- These members of the pack are responsible for the healing of members and caring for pups. They are fiercely defensive of pups and will often fight to the death to protect them. However, if a pup gets lost or hurt they are hold accountable should the pup have been under their care at that time. Working beneath the Knowledge Keepers, these wolves are responsible for tending to the physical and mental issues of the pack, foraging, watching the dams and pups and taking care of the injured and ill after treatment. They sacrifice hunting and fighting for healing the pack. They must be compassionate and yet stern with their patients for the patient might insist they are fine and try to go back to work when they aren't ready. It is the job of the Caretakers to ensure their patients can rest in comfort and safety until they get better. If they think a wolf isn't well enough to work, they must inform one of the leaders.

Dame-Dames are females that are pregnant, nursing or taking care of pups. If the dame gives birth when the pack is traveling, the pack will form a protective circle around the dam in question. Dames and pups are expected to keep up with the pack when they are moving, or they will be left behind.

Pups-The youngsters of the pack, they sometimes have their own pecking order. Are male and female, often born into the pack but sometimes brought in. No real duties but to learn and play, ranks are chosen depending on if they are dom, switch or sub. They begin learning hunting and fighting techniques at eight-years-old. When a pup turns 11-years-old, they become an Acolyte. When a litter of pups are born, they will be grouped up in parenthesis, so the parents and pack don't get confused on which pups are theirs.

3. Chapter 3 Learning the Ropes by moonterra [Reviews - 2] starstarstarhalf-star (7243 words) Printer

Remus is given a mentor and introduces himself to the alpha of the pack along with Kivela and the other two peon who were there before Remus and Kivela joined.

Marshadow is a pureblood house, one of the original 13 pureblood houses.

It will be a while before we see Severus again until Chapter Five when we switch back to earth to see how things are going on since Voldemort was never stepped. As the story progresses, one is going to see how different Remus/Moony are in this fanfiction. He won't be the kind and loving wolf we all know with a litter of pups to raise and will have resentment and potential hatred towards the human pups with the hatred boiling onto little Cedar Potter.

4. Chapter 4 Alpha's Decision by moonterra [Reviews - 1] starstarstarhalf-star (5463 words) Printer

AN: The wolves that are going with Remus in this chapter are: Cox (m)-Remus's Mentor and rank of Custodian, Siren (m)-rank of Gamma Male, Eponine (f)-rank of Delta and Aluxious (m)-rank of Xi. They are going to look for Calius, the God of Magic.

AN 2: Human Age mentioned here: 4-10 years:: child

AN 3: Jof times mentioned in this chapter: Ethereal-Dawn; when the sky is just beginning to lighten, early twilight hour to sunrise

5. Chapter 5: Sailing Freedom by moonterra [Reviews - 0] (6683 words) Printer

Orc lifespan mentioned in Sailing Freedom: 8,001+ years (elder)- Orcs are immortal

Roesia (caretaker) and Diamond (her son-a pup in the pack) catch up to the others during this chapter.

Gorgus (female)-One of the ancient ones and therefore one of the first six set of children of the Mother and Father. She created created Zalyon, Fairies, Werewolves, Shifters, Werejackals, werebadgers, Doatra, avians & satyrs.

Zeldur (male)-Wolf of Hunting, Hunger, Shepherds, Strength, Travel, Merchants, Commerce and Trade, & Governance (Spirit of Protection) Wandering Wolf of the southeast. Zeldur symbolizes Shafak. He is one of the 8 werewolf gods.

Sivdall (male)-One of the Ancient Ones, created humans, vampires, catsune, dragons, Werebears, ogres, Vomlea, Weresnakes, & werewyverns, and also Djinni. The human children are being raised to respect and fear their creator Sivdall as well as give respect to the major pantheon and the werewolf gods who Remus's litter are being raised to believe in.

Vamdes is the father of all and brother husband of Nitrix who is the mother of all. Vamdes is death and Nitrix is life. Nitrix created wereavians and elves while Vamdes created weresharks and demons. They are the leaders of the major pantheon and all the races fear them, even if not all races worship the major panthenon consisting of the gods and goddesses plus their ancient one older siblings.

Lorasil-A son of Vamdes and Nitrix, he is the god of storms, oceans and seas, natural disasters, seasons and weather. Sailors cherish, fear and worship Lorasil as he protects them.

Muxaris-from previous chapter, Sailing Freedom: The Ancient One who created Runimagi, Malmorn, Orcs, Nurasid, Werecoyotes, wereboars, weredolphins, Corleon, Kuvinean (extinct) and created Sirens. Carelon, Malmorn, and Nurasid are races belonging to me. He is one of Nitrix and Vamdes’ first children with his five other siblings. The Ancient Ones were created before the Gods and Goddesses of the major pantheon and are thus the older siblings of the gods and goddesses.

6. Chapter 6 Setting Sail by moonterra [Reviews - 0] (5707 words) Printer

JOF Notes: New vampires, those that are bitten, tend to turn between 3-4 days after being bitten. Therefore there is a brief time skip between the time the wolf group gets on the ship and Severus’s time from being bitten by his sire, aka the vampire who created him. During this time, Severus was unable to see or hear as the vampire venom worked through his body. He was, as anyone bitten and turned by a vampire is, paralyzed and unable to move at all.

Lost Ones: Though fledglings as a whole are referred to as those who have just been bitten to the time they reach one hundred (100) years of age. Lost Ones, specifically refer to newly bitten vampires from 1 second to nine years (9) old. This time starts when and if the fledgling awakens from their turning…assuming they survive it for not everyone who is bitten by a vampire survives the turning. Lost Ones are often driven mad by the overwhelming and incredible sensations that flood their minds and the need for blood. They are little more than animals, mindless beasts, really who need the safety, guidance and protection of their sire or the vampire that turned their sire-their grandsire if the sire dies or abandons their fledgling. It can a few months or a few years, in some cases, for a lost one to gain control of their mental faculties again as they are shown how to deal with their new life and given purpose.

Gods & Goddesses mentioned in this chapter:
Lorasil-One of the children of Lady Nitrix and Lord Vamdes, he is the god of storms, oceans and seas, weather, natural disasters, and seasons. He often appears as a horse among mortals and is said to make his home in the heavens away from the other gods and goddesses though he also has a home beneath the biggest ocean upon Xaythea.

Xyzana-A daughter of Nitrix and Vamdes, she appears as a hyena and is the goddesses of travelers, thieves, commerce, athletics and trade.

Zeldur-A werewolf god, he is the spirit of protection and wandering wolf of the southeast. Zeldur is the wolven god of hunting, hunger, shepherds, strength, travel, Merchants, Commerce and Trade and governance. He symbolizes the season Shafak.

Question: Will Severus get powers from being a vampire?

Answer: Answer: Powers for vampires tend to unlock in stages, depending on how old the vampire is. The powers that Severus will gain first are: Decelerated Falling, Scaling Walls, Hypnosis, Aura, Teleportation, and Night Empowerment. All vampires naturally have the following abilities at all stages Enhanced Eidetic Memory, Echolocation, Flexibility, Magic, Superhuman Stamina and Enhanced Senses. Vampires are an immortal race on Xaythea and enemies of werewolves as they hunt the same prey (humans), however werewolves were mainly created to hunt and kill vampires…they will usually only hunt humans when there are no vampires around.

JOF Times Mentioned:
Mornora- Morning; the time of early morning to Azimuth

Wane Fire- Sunset (due to the sky looking like it’s on fire as the suns set); the late twilight hour

Nether- When the moons are just beginning to rise in the sky; early evening

7. Chapter 7 Rocking Moon by moonterra [Reviews - 0] (7869 words) Printer

House Chapulin is a pureblood house and one of the 5 houses of the werecats. They are leopards. The houses are as follows: Bast is lions, Viaza is Jaguars, Chapulin is leopards, Obsanjo is Snow Leopards, and Bakshi is Tigers. Bast are the leaders of the five families and have the most land. Pureblood have three forms like the werewolves; the humanoid form, the feline form (four legged cat) and the dire form (anthromoprhic cat/hybrid form) while Half-Blood have a humanoid form and a feline form. The five houses are purebloods and no other pureblood families can be created. Half-Bloods would other small to medium sized cats and hybrid offspring which can be found at quillabyss dot com and then type in 'werecat species' in the searchbar if you want to know more.

8. Chapter 8 Exiled Prayer by moonterra [Reviews - 0] (11238 words) Printer

After months of nothing and then finally beginning to work on this, we have the eighth chapter (not that anyone cares honestly). As for Remus Lupin, he is only alive thanks to Cedar asking for him to be spared for the sake of Seal and Seal's siblings, not that a certain wolf or his human care at all. Thus, I feel no regrets in him getting the punishment that is coming to him. I had to split this chapter as it was going on 21 pages in microsoft word.

To be continued...
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