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Summary: What will happen when Professor Snape finds out some startling truths about the boy who lived, can the truth change his cold heart and can he truly heal him when arrives at Hogwarts in a much worse state then anyone could have imagined or is it to little to late?

Takes Place: 1st Year Chapters: 3
Snape flavour: Comforting Snape, Depressed Snape, Desperate Snape Completed: Yes
Categories: Healer Snape, Parental Snape > Guardian Snape Genres: Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Tragedy
Tags: Abuse Recovery, Injured!Harry Word count: 9506
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Rated: K
Warnings: Character Death, Emotional Abuse, Neglect, Physical Abuse
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Published: 18 Feb 2022 - Updated: 19 Feb 2022
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Regarding the reference to the song, Tears In Heaven by Eric Clapton, it's always been a poignant, beautiful song for me. Particularly since my own Dad passed away in 2013 when I was 21. At the point when he passed he was terminally ill, I was volunteering that day and I had a feeling that was going to be the day, I took myself off to a quiet corner to reflect and sing some songs including this one and Yesterday. It felt fitting then and the song feels very appropriate for how Severus must be feeling about losing Lily and Harry, who could have been his son if things had turned out differently and him wondering if they would welcome him warmly at heaven's door. Following the example of some of the amazing writers who have included song lyrics throughout their stories, I have included the lyrics for the song.

As for Severus asking Harry the questions, I wanted to do something a bit different and show that Harry was genuinely interested in potions. I also wanted Severus to explain about the special meaning of Asphodel and Wormwood, I'm sure I'm hardly the first person to pick up on the deeper meaning of the question. I found a small book at home called Garden Spells by Claire Nahmad which has some interesting information dotted through it including a section on Florigrpahy or the Mythology of flowers, it states that: 'each flower and tree has a message, and a meaning, and is invested with a mythology which is sometimes beautiful, sometimes sinister'

Interestingly, the combined meaning for Asphodel which is mourning 'our love shall endure after death' and Wormwood which is sorrowful parting 'even the best of friends must say farewell' surely sum up how Severus feels for Lily and combines to make a potion that he would no doubt have been tempted to take in the deepest depths of his despair and mourning. In addition, there are several entries for Lily, the one I went with was the white Lilly, which symbolises purity it is described as follows: 'In folklore, the lily is an emblem of innocence, purity and virginity. It is said to grow of itself upon the graves of those unjustly condemned and executed.' which seemed very fitting given how she died and the idea of Lilies naturally growing over her grave (all be it I've given them some added help from Severus seemed like a perfectly beautiful imagery.

The End.
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