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Good Morning, and in case I don't see you, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight! Hello all! I'm Moriyah, an avid fan of Harry&Snape non-slash stories. I'm 22, living in Georgia, working with children and writing whenever the plot bunny strikes. I have a bad habit of writing cliffhangers, and I adore this website! I'm very bad about getting into a writing spurt--and then getting sidetracked by life. So while I've not abandoned my stories, it does sometimes take a long minute for me to update.


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Challenges by Scorpia
Summary: The Slytherins started it but the Gryffindors will finish it...or at least they hope so. A few pranks turns into a full out war when Dumbledore issues a Prank Week. One full week of embarrassing charms, exploding food, and toy ferrets. Add a Potions master with a migraine, one spell that wasn't aimed good and what do you get?
Summary: Harry and our favorite Potion's master wake up one day to find out all the inhabitants of Hogwarts, except for themselves, are missing.
Summary: Harry must convince Snape not to commit suicide. He either finds Snape in the process of killing himself, or something else.
Summary: For one reason or another, Severus gives Harry a potion that makes him act opposite his nature.
Summary: The Dursleys are injured/killed in a theft. What will happen to Harry? Harry can be injured in the robbery as well.
Summary: Harry is kidnapped and Draco is the only one who saw it happen and who knows who did it. How does Snape fit in?
Summary: Someone shockingly realizes that Harry and Snape are Father and Son, and wants to know know more. Harry and Snape don't have to know yet, but they can. You decide who the other character is, but Harry and Snape should also have a main appearance.

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