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Challenges by JAWorley
Summary: Listen and be inspired by the song Runaway by Love and Theft (you can find a version on Youtube). Now use some idea from the song to write a story about Harry and Draco running away from their lives (separately), and both somehow ending up with Snape as their mentor or guardian.
    This story can be taken one of two directions: Either:

  1. Harry and Draco are underage and still enrolled in Hogwarts, but both are tired of either the abuse they receive at home or (in Draco's case he may decide to run away because he doesn't want to follow his father's destructive path... or abuse). This should happen sometime in the summer and they can either meet on the way to ending up with Snape, or just both end up there somehow.


  2. Harry and Draco are both out of Hogwarts and are between 18-24. They need a change in their life (for whatever reason) and end up running off and meeting somewhere and end up settling their differences. Again, somehow they end up with Snape as their mentor, Apprentice Master, or something.
In either option there should be some kind of realization that the other characters are not as bad as previously thought.

Bonus if: it's more than 6 chapters, well written, and the characters stay in character.

Bonus Challenge for option B: One of the guys leaves because he got a girl pregnant and doesn't know if he can deal with it... you choose if it's Harry or Draco, but Snape somehow ends up teaching them to man up and do what's right by the end of the story. The rest is up to you.

    Review of what's required:
  • Must take some idea or theme from the song
  • Must have Harry, Draco, and Snape as the focus of the story
  • Must have some sort of realization and reconciliation between characters
  • Harry and Draco should be running away at about the same time.
Summary: It's summer time between 6th and 7th year or Harry's 5th and 6th year and Harry is getting wailed on by his cousin Dudley. After a couple of weeks a VERY angry Snape shows up and hauls Harry off to Hogwarts, where Harry is accused of getting a fourth (or 5th) year Ravenclaw girl pregnant. He is shown the front page of the daily prophet with a 3 inch bold headline reading: "HARRY POTTER GOT ME PREGNANT." Now of course Harry had nothing to do with the pregnancy, and has never had any sexual relations of any kind as of yet. The article also has a picture of a bruised beat up looking Harry, and claims that the girl's dad beat him up when he found out Harry was the father (also not true). How will Harry handle this? How will he convince his professors and the Order that he is not the father? Or will he claim that he is the father just so he can leave the Dursley's? Will he save the girl he's never even met from embarrassment and collaborate her story and take care of her? How will he act towards her when school starts and she's walking around the halls pregnant and everybody is staring at her and Harry?

Snape must somehow be involved in all of this throughout either as Harry's mentor, tormentor, or friend (or in some other way?). It's all up to you!

Bonus: if it's more than 6 chapters and goes until the birth of the Baby (whether or not Harry has anything to do with it). Figure on the baby being born around January.
Summary: Think challenges are easy? Try this one on for size.

In three chapters or LESS, you must create a heart warming and angsty story that:

    Uses ALL of the following words and phrases:
  • "I hate you Harry"
  • "Flying purple Hippogryff"
  • "He knocked her up?"
  • "Ron, that's disgusting"
  • "I think we're going to need a bigger one"
  • "Perfect"
  • "Bat bogeys"
  • "RUN!"
  • "What's your name?"

The following things must also be mentioned or seen in the story: A broom, A ripped up hat, Some kind of wizarding child's piggy bank, A picture with some kind of sentimental value... to somebody

Bonus if there is humor injected in every chapter. Plot? You decide. Characters? Harry and Snape and Ron, and anybody else you see fit.

Summary: Listen to the song: Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Greenday (can be found on Youtube). Write a story based on this song if Harry were to feel the way this song says.

Ideas to start (but not required):
·Harry disappeared after the battle
·Harry ran away during the summer
·Harry ran away in the middle of the school year or Christmas break
·Harry is traveling alone
·Harry may be in shock somehow from some traumatic event
·Harry believes he is alone and has nobody (as per the song)
·Harry is physically injured

·Somehow Snape finds, runs into, or meets with Harry.
·Snape begins to get a clear picture of who Harry really is, and what he has been through.
·Somehow Snape gets Harry back into mainstream society by bringing him out of the shell he has created around himself.
·This story should center around Harry's thoughts and feelings, and his encounter with Snape, although other characters are welcome.

1. Bonus points for Draco being a main character somehow.
2. Bonus points for Draco turning out to be nice.
Summary: Harry gets to see more of Snape's past, traveling back into the past, or seeing Snape's memories. Your challenge: Use one or more of the photos I've linked to below to get inspired. Click on the images to see the larger versions.

Bonus if...
  • Harry gets to see Snape in his 20's with short hair as in one of the pics below where his hair is cut.
  • Harry figures out while he's in the past or while he's seeing the past that Snape is his father.
  • Harry helps Snape in the past in some way... perhaps he sees how much of a jerk James is and gets Snape and Lily together for a short while... where they end up conceiving Harry? He can have a part in this even if it's unintentional.
  • ...the story is more than 5 chapters long.

    The rest is up to you! Be creative though. I would love to see the familiar old places and some new ones, and perhaps something new in the fan-fiction universe. Yes, Snape joined the death eaters and yes he is in love with Lily, but try to put a spin on this that no one else has done yet!
Summary: What if Hermione was poor and Ron was well off? What if Harry had a good family but Ron was homeless? What if Dumbledore was strict (and still nice) but Snape sometimes bent the rules for Harry or other students? Your goal is to write a story where one or more facts of the Harry Potter universe are flip-flopped and it impacts the story in a big way.

Other ideas (but feel free to ignore and come up with your own):
  • Harry's parents survived but Draco's didn't.
  • Hermione is a full blooded wizard and Ron is half or Muggleborn.
  • Remus is Harry's Godfather who has been on the run because of his werewolf status, and Sirius has been teaching Defense at the school (lots of good opportunity for drama between him and Snape there).
  • Ron is rather popular for some reason and very confident (maybe his dad is the minister or something) and Harry is more of like the side-kick.
  • Draco is in Gryffindor and someone else typically in Gryffindor (Hermione maybe?) is in Slytherin. How their personalities are the same as before or different and what friendships exist or don't exist could be interesting.
  • Snape is the Gryffindor head of house and McGonagall is the Slytherin head of house.
  • McGonagall is the Headmistress and Dumbledore is the Transfiguration teacher and Gryffindor Head of House and deputy-Headmaster.
  • Fred and George are studious and Percy is a prankster (possibly in an annoying yet not-funny way?).
The goal is NOT to switch two character's entire personalities and life stories with each other and just switch their names. Instead just change one or two facts with other characters and see how that impacts their personality and the story based on who we already know the characters to be. For instance, if Dumbledore were a strict Headmaster, yet still a nice person like he is in the stories, and Snape were sometimes lenient with Harry or other students and didn't always tell the Headmaster that he'd bent rules for students, yet he still had his regular Snape personality, then there must be a reason for it, right? There would be an interesting story there to flesh out to help the readers understand why this is the way it is.

I wouldn't really like to see a story in which Harry somehow ends up flung into an alternate reality. I'd like to see a story where this has just always been the way of things.
Summary: Harry has to battle for the attention and love of his father with a real brother. The details are all up to you.

Some things you might want to consider:
Does Severus acknowledge Harry and his brother? Just one or just the other?
Are they half or whole brothers?
Do Harry and his brother get along?
Is Harry adopted and his brother is Snape's real son, or is it the other way around?
Is Snape all lovey dovey on them, or harsh and unkind?
Is Harry's brother someone we already know, or someone completely new?
Has Harry always known about Severus and his brother, or is this a new revelation?
Does Harry live with Snape? Does his brother?
How do Harry and his friends handle all of this?

Bonus: There is rivalry between Harry and his brother.

I do not want this story to be about Harry being adopted, and another adopted brother of Snape's. One or both of them must be Snape's real children. This can be at Hogwarts, or during the summer, both or neither. You decide.
Summary: Your goal is to write a story of any length with any characters including Harry and Severus that responds to 2 or more challenges at the same time.

Bonus if you use 3 challenges in your story. Super bonus if you can use 4 or more.

Be sure to list all of your challenges in your story!

This challenge is meant to get people using up some of those challenges!

Be sure to go all the way back in the archives of challenges to get some good ideas!
Summary: This one is simple. Write a sequel to one of your stories that you had not planned on writing a sequel to. You may only respond to this challenge once, so make it a good sequel!
Summary: Send Harry to another school... any other school, Muggle or magic. It's your choice and it doesn't have to be a central part of the story, but it would be nice to see Harry at other places now and again.

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