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On May 28th of 2002, after a lot of deliberation and thought, I became Ponytail Goddess on fanfiction.net.  Looking back, I can't help but wonder why I chose such a silly name.  Clearly, I never thought I'd grow out of my ponytail phase during my freshmen year of high school.  Oh, how things have changed...

Anyway, I guess I could tell you a few less than interesting facts about myself, such as the fact that I am a music education major or that I live in Illinois, which is known for it's unpredictable weather.  However, that's not too terribly interesting, so I will bore you no longer.

I am here to write a few good fics and my main focus as an author is creativity.  I strive to write intricate fics with highly detailed plots that have not been seen before.  I like tricking people into believing one thing when they should believe another.  I also believe that a story can be satisfying with a less than happy ending.  Not everything in life ends happily, so why should all fics end happily?  Variety is the spice of life, so I'm going to flavor my fics in different ways to please you.

Please enjoy my Harry and Snape works here and do take a moment to check out all of my other works on fanfiction.net.  I think you'll enjoy them if you give them a chance.  Thank you for your time and for supporting my writing! 

08/19/2010:  Hello all!  Thanks for stopping by my profile!  I've had a terribly busy summer, but will try my best to post some new stuff very soon!  Have a good one!


Current Projects:

Her Secret Obsession-A Sev/Lily pairing with mysterious connotations.  Harry plays a very interesting part as well; please enjoy this time traveling adventure.

Wish Upon a Star-Found on fanfiction.net, Severus wakes up and finds himself in a different world where he has apparently been leading a very different life.

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Challenges by Ponytail Goddess
Summary: Write a story where Snape collects something very unexpected and un-Snape-like. What he collects is totally up to you: it could be Star Trek memorabilia, muggle objects that he is confused about, rubber chickens, etc. BE CREATIVE! The following three things must happen during the fic:

A) Harry must catch Snape messing with his bizarre collection

B) Snape must try to hide his collection

C) Snape must try to do whatever it takes to preserve his dignity.

Have fun!
Summary: Write an AU fic where Severus and Lily are divorced and Harry tries to get them back together--you decide how he goes about it and if it is successful or not. Extra points for giving Harry an identical twin or adding James into the mix (or both...:D).
Summary: Write a story where Voldemort returns to the Shrieking Shack and finds Harry collecting Severus' memories as he dies. What happens next is totally up to you! Extra points if Severus attempts to attack Voldemort while dying or if Severus pulls through somehow and Harry never views his memories.
Summary: After Snape does something particularly nasty to him, Harry decides to take revenge and sends Snape a howler! You get to decide which characters get to witness the howler going off, what Harry says in the howler, and how Snape reacts to Harry's vengeance. Extra points if Harry comes up with some creative new nicknames for the Potion's Master.
Summary: Write a Severitus Challenge where Severus and Harry get no warnings about being father and son; Harry starts to go through mysterious physical changes with no explanation of why they are occurring. What does the Hogwarts staff assume about this phenomenon? How do they find out his father is Severus?
Summary: Write a fic where Draco never lets the other Death Eaters into the castle or tries to kill Dumbledore. After Harry and Dumbledore return with the fake Horcrux, Harry goes and finds Professor Snape and brings him to Dumbledore, as per Dumbledore's request. What happens next? Does Snape reveal his secrets early? Does he still kill Dumbledore? Do Harry's feelings for Snape change after this night? This is a very open-ended challenge; have fun and feel free to be as creative as you'd like!
Summary: When Harry is inexplicably deaged while working a case undercover, his children are suddenly left without a place to live, as Ginny died a few years ago in a tragic Quidditch accident. After an array of problems with other family options, the kids end up living with their paternal grandfather, Severus Snape, whom they've never met. Severus must learn to live with James, Al, and Lily, as well as explain to them why he and Harry remained estranged, even after learning that they were blood relations. Extra points if Severus ends up taking care of baby Harry too!
Summary: After Sirius' untimely death, Harry grows weary of Dumbledore's manipulations and vows to himself that he will never work for him again. While spending the summer alone in his room, Voldemort slowly drives him to the brink of insanity with dreams and visions, promising Harry that it will all stop if he becomes a Death Eater. Too stubborn to try and get help, Harry eventually gives in and receives a Dark Mark and a terrible assignment to complete during his next school year...

Severus witnesses the event and is unable to stop it without giving himself away. What happens next is up to you.

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