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Greetings from Virginia! I began reading Harry Potter fanfiction in 2006, and P&S is my favorite site by far! I don't have a computer of my own yet, but that hasn't stopped me from writing. I have a couple of one-shots currently in progress, as well as a multi-chaptered story that's going on 35,000 words so far, all of this handwritten. I braved the wilds of the public library to get my other stories typed up and uploaded to P&S. As a writer, I mainly want my stories to be enjoyed; if you like them, please let me know by leaving a brief review! Thanks!!!

I have 4 cats: Cricket (long-haired black-striped gray/beige tabby female), Tiger (white with orange spots male), Shadow (solid black female), and Jack (gray&white male). [NOTE: Cricket died around the beginning of September 2013 -- she'll be forever in my heart.] The cats are my main hobby (at least THEY think so!), but I also enjoy cooking and updating older recipes (from the era of comfort food) to render them less deadly than the originals! I also crochet on occasion, love Native American Pow Wows, Star Trek (original classic series is my fave), and NASCAR (rooted for Rusty Wallace until he retired, and am now backing Carl Edwards). Fave singer is 3-time Grammy winner Bill Miller - I know most people have never heard of him, but go ahead and check him out-- his music is AWESOME!!!

Am hoping to get a laptop before the end of 2013, although at the rate I'm going, it'll take a miracle...

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