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I love reading and writing Harry Potter fan fiction, as well as original fiction. I especially like torutured hereos, hurt-comfort fics, and keeping Snape in character.

Feel free to read more of my stories at Ashwinder (Sychophent Hex), fanfiction.net, AdultFanFiction.net, etc, all under the name "chrmisha". 

2017 UPDATE: My latest NC-17 HP/SS fics are posted under this username at Archive of our Own.



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Challenges by chrmisha
Summary: Somewhere in the story, Severus Snape hugs/holds Harry Potter (NOT slash). You decide what events lead to this and why he's holding Harry (out of compassion? a bomb's exploded? they are apparating together? etc.). Snape MUST remain true to canon in personality (or, if he changes, the change and cause for it must be clearly shown in the story, and still he can't change into another person entirely). Also, the phrase "unto thou a virgin is borne" must appear somewhere in the story in whatever guise you choose. Lastly, another character from the HP world must make an appearance, preferably in a humorous sort of way. Good luck!
Summary: When Harry is hit with the killing curse by Voldemort for the second time (in the final battle), something unexpected happens. What is it?

This something, whether immediately, or sometime after the fact, causes Harry to disappear (kidnapped? vanished?) or go into hiding or leave the Wizarding World of his own free will (you decide).

Somehow, a female character(s)--Hermione, Ginny, and/or Luna--drag(s) Snape into the mix of looking for Harry. Why are they trying to find Harry? Why is Snape needed? How does she manage to convince/bribe/coerce him into helping?

Should include guest (or more) appearances from Ginny, Shacklebolt, and McGonnagal.

All characters must be kept IN character.
Summary: Harry advertises for a roommate / flatmate in a Muggle newspaper (either anonymously or under a fake name). Severus replies (either anonymously or under a fake name). Or vice-versa with Severus advertising and Harry replying.
  • What does the ad say?
  • If fake names are used, what are they and how were they chosen?
  • Why is Harry (or Severus) looking for a Muggle roommate?
  • What happens when they realize who each other is?
    (This can happen when they first meet, or later on if they are in disguise)
  • What happens next?
Summary: Somehow (potion? spell? dark magic? you decide) Snape and Harry's magic, or magical essence, gets switched between the two of them.

Now Snape has Harry's magical essence--pure, innocent, and principled, while Harry has Snape's magical essence--dark, tainted, and conflicted.

Are they both immediately aware of the switch or do they realize it later? How does the switch affect them? Do they have each other's full magic (and hence knowledge of spells?) or just the essence of their magic?

How do Harry and Snape act, both individually and toward each other due to this change? And how will this change bring them closer together? Can it make them realize the other's strengths and weaknesses?

And last, but not least, what, if anything, do they choose to do about the switch?

Can be any category *except* enemy (it can start as enemy, but must end on a better note). Include other characters at will. Any time frame.

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