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Challenges by harrysnapefan
Summary: It is discovered that Harry is the son of Severus Snape and another death eater. How he came to be with the Potters is up to you. Harry must be in either six or seventh year. His mother must be from a family mentioned in the books. Must be at least five chapters long.
Summary: The isolation from his dorm mates and the insults from Slytherin cause Harry to finally break and try to hurt himself or others. Will this finally open everyone's eyes and make them realize that insults can have sever consequences? Must have Snape and other Slytherins realize how badly they treat Harry. Must take place during fifth year
Summary: Harry is stolen from his biological family (not Snape)eiher when he was born or when he was very small.Snape must discover the truth and play a prominant role in reuniting Harry with his real family and Harry must have formed some sort of bond with him over it. Harry's parents can be anyne as long as it's not Snape Anything else is fair game.
Summary: Harry learns shocking secrets regarding his family. One is that his father is none other than his most hated potions and the other is that he has a twin. Harry's twin must be a canon character other than Draco. Severus' relationship with his children must be at least somewhat tense in the beginning. Story must take place no sooner than third year. Everything else is up to the author.

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