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Hey, my name is Sam, but sadly my last name isnt Winchester. (It's actually Cook) I'm 19 years old, currently in the in-between between college and highschool, who is hoping to improve his writing, so bear with me.


My Tumblr is that-one-new-pokemon and my Archivofourown name is shezza_cumberbatch (in case you wanted to know)


I try to not abandon my stories. I will update, even if it takes forever. Please be patient if I take too long. Life is really hectic right now and I am not a very fast writer. 


Thank you so much for reading my stories and please review! 


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Challenges by SamuelWinchester
Summary: Harry finds a lost animal, unknown to Harry that it is Snape in his animagus form.
Summary: Snape is mentally de-aged (from a potion or whatever the author decides) and Harry has to take care of him
Summary: Harry or Snape is a serial killer. The other finds out about it. What they do about it is up to the author. Will they help and become the other's sidekick or will they turn them in?
Summary: Harry or Snape has an unhealthy obsession. The other helps them overcome it.
Summary: Harry is the child of a Greek God. Snape, also a child of a God, helps Harry master his new powers. Sort of a Percy Jackson/Harry Potter Crossover
Summary: There is no magic. Instead, Hogwarts is just a normal boarding school. Snape and the other teachers are still Harry's teachers. How will Harry's story change?
Summary: Start a story with the sentence "You did what?"
Summary: Harry plays on one of Dudley's Gameboy consoles, but gets sucked into the game! The only way out is if someone plays the game and finishes it with Harry as the main game character. Who better to play the game than Snape? Bonus if: -Its a game that Snape and Lily used to play as a child and Snape remembers. -Snape gets caught playing the game by one of the teachers or students. -The game gets stolen from Snape and someone else (student, teacher, ect.) plays it -It's Draco that steals the game
Summary: Snape has an older brother that takes in Harry from the abusive Dursleys.
Summary: Crossover with Steven Universe. Harry and Snape are Gems and must fuse to stop Voldemort

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