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Challenges by Livia Ethelind
Summary: Harry and Ginny have an arguement, leading Ginny to say the words of the title. What neither knows is that they are not alone and Snape is watching.

Bonus points if:
- Ginny asked Harry to leave the order and be with her
- This depresses Harry so much he can't play his part properly

Optional if they work it out
Summary: Harry and Horace Slughorn arrive back at the castle after nightfall having left Hagrid's hut. Horace is still drunk and Harry still high on liquid luck! However, they bump into Snape!
Summary: Dumbledore gets one of his brilliant ideas and suggests the reintroduction of the end of term revue. The students in charge write several sketches mocking the teachers - somehow Harry ends up with the role of Snape. What does this entail and how is it received?
Summary: There is to be an easter egg hunt at Hogwarts! Who came up with that? Idk.. Probably that crazy old Headmaster. Chaos ensues. Surprise me! ^_^
Summary: Your story makes mention of mango... That's all... The mango empress has spoken ^_^
Summary: Snape either has a daughter or a female ward. Harry and the girl fall in love. Snape is NOT happy.

- Optional if he's had one always or it's a new thing/newly discovered
- Bonus if the girl is a canon character
- Bonus if she's a secret daughter and Harry doesn't know when he falls for her
Summary: The Weasley twins are working on their greatest prank to date. Unfortunately it doesn't go as planned and the prank ends up injuring Snape. To save the twins from expulsion Harry decides to take the blame.
Summary: Harry and Sirius already met the night Harry ran away from home. Now friends, Harry continues to see Sirius during the school year - believing he is innocent. Sirius is able to remain undetected there with Harry's help. Everything seems to be going well until a certain Potions Master gets suspicious of Harry's increasingly strange behavior.

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