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Challenges by Alexannah
Summary: Snape makes Harry believe he is his father.

When they meet, something gives Harry that impression, and Snape goes along with it.

After they have known each other some time, Harry gets amnesia/Confunded/something along those lines, and somehow ends up believing Snape is his dad.

Must have:
- Snape does not correct him, letting him believe the lie for whatever reason
- If the second variation, they have to have known each other at least a year and a half
- Snape still loves Lily
- Whilst under the pretence, Snape does or says something that, once Harry knows the truth, helps him realise Snape has grown to care for him

Can have:
- Harry figuring it out
- Someone else realising what is going on and stepping in
- Snape having a crisis of conscience and admitting the truth
- Harry being very very angry either way
- The two being in some kind of isolation to make finding out the truth harder

- Snape did not plan in advance, but takes advantage of a situation
- Snape is NOT Harry's bio dad; it HAS to be a lie
- No Harry finding out it is a lie before any kind of bonding has a chance to take place
- No Manipulative/not-very-nice!Dumbledore
- No character bashing
- No slash
Summary: During Harry's first year, it is apparent that Voldemort is hiding somewhere at Hogwarts, and Harry is sent home for safety whilst the school and grounds are searched.

Snape is the one who is asked to escort Harry there and back. Remember, at this point, Harry believes Snape is the one in league with Voldemort.

Must have:
- The Dursleys discovering Harry can't do magic
- Snape's illusions of Harry's pampered life shattering
- Harry scared that Snape will take the opportunity to bump him off away from Dumbledore

Can have:
- Snape having to spend some time at Privet Drive with Harry

Can't have:
- Dursleys being too scared of Snape to do anything awful to Harry
- Manipulative/not very nice Dumbledore
- No slash
Summary: Somehow, through some kind of accident, Harry and Snape are magically bound so they cannot be more than, say, twenty feet apart (distance can be adjusted at the author's discretion).

Obviously this will cause a few problems if Voldemort is summoning Snape to Death Eater meetings.

Can be during any of the first six books.

Must have:
- The two arguing a lot
- A disastrous attempt for Harry to play Quidditch with Snape tailing him
- Dumbledore predicting that the two will have killed each other within a week
- Some kind of eventual resolution between them before the bond is broken
- One finding out something unexpected about the other (unexpected for readers as well, i.e. not typical for stories on this site, though you could have some of those revelations as well if you want)

Can't have:
- Manipulative/not very nice Dumbledore
- no slash
Summary: Dumbledore, concerned that Severus keeps everything bottled up, manages to convince him to keep a diary. At some point, Harry reads it or part of it.

Must have:
- Realistic standard of protective charms on the diary--this is Snape we are talking about, he wouldn't just leave his secrets lying around
- Lily mentioned in some form in the diary

Can haves:
- Biological relation
- Severus' spy role discovered (depending on where in canon this set)

Can't haves:
- Manipulative!Dumbledore
- Character bashing
- Slash
- Nothing changing between Harry and Severus once he's read the diary
Summary: Harry is mistakenly believed to be dead, some years before Hogwarts. How and why are up to you. With the Boy Who Lived—and more importantly, Lily’s only child—supposedly out of the picture, Severus has been struggling to carry on. Until Harry turns up alive, shortly before he is due to begin Hogwarts.

Must haves:
- Depressed!Snape at the very least.
- A reasonable reaction to Harry being alive—no jumping straight into canon!Snape.
- A realistic explanation for Harry being alive without the wizarding world aware of it
- At some point, Harry discovers (through any means) just how much his ‘death’ affected Severus.

Can haves:
- Preferably a good relationship with Severus from the beginning
- Muggle (not Dursley)-raised Harry
- Mentor Severus, either voluntarily or out of necessity
- Harry spending some time at Hogwarts prior to the start of term

Can’t haves:
- Harry having a perfect childhood—he can have a nice family by all means, but angst too, please.
- Horcruxes
- Slash
- Character bashing
- Manipulative/uncaring/not-very-nice!Dumbledore
Summary: Harry has been raised to speak multiple languages. Who, what, how, where and why for the author to decide.
Summary: What if Voldemort’s most loyal supporters—the Lestranges and Crouch Jr—had never been caught?

Must have:
- At least one of the above characters plotting to bring back Voldemort.
- The plan involves Harry.
- Set pre-Hogwarts.
- If kidnapping, a realistic way of getting around the wards.
- Severus obviously interrupts/gets wind of/stumbles in on the plan somehow …

Can’t have:
- Slash
- Character bashing
- Manipulative/uncaring/not-very-nice!Dumbledore
Summary: Severus and Dobby know each other well because of the former's association with the Malfoys. Some point at Hogwarts, Harry is witness to an exchange between the two of them.

Must haves:
- Severus is acting childishly. (Not crack!fic style, I mean, just at the immature end of the Snape behaviour spectrum.)
- Dobby takes charge of the situation.
- Harry is amused. At least at first.

Can have:
- Dobby ticking off Harry as well.

Can't have:
- House-elf torture (references to the Malfoys are okay). Be nice to Dobby!
- Slash
- Manipulative/uncaring/not-very-nice!Dumbledore
- Character bashing
Summary: De-aging fic with a difference. Harry has been turned into a baby or toddler. BUT he still has the mind of a teenager, and nobody realises it until after he is re-aged.

Must have:
- Snape looking after him for at least some of the time, either willingly or ... not willingly.
- Harry getting an insight into Snape when his defences are down. This can be any kind of insight, but preferably one that makes him rethink his opinion of him.
- Very frustrated Harry who can only communicate by screaming, and even then he can't convey anything except "hungry", "needs changing" etc.

Can have:
- Harry discovering Snape loved his mum.
- Snape bonding with li'l Harry.
- Snape getting bogged down in depressing "what could have been"s.
- Harry doesn't necessarily have to tell Snape once he's re-aged that he remembers it all.
- Harry gets dropped!
- Harry decides after a while that he rather prefers being a baby and not having to worry about anything more serious than where Snape's put his bottle.
- Dursleys' treatment is discovered.
- Snape plays with him and his toys, and grows to enjoy it.
- Harry getting eye-opening insights into other characters as well.

Can't have:
- Manipulative!/uncaring!/evil!Dumbledore
- Slash
- Any Harry pairings
- Horcruxes
Summary: Harry is tricked, forced, co-erced, Imperiosed, or otherwise manipulated against his will into killing someone or someones, and NOT in any form of defence. (Not Voldemort, though it can still be a baddie.) As someone who has taken lives and knows guilt and remorse, Severus helps him deal with it, or at least tries to.

Harry must still be IN CHARACTER. The circumstances under which he would go through with it are up to you, but must be plausible. AUs would allow more flexibility with this, but are not necessary.

No upper limit on the number of people dead.

Harry can be ANY age at all.

The person(s) who forced Harry to do it must also be IN CHARACTER and could be any of the following:
- anyone from the Ministry who isn’t an Order member
- any Death Eater except Snape
- a minor character who doesn’t get much space in the books.

If you think of any possibilities that I haven’t come up with, feel free to message me and ask. No manipulative!/evil!Dumbledore.

To make things more interesting, the person responsible could be Polyjuiced as anyone you like.

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