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I'm a Creative Writing graduate now pursueing a career as a novelist. I'm currently working on a fantasy series, for more information see my website!



Love Thy Neighbour (COMPLETE)
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Minerva's Boys (ONE-SHOT)
Too Late For Us (Home Truths Series) (ONE-SHOT)
Of Cauldrons and Cameras (ONE-SHOT)
Pass the Parcel (ONE-SHOT)
In Your Shoes (ONE-SHOT)

Broke! (WIP)
All the World's a Stage (WIP)
Sealed With Lies (WIP)
Catharsis (Bats in the Belfry Series) (WIP)
Red as Fire (Corona Series) (WIP)
Thicker Than Water (ON HIATUS)
Two Plus Two (Last Heirs of Slytherin Series ON HIATUS)

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Ammunition (Home Truths Series)
Louder Than Words
Mine (Never Be Closed Series)
Saving People Thing
A Long Time Waiting

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Challenges by Alexannah
Summary: Harry and Dumbledore accidentally swap bodies. Nobody informs Severus, resulting in Harry having a very enlightening conversation with him.

The challenge title doesn't need to be used but it's there if you want it. Fic can be humour or serious (or both), any canon setting, AUs welcomed. No Albus bashing, no slash, please.
Summary: Harry and Dudley (possibly routinely) swap bodies.

AUs welcome. Your choice how Snape comes into it. No Dumbledore bashing, no slash, please.

Some questions to help:
- When does it occur?
- What causes it? (Harry's accidental magic perhaps?)
- How often and how long does it last at a time?
- What about during Hogwarts years?
- Do Vernon and Petunia know?
- Does Dudley start to think better of Harry now he's walking in his shoes, or does he hate him even more?
- What about Harry's opinion of Dudley?
- Other people's reactions if they know?
- Does Harry start getting fat and Dudley start losing weight, or does it not make a difference?
- When does it stop (if ever) and how?
- Is Dudley a Muggle or a wizard?
- How long does it take for Snape, Dumbledore or whoever to find a way to stop it?
Summary: I know stories where Harry is loved by the Dursleys (or at least one of them) exist. Here's something I think will be different.

Dudley Dursley does not exist--Vernon and Petunia do not have (or can't have) children. When Harry shows up, they decide to adopt him properly--he grows up thinking they're really his parents.

Like with Dudley, they shower him with everything he wants--toys, kisses, food--but if anything 'freaky' happens, he's punished just as severely as canon Harry--or more so, up to you.

So we have a Harry who's been alternately spoiled and abused, on his eleventh (or before if you want) discovering his parents aren't even his parents and lied to him his whole life ...

Then what?

Snape can come into it any way you choose. Harry could end up living with him or with someone else with Snape still a main character. Perhaps someone at Hogwarts (like Madam Pomfrey) decides Harry needs to lose weight and Snape's put in charge of making sure he does so. Harry could even choose to stay living with the Dursleys and Snape come to see why he's not coming to Hogwarts ... up to you.

No Horcruxes, no Hallows, no Dumbledore bashing, no slash. Harry can be characterised any way you think fits his upbringing. I'd prefer Harry to still be a Gryffindor, but that's not a requirement.

Have fun!
Summary: The Ministry of Magic, for any reason you like, hold a census of the entire British magical community.

This could be a one-off for some reason, or something they do regularly.

In addition to supplying information, each wizard (or whatever) is required to supply a DNA sample in order to check accuracy of information ...

Can be set anywhere in canon. No Dumbledore bashing, no slash. AUs welcome.
Summary: Snape faints from shock. What could have shocked him so much?
Summary: In Harry's first year, Quirrell does not give up trying to kill him, and makes further attempts after the match. Severus is forced to reveal his true loyalties in order to save him.

No Albus bashing. No slash.
Summary: Harry and Severus find themselves trapped or otherwise isolated somewhere, both missing all their memories.

Inspired by the Buffy episode "Tabula Rasa" (meaning "clean slate").

Any kind of (non-slash) relationship goes, but some suggestions might be they immediately bond, or instinctively hate each other, or (my personal preference) somehow they get the impression that they are related.

Any canon setting is fine. Humour or angst, or both! No Dumbledore bashing, no slash. Otherwise anything goes.
Summary: Voldemort, for whatever reason you like, has Severus placed under Imperious to first gain Harry's unquestionable trust, and then later destroy it.

Happy ending preferred. Canon setting open. No Dumbledore bashing, slash, or sexual abuse please. AUs recommended.

Bonus Points:

- Voldemort somehow knows Severus will play a part in his downfall and seeks to punish/ruin him first.

- Harry is still at an impressionable age.
Summary: Severus begs Voldemort for Harry's life. When? Why? What argument does he use? Does Voldemort listen?
Summary: When heroes die, they are offered one wish to be granted--with some limitations, of course. Severus has just died--whether his canon demise or as part of an AU is up to you. What is his last wish?

Some ideas:
- Cannot wish to be alive, or to bring anyone back from the dead, or to kill anyone
- Reversal of time possible
- Wishing Harry didn't have to die/wasn't a Horcrux
- Cannot wish a change of heart on someone (e.g. Lily)
- Full-on AU with unforeseen consequences of the wish

No Dumbledore bashing, no slash, please.

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