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I'm a Creative Writing graduate now pursueing a career as a novelist. I'm currently working on a fantasy series, for more information see my website!



Love Thy Neighbour (COMPLETE)
A Christmas Vow (Christmas Promises Series) (COMPLETE)
Minerva's Boys (ONE-SHOT)
Too Late For Us (Home Truths Series) (ONE-SHOT)
Of Cauldrons and Cameras (ONE-SHOT)
Pass the Parcel (ONE-SHOT)
In Your Shoes (ONE-SHOT)

Broke! (WIP)
All the World's a Stage (WIP)
Sealed With Lies (WIP)
Catharsis (Bats in the Belfry Series) (WIP)
Red as Fire (Corona Series) (WIP)
Thicker Than Water (ON HIATUS)
Two Plus Two (Last Heirs of Slytherin Series ON HIATUS)

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Ammunition (Home Truths Series)
Louder Than Words
Mine (Never Be Closed Series)
Saving People Thing
A Long Time Waiting

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Challenges by Alexannah
Summary: Knowing he is likely to die at some point, Severus writes Harry a letter to be read after his death. Harry somehow gets hold of it whilst he is still alive, and reads it.

Canon setting and contents of letter open. AUs welcome. No slash or Dumbledore bashing please.
Summary: When they were born, Harry and Neville were accidentally sent home from St Mungo's with the wrong families. Nobody realises until, after Lily's sacrifice made 'Harry' the Boy Who Lived, Severus comes face to face with 'Neville' and recognises him as a Potter.

- Harry and Neville end up the best of friends ... or not
- The prophecy is not the same as in canon (reworded to allow two potential destroyers of Voldemort)
- Harry still has a role to play in the prophecy
- They're both taken in by Severus
- Think how each of them would be different with the other's pasts. E.g., Neville after ten years with the Dursleys would probably be even more timid than in early canon--or alternatively, the Dursleys could have had the opposite effect, taught him to stand up for himself. Harry living with Augusta? Who knows.

No Dumbledore bashing, no slash please.
Summary: At the Quidditch World Cup, everyone has to pass through security which checks for magical disguises--such as glamour charms. When Harry goes through, all the alarms go off.
Summary: How would Voldemort have done things differently if he had known Harry was a Horcrux?

At some point, he discovers what really occurred on Halloween, and changes tactics. Rather than needing to be killed, Harry now needs to be kept alive somewhere he can't be destroyed or interfere with Voldemort's plans.

- Voldemort wins the war
- Harry is trapped somewhere time doesn't move forward, so he can live as long as Voldemort wants to live (i.e. forever)
- Voldemort fakes Harry's death so the Order can't look for him
- Severus to the rescue ... somehow ...
Summary: There's a thief at Hogwarts. It's either Harry or Severus (or maybe even both). What are they stealing and why?
Summary: Harry and Neville are twins, born shortly before and after midnight (hence the different birthdays). Who are their parents, and why/how were they separated? When/how do they find out? What part does Snape play?
Summary: Based on the following piece of fanart (not mine): https://aresielle.deviantart.com/art/The-reason-why-there-is-no-parent-teacher-meting-486762495

The title says it all.
Summary: Write a fic (loosely) based on the film, for Severus and Lily, and Harry and ... someone else. Try and keep it as in character as possible. Properly developed OCs please, and not so close to the film that it bears no resemblance to the HP world. As a suggestion, Polyjuice could be involved--doesn't have to be about identical twins.
Summary: Something happens (spell, potion, something else) to make everyone who loves, or likes, or tolerates, or even just knows Harry suddenly want to kill him. And they're not holding back.

Whether Severus is affected or not is up to writer.
Summary: Harry is exiled from the wizarding world.

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