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I'm a Creative Writing graduate now pursueing a career as a novelist. I'm currently working on a fantasy series, for more information see my website!



Love Thy Neighbour (COMPLETE)
A Christmas Vow (Christmas Promises Series) (COMPLETE)
Minerva's Boys (ONE-SHOT)
Too Late For Us (Home Truths Series) (ONE-SHOT)
Of Cauldrons and Cameras (ONE-SHOT)
Pass the Parcel (ONE-SHOT)
In Your Shoes (ONE-SHOT)

Broke! (WIP)
All the World's a Stage (WIP)
Sealed With Lies (WIP)
Catharsis (Bats in the Belfry Series) (WIP)
Red as Fire (Corona Series) (WIP)
Thicker Than Water (ON HIATUS)
Two Plus Two (Last Heirs of Slytherin Series ON HIATUS)

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Ammunition (Home Truths Series)
Louder Than Words
Mine (Never Be Closed Series)
Saving People Thing
A Long Time Waiting

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Challenges by Alexannah
Summary: Harry is kidnapped by Umbridge or on her orders. Any point in canon and AUs welcome.
Summary: A twist on the de-aging plot. Harry discovers that, sometime prior to Voldemort killing his 'parents', he had been de-aged back to a baby. Who was he before? Bonus points if he and Severus already had a history.
Summary: Harry and Ron were too late to save Ginny in the Chamber of Secrets. Tom Riddle has already come to life and left. Harry stays with her while Ron goes to fetch someone, but Aurors see the open chamber and come down to find Harry by the body.

No character bashing please.
Summary: Severus tries to do something nice for Harry, but it goes horribly wrong.

Bonus points if Snape is motivated by guilt for something. Double bonus points if it happens when he and Harry still hate each other. Triple bonus points if the backlash somehow includes the Dursleys.

No character bashing please. (Except the Dursleys.)
Summary: When Harry delves into the Pensieve during Occlumency, he sees a different memory.
Summary: All Muggle-raised children, when they enter the wizarding world, are legally assigned a wizarding guardian who can help them in situations where they are at a disadvantage.
Summary: Harry is kidnapped the day he was born (or shortly after) and raised under another identity, so Voldemort (who doesn't know about it) never went after his family. He's been raised not knowing who he is until he comes to Hogwarts.

Sometime during those years, Severus has become his stepfather, either after James died or he and Lily divorced. Younger siblings optional. Severus is also the reason Harry discovers who he is, directly or indirectly.

No James, Dumbledore, Sirius, Ron or Hermione bashing. No slash. Bonus points for creativity with who kidnapped Harry and why. Bonus points for Neville being a main character.
Summary: Write a fic in which Harry is some kind of creature that exists in canon BUT has not (as far as you can tell) been used in a fan fiction before. So we're talking goblins and merpeople and Veela rather than vampires and werewolves.

If you choose the half- or part-creature route, it's fine if the other part of him is human or something not as original.
Summary: Severus accidentally poisons Harry.
Summary: Only Lily died on Halloween; James somehow survived, perhaps he wasn't home at the time. He and Severus are both mourning her loss; eventually (not too quickly) they put aside their animosity and grow close like family.

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